9 Best Cellulite Creams 2023, According to Dermatologists

In this guide, I will provide you with detailed information about cellulite creams and their benefits for the skin, including moisturizing, tightening the skin, and eliminating the fat cells leading to cellulite.
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What are Cellulite Creams?

Creams for cellulite removal aim to reduce a problem which is common in the majority of women as they age: cellulite. This condition appears on the skin in areas of the body like the thighs, buttocks, arms, and legs.

It occurs when the fibrous bands under your skin start to pull, leading to dimples and pocket marks. The best cellulite creams work to reduce the fat, tighten the skin and smooth out the skin for a more even, sculpted look.

Well-regarded dermatologist Elyse Love, MD who works at Glamderm in New York City explained that cellulite is very common, and the vast majority of women will have it to some degree at some point in their lives. “Losing weight may decrease cellulite, but you should be aware that it also occurs in women who are slim and in good shape,” Love explains.


Overview of Cellulite Creams


  • There are many good creams for cellulite which contain only pure organic ingredients.
  • The prices vary widely, but there are some quality products at reasonable cost.
  • Anti-cellulite cream can also firm the skin and smooth fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Cellulite creams have a high success rate.

Key Ingredients

  • Nelumbo Nucifera Flower Extract 
  • Chondrus Crispus
  • Caffeine
  • L-Carnitine
  • Squalane
  • Shea Butter
  • Retinol
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Coenzyme Q10
  • Brassica Alba Sprout
  • Capsaicin


  • Cellulite cream can smooth the skin and decrease dimples and pocket marks.
  • These creams deeply moisturize and get rid of dryness.
  • They can eliminate cellulite all over the body.
  • Cellulite creams can give you a slimmer appearance.
  • These products include healing antioxidants.


  • Some products may include irritants like fragrance.
  • It takes time and patience for the cellulite to fade.
  • Results will vary for different users.
Best Cellulite Creams

Best Cellulite Creams – Photo by Wellness Digest


Best Creams for Cellulite

According to reputed dermatologist Dr. Marina Peredo, the majority of cellulite products include effective cellulite reduction ingredients such as retinol, peptides, caffeine, Vitamin C, glutathione, and l-carnitine.

I evaluated dozens of different creams for cellulite removal personally, using strict criteria. It was difficult to choose the best cream for cellulite, so I came up with our top Anti Cellulite Creams Picks. These are the products we would most highly recommend:

Our Top Cellulite Creams Picks

Best For Overall Toned Appearance – HerSolution Sculpt Scrub
Best Tighten and Smooth Skin Cream – Skinceuticals
Best Cellulite Cream – CelluliTX
Best For Skin Tighten Cream – Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream
Best Post Body-Sculpting Surgical Treatment Cream – ALASTIN TransForm Body Treatment
Best Cellulite Cream For Legs – Clarins Body Fit
Best Cellulite Cream For Arms – Revision BodiFirm
Best Crepe Control Cream – StriVectin-TL
Best Science-Based Skin Care Brand – Nivea Skin Firming & Toning Gel-Cream

1. HerSolution Sculpt Scrub

Review Summary

The deeply enriching cellulite cream is safe, 100% organic, free of parabens and sulfates, has no side effects, and is cruelty-free. The manufacturer is a highly reputable company that uses top-quality cellulite and fat-busting ingredients in its formula.

The product not only eliminates cellulite and improves skin texture; it also burns fat to help you lose weight and give you a more toned appearance. In addition, it’s deeply hydrating and full of antioxidants that repair and protect the skin. Users love this product’s before and after pictures!

A review published in Advances in Dermatology and Allergology explored contemporary views on the etiopathogenesis of cellulite.

I must admit that this cream is best cellulite cream, and it’s my go-to product for smoothing out all the areas of my skin that are dimpled or pocketed. Highly recommended!


  • It gives your skin a more youthful appearance.
  • HerSolution Sculpt Scrub protects your skin from UV rays.
  • This cream has anti-aging benefits.
  • HerSolution Sculpt Scrub is full of vitamins and minerals.


  • High demand sometimes leads to low stock.


  • The brand is completely cruelty-free.
  • The ingredients are 100% organically sourced.
  • This scrub is free of gluten, parabens, and other additives or fillers.
  • The product is hypoallergenic.

About the Brand

The manufacturer of this product is a company called HerSolution Sculpt Scrub, Located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, they began operations in 1997. They offer a line of skin and hair care products that focus largely on anti-cellulite. The company uses only pure, natural ingredients in its formulas, and they have a good reputation in the market.

Key Facts

Best For Reduces Cellulite, Tightens Skin, Enhances Elasticity, Smooths Wrinkles and Fine Lines, Decreases Inflammation
Ingredients Lavender Flower Water, Coffee Arabica Extract, Coconut Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Vitamin C, Betaine, Kaolin Clay, Glycerin, Rosehip Seed Oil, Panthenol, Niacinamide, Aloe Vera, Walnut Shell Powder, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein.
Company Leading Edge Health Inc.
Skin Type All skin types.
Dosage Once or twice a day
Refund Policy 67-day money-back guarantee
Price $49.99

Real Reviews

Amazing Product If You Follow The Directions

  • I bought this product for use on the cellulite on my thighs and to see if it would help do anything about some cellulite I have on the back of my arms. On the thighs, I can’t say enough complimentary things. My pants fit better and are easier to get on and my legs look slimmer and shapelier. The backs of my arms have some definite cellulite reduction. It’s not gone but they look and feel much better. – Felipa R.


  • I was very skeptical about this type of product, but my friend convinced me to give it a try since it did wonders for her. Very happy I tried! I started to apply the cream and I’ve been loosing cellulite pretty quick. Impressive! – E. Merner

2. Skinceuticals Body Tightening Concentrate

Review Summary

This is a powerful formula rich in peptides which tighten the skin and help smooth dimples and cellulite and tighten loose, sagging areas of the body. A 6-month study done by the National Health Research Institute found that collagen peptides decreased cellulite in women.

This formula can repair skin damage, protect it from environmental agents like UV rays and pollution, and soothe. This is a best skin tightening cream with safe all-natural ingredients.


  • It can improve skin elasticity.
  • The formula is deeply moisturizing.
  • It leads to smoother, more youthful-looking skin.
  • This product is rich in antioxidants.


  • The results will vary for different women


  • Natural science-based ingredients
  • Paraben-free
  • Fragrance-free

About the Brand

The manufacturer is a company called Skinceuticals, which has their headquarters in New York, New York. Founded in 1997, the beauty and cosmetic powerhouse L’Oreal owns the brand. They produce quality skin care products based on science and research and developed by dermatologists.

Key Facts

Best For Tighten and smooth skin all over the body, lifts sagging skin, cooling sensation on the skin.
Ingredients Tripeptide, Yeast Extract, Hydrolyzed Rice Protein
Company SkinCeuticals
Skin Type All skin types
Dosage Twice a day
Refund Policy 30 days’ money-back guarantee.
Price $79.00/bottle

Real Reviews

Encouraging Results!

  • This is just my first bottle of this product, but I swear I can see a difference already! I’m 66 and have always worked out but after menopause my arm skin started sagging and no amount of exercise helped. I’m very encouraged by the body tightening concentrate and will continue to use it. – Anna M.

Works Great

  • I’ve been using this EVERY DAY for 2 weeks now, and I see a huge improvement on my legs. It definitely tightens the skin & reduces cellulite. I love this product & will continue to use it! 10/10 recommend. – Joanne G.

3. CelluliTX

Review Summary

According to the manufacturer, CelluliTX is a breakthrough formula in the treatment of cellulite, and we couldn’t agree more. Packed with 11 potent organic ingredients, It works to break down and eliminate the fat under the skin, smoothing out cellulite for a younger-looking surface.

It also tightens and improves elasticity, smoothing any abrasions or dimple marks and lifting sagging skin. CelluliTX is full of antioxidants which repair skin damage and elevate its immunity, as well as protecting it from UV rays and pollutants.

A review in the American Journal of Dermatology and Venereology concluded that cosmetic products had a high efficacy rate in treating cellulite.


  • The formula improves skin circulation and gives it a radiant appearance.
  • It hydrates the skin, which can give it a plumpness and smooth dimples and abrasions.
  • The reviews of CelluliTX spoke very highly of this product.
  • It can improve your confidence in your body.


  • It’s somewhat costly.
  • The cream sometimes goes out of stock due to high demand.


  • It may repair skin damage.
  • Product delivers results within 4 weeks.
  • Free from parabens, not tested on animals

About the Brand

The manufacturer of this product is Jan Marini Skin Research, a high-end skincare brand with their headquarters in San Jose, California. Founded in 1994, they produce a range of skin products which have scientific research supporting their benefits.

Key Facts

Best For Reduces the appearance of cellulite, smoothens and revitalizes dimpled skin.
Ingredients Retinol, Acetyl Decapeptide-3, Aminophylline, Tripeptide-4, Brassica Alba Sprout, Caffeine, Capsaicin, Glaucine, L-Carnitine, Nelumbo Nucifera
Company Jan Marini Skin Research
Skin Type All skin types
Dosage Once daily
Refund Policy 30 days return policy
Price $104.00

Real Reviews

Noticed Results In ONE Week

  • I have been applying the CelluliTx cream for over a week now, and I have noticed immediate results! I feel more confident wearing shorts and my husband said, “your cheeks look amazing!” – Jana

Great Cream

  • CelluliTx is an excellent cream. It works well to get rid of cellulite, and it also smooths wrinkles and fine lines. I’m very excited with my results. – Gretta F.


4. Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

Review Summary

Brazilian BumBum is a creamy body cream that promotes self-esteem by improving skin tone and smoothness. Furthermore, it was sourced with care and sustainability to avoid environmental damage to the skin.

Brazilian Bum Bum Cream is a luxurious all-over body cream that absorbs rapidly and significantly tightens skin. The cream energizes and nourishes your complexion while promoting good circulation and smoothing the surface of your skin Because of the high caffeine content, the product claims to destroy fat cells that cause cellulite from beneath the skin. The creamy mixture gives skin a boost of health and actually works to produce an outstanding all-over radiance.


  • It’s a mineral-rich product
  • Tightens skin
  • Brazilian Bum Bum Cream is vegan.


  • The fragrance concentration is really high.
  • Temporarily help with cellulite.


  • FREE SAMPLE choice with every order.
  • FREE US Shipping
  • Easy Returns

About the Brand

Sol de Janeiro Known for its addictive scent and smoothing powers, it is New York-based, founded by Heela Yang and Marc Capra in 2015. They are into beauty products ranging from skin/body care to hair, lip, and fragrance care. The cult-favorite Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Body Cream will leave you with the softest and bounciest skin of your dreams.

Key Facts

Best For Smooths and tightens the appearance of skin, Prevent environmental damage, Healthy Skin.
Ingredients Guarana, Acai Oil, Brazil Nut, Coconut Oil, Guayusa, Capuacu Butter
Skin Type All skin types
Dosage Twice a day
Refund Policy 75-days return policy.
Price $48.00

5. ALASTIN TransForm Body Treatment

Review Summary

TransForm Body Treatment is a natural cream with anti-aging properties that is designed to be used after a body-sculpting surgical treatment. Body Treatment contains peptides, which help to generate collagen, which firms the skin. This can help to smooth crepey skin, cellulite, and wrinkles.

TransForm Body Treatment is appropriate for all skin types, especially oily skin. In fact, it contains hydration, which can help wash away some of the oil and dead skin cells that have clogged your pores.


  • Reduces the appearance of crepey skin on any part of the body, including the arms, hands, and knees.
  • Hydrates skin from the inside out with essential botanicals that promote the formation of hyaluronic acid and glycosaminoglycans.
  • It encourages the creation of fresh, healthy elastin and collagen.


  • Expensive.
  • It will last about three months.


  • The formula is founded on scientific evidence.
  • The brand is cruelty-free and gluten-free.

About the Brand

ALASTIN Skincare is the fastest-growing physician-dispensed skincare brand, offering innovative, scientifically proved, and clinically tested products. ALASTIN Skincare, which was founded in 2015, offers a comprehensive array of cutting-edge products for optimal treatment results and regular skincare routines. We strategically focus research and development on breakthrough products with the greatest potential impact on patients and providers.

Key Facts

Best For Body-sculpting surgical procedure, Produces collagen which firms the skin, Anti-aging
Ingredients Peptides, Plantain Leaf, and Linseed Extract.
Company ALASTIN Skincare
Skin Type All skin types
Dosage Twice a day
Refund Policy within 30 days
Price $186.77

6. Clarins Body Fit Anti-Cellulite Contouring Expert

Review Summary

Clarins Body Fit Anti-Cellulite Contouring Expert is an organic cream that works to eradicate cellulite from important body areas such as the hips, thighs, and buttocks. It contains chemicals that can dissolve fat cells and smooth the skin.

Furthermore, it increases circulation, which promotes skin health and gives it a radiant appearance. Clarins Body Fit Anti-Cellulite Contouring Expert Cream firms and contours your skin.


  • This product has the potential to remove cellulite from your skin.
  • It may improve the overall health of your skin.
  • Visibly lifting and firming hips and thighs.


  • It contains fragrance, alcohol, menthol, and butylenes glycol which may irritate the skin.
  • No warranty is offered with this product.


  • Non-greasy formula that instantly plumps skin.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Hydrates and smoothes the skin

About the Brand

Clarins is a French international cosmetics firm founded in 1954 in Paris by Jacques Courtin-Clarins. The corporation is a key player in the spa and well-being industry, in addition to manufacturing and distributing skincare and beauty goods. Clarins offers a diverse selection of products manufactured with pure plant-based extracts for all skin types and ages.

Key Facts

Best For Reduces the chronic cellulite problems and aids in the reduction of the appearance of irritation and redness.
Ingredients Caffeine, Cristata Flower Extract, Sunflower Seed Oil.
Company Clarins Group
Skin Type All skin types
Dosage Twice a day
Refund Policy Within 30 days
Price $49.99

7. Revision BodiFirm

Review Summary

Revision BodiFirm is a natural skin care product that might help you get rid of crepey skin and cellulite. It tightens and lifts the skin, giving it a toned appearance and removing symptoms of aging. Furthermore, it can aid with sun-damaged skin.

Skincare Revision BodiFirm moisturizes the skin, adding volume and smoothing out wrinkles and dimples. It also protects against dryness. This product is very beneficial to the skin because it nourishes the microbiome. It has long-term skin advantages.


  • It might make thin, crepey skin look better.
  • It might replenish moisture and strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier.
  • Cellulite formation could be lessened with BodiFirm.


  • An allergic reaction could occur.


  • Cruelty free
  • Products are always authentic.

About the Brand

Revision Skincare is a company that specializes in developing products to assist individuals obtain youthful skin. It is a U.S. based facility that says it uses only the highest-quality, international ingredients to make its goods.

According to the company, their all-encompassing skincare strategy includes the usage of peptides and products that support the skin’s natural pH level. The formulation of the items aims to utilize the skin’s microbiota.

Key Facts

Best For Sun-damaged skin, Eliminate cellulite and crepey skin.
Ingredients Glucosamine, Bamboo Leaf Extract, Pea Extract
Company Revision Skincare
Skin Type All skin types
Dosage Twice a day
Refund Policy 30-Day money back guarantee
Price $99.00

8. StriVectin-TL Tightening Body Cream

Review Summary

StriVectin-TL Tightening Body Cream is a nourishing cream that offers to remove crepey skin from the body. This is a firming cream that tightens and elastifies the skin. This reduces the appearance of aging symptoms such as wrinkles beneath the eyes and cellulite.

Additionally, this product provides intense hydration, which moisturizes the skin and eliminates dryness. It leaves the skin feeling soft and silky. It also evens out the tone and makes the skin look brighter. So give StriVectin Crepe Control Tightening Body Cream a try if you desire skin that looks younger. It is a most effective cellulite cream.


  • Improves the appearance of skin texture and crepiness.
  • Tightens, firms, and restores elasticity visibly.
  • Brightens, increases skin luminosity, and evens out skin tone.


  • There is a possibility that you will have an allergic response.


  • Cruelty Free.
  • The formula is founded on scientific evidence.
  • Product delivers results after 4 weeks.

About the Brand

StriVectin, founded in 2002, It is a skincare brand that specializes in skincare for aging and mature skin. StriVectin skincare products contain NIA 114, a patented version of niacin, a type of vitamin B3, that helps to strengthen the skin barrier and give you a more youthful appearance.

Key Facts

Best For Skin elasticity, visibly toned, tighter & brighter body.
Ingredients Jojoba Oil, Turmeric, Shea Butter
Company StriVectin
Skin Type All skin types
Dosage Twice a day
Refund Policy 30-Days
Price $41.30

9. Nivea Skin Firming & Toning Gel-Cream

Review Summary

Nivea’s skin-firming cream formula contains a unique “energy compound” of coenzyme Q10, L-carnitine, and creatine. This mixture promotes skin tightening and is more effective at skin care on a cellular level.

Q10 is an antioxidant present naturally in body cells that aids in skin protection. It is produced by the cells and can also be absorbed through dietary consumption. Not only that, but Q10 is found in some of the top skin-firming creams and anti-aging skin care products due to its ability to battle the signs of aging and keep skin happy and healthy. Nivea Skin Firming & Toning Gel-Cream is one of the best skin tightening cream.


  • It helps to firm and tone the skin.
  • Softens skin.


  • You may experience an allergic reaction.


  • The product delivers results after 2 weeks.
  • Nivea celebrates 100 years of the Skincare industry.
  • Free Shipping, 100% Money Back Guarantee

About the Brand

Nivea is a German cosmetics company well recognized for its skin and body care products. It is owned by the Hamburg-based company Beiersdorf Global AG. Over the last few decades, they have created a range of new skin care products, ranging from deodorants to sunscreens.

Key Facts

Best For Firms and tones, prevents cellulite development
Ingredients Q10, L-carnitine, Lotus Extract, Ubiquinone
Company Nivea
Skin Type All skin types
Dosage Twice a day
Refund Policy 14-Day
Price $21.99


What Are the Typical Ingredients in Cellulite Cream?

Here are some of the primary active ingredients that you can find in quality cellulite creams:

Hyaluronic Acid – This molecule exists naturally in the body, primarily in the skin and connective tissue. It has humectant properties, meaning it draws many times its weight in liquid. This is one of the most potent ingredients in skincare recommended by many dermatologists.

This deeply moisturizes the skin, and it goes underneath and gives it volume, smoothing dimples, abrasions, and lines [1]. It gives the skin a plump, healthy appearance and has anti-aging benefits.

According to the International Journal of Biological Macromolecules it also promotes collagen, which tightens the skin, improves elasticity, and smooths wrinkles and lines. Finally, hyaluronic acid has skin regenerating properties with boost the health of the complexion.

Squalane – Derived from olive oil, squalane has deeply hydrating benefits for the skin. This is particularly true as it is very similar to the natural oils in your skin. It plumps the surface and can smooth dimples and other skin abrasions associated with cellulite.

Squalene can boost collagen production, tightening the skin and improving elasticity. This can smooth wrinkles and fine lines, as well as the dimples and abrasions associated with cellulite.

It’s also rich in healing antioxidants which can repair damage to the skin. A review in Advances in Food and Nutrition Research examined the biological properties of squalane and squalene.

Caffeine – This is a well-known stimulant which is in cellulite creams because it improves circulation, which elevates the health of the skin, gives it a radiant appearance, and reduces dimples. Caffeine is an antioxidant which helps repair damage to the skin caused by free radicals and prevent damage from UV rays and pollutants.

It also breaks down the fat cells under the surface, which can help to eliminate cellulite. In addition, it can decrease inflammation, reduce redness on the skin, and help treat skin conditions. A study in the Annals of Clinical Dermatology concluded that a formula containing caffeine and xanthenes was effective at reducing cellulite.

Shea Butter – This is a fat derived from the African Shea tree, and it’s a common and popular skin ingredient due to its high moisture level. It plumps the skin and helps smooth the dimples and other marks associated with cellulite.

It’s also high in antioxidants which repair and protect the dermis and provide anti-aging benefits. Shea butter is very high in anti-inflammatory agents which can reduce swelling and redness on the skin and help treat skin conditions. Shea butter also softens and smooths the skin. According to a study in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, shea butter also has anti-inflammatory properties and can ease skin conditions like eczema.

Chondrus Crispus – This is a type of red moss, which grows along the Atlantic coast of Europe and North America. It’s healthy for the skin because it’s full of nutrients and antioxidants which enrich and repair damage as well as soothe and soften.

In addition, it’s rich in fatty acids and provides a lot of moisture. It forms a protective barrier to keep the hydration locked inside so your skin is moisturized for longer. It’s also high in anti-inflammatory benefits which reduce redness and swelling and help treat skin conditions. An article in Science Direct explored the properties and benefits of chondrus crispus.

Retinol: This is Vitamin A, a powerful antioxidant which has many benefits for the skin. It can repair damage to the skin barrier and protect from UV rays and pollutants. An overview in Clinical Interventions in Aging examined retinoids for the treatment of aging.

It also supports the functioning of the skin cells. Caroline Robinson, MD explains that “Retinol promotes cell turnover, which improves general cell functioning and eliminate cellulite.” Retinol is also an exfoliant which can cleanse the pores of dead skin cells, dirt, and oils and help treat acne. It has potent anti-aging benefits and can help reduce wrinkles and lines.


How Do Cellulite Creams Work?

Cellulite creams with caffeine can actively break down the fat cells under the skin, decreasing cellulite. They can also improve circulation and elevate the overall health of your skin.

A study in Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology found that 81% of subjects using a cellulite cream saw improvement compared to 32% of the placebo group.

Many of these products are deeply hydrating, providing the skin with moisture which goes under the surface and smooths out the dimples and other abrasions. They also contains anti-inflammatory agents which can reduce swelling and redness on the skin.

Cellulite creams are almost always high in antioxidants, which kill free radicals and lower oxidative stress. This helps to repair damage to the skin barrier and protect it from potential environmental harm like UV rays and pollutants.

A review in Skin Pharmacology and Physiology stated that caffeine is high in antioxidants, which makes it an ideal anti cellulite cream.


Are Cellulite Creams Effective?

Many cellulite creams are highly effective at smoothing your skin and eliminating fat cells underneath. However, you should research each product you consider carefully, making sure it includes some of the top ingredients that I suggested.

According to dermatologists and skin care experts, a cream should be high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents and include either caffeine or another ingredient which breaks down the fat cells under the skin.

How Do I Choose the Best Cellulite Cream?

With so many cellulite creams on the market, it can be difficult to know which one is your best option. There are a number of factors you should consider when selecting your product, so I have come up with this mini-guide to help you navigate the sea of choices out there.

Ingredient Quality – Read through the ingredient list, checking to see how healthy and rich each substance is for the skin. Research the different ingredients for their benefits and efficacy. Compare with other products in terms of the number and quality of the formula.

Value for Cost – Check the price against the average cost in the market and consider whether it’s good value for the ingredients and quality of the brand.

Satisfaction Guarantee – A reputable company which has faith in its product will give you a good satisfaction guarantee which provides you with enough time to really try out the brand before returning it. You need at least 30-60 days to allow you to do that.

Safety – The safety of the ingredients are important for any product you choose. Make sure the cream is completely organic and doesn’t include harmful ingredients like parabens. Find out if the manufacturer makes their products in an FDA-approved facility and follows rigid safety guidelines.

Manufacturer – Find out who the manufacturer is and make sure they are reputable. See if people think they are trustworthy, and check if their website is professional.

Placement in Market – Is the product considered a high level brand in the market, or is it at the lower end? Check how the cream compares next to other similar items in terms of price, quality, and other features.


How Can You Get Rid of Cellulite Naturally?

In addition to using a quality cellulite cream on a daily basis, there are some lifestyle methods you can try which can make a significant difference.

Lose Weight
Being overweight doesn’t necessarily cause cellulite, but it’s more common in people with excess flab and it can certainly make it more visible. With cellulite, fat cells push against the skin and lead to pocket marks and dimples.

The best solution is to lose a few pounds and try to get to an average weight. An article in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science said that there’s evidence showing weight loss can cause fat globules to retract from the skin.

Exercise can improve the appearance of cellulite by tightening up the muscles and making it appear less visible. I highly recommend that you follow a regular weekly workout routine focusing on the areas most in need of smoothing.

Massage Your Cellulite
Either massaging your own cellulite or getting a regular massage can help lessen the appearance of cellulite and enhance lymphatic drainage. Research has found some positive results for this method (2).

Quit Smoking
There’s evidence that smoking can worsen cellulite in several ways. It increases the number of free radicals in the body, and it can also contract the blood vessels and make the progression of the condition more advanced (3). If you can quit or even cut down on smoking, it can have a large impact on the appearance of your cellulite.

Change Your Diet
A diet high in fat will only exacerbate cellulite, so it’s best to follow a nutritional plan that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and other foods low in refined carbohydrates. Avoid foods with high sugar and fat which have no nutritional value.



Q: Are Cellulite Creams Safe?

A: Any good quality cellulite cream is safe and includes only organic ingredients. These products offer no side effects and should only enrich your skin.

Q: How Quickly Do Cellulite Creams Work?

A: The results will vary from person to person, but in most cases it only takes a few weeks to resolve cellulite on the skin if you use the cream on a consistent basis.

Q: Can Cellulite Creams Make it Worse?

A: Generally speaking, these creams will not make you condition worse, and if anything they will greatly improve the appearance of your skin and eliminate problems like cellulite.

Q: Does the Cellulite Come Back if I Stop Using the Cream?

A: Once you’ve healed the cellulite on your body, it won’t automatically come back if you stop using the cream. However, if your skin returns to its previous condition cellulite could certainly form again. It’s a good idea to use a cellulite cream on your body as part of your regular skin routine.

Q: Who Should Use Cellulite Cream?

A: The large majority of the time cellulite is a problem that women develop around middle age. This is an ideal time to use this cream to smooth the bumps and dimples that have developed on and under your skin.
However, it’s a good idea to begin using cellulite cream when you’re younger and have smooth skin, for preventive purposes. I really wish I had done that myself, as I may not have so much cellulite to contend with now. Most of these products offer anti-aging benefits and will slow the development of skin issues.

Q: Do Cellulite Creams Have Any Side Effects?

A: Most high-quality cellulite creams will not cause any side effects. However, check the ingredients to make sure there are no parabens, chemicals, artificial ingredients, or fragrances which could irritate the skin if you are sensitive.

Q: Are Cellulite Creams Expensive?

A: Cellulite creams come in a range of prices, and you should never assume that because a product has a low price it’s not a good quality brand. You can find some very good creams at an affordable cost, but make sure you do your research.

Q: Can Men Use Cellulite Cream?

A: In 90% of cases, it’s women who develop cellulite. However, men do occasionally as well, and they may certainly find a good cellulite cream helpful.

Q: Can I Use Cellulite Cream If I Have Sensitive Skin?

A: This depends completely on the specific brand you purchase. Some use ingredients which can irritate sensitive skin, and others are gentler. Check the list carefully before buying a new skin product to make sure it’s suitable for you.

Q: Is it Worth Buying Cellulite Cream?

A: If you have cellulite on your body that you want to get rid of, a cream is an excellent method. Not only do these formulas smooth your cellulite, they also repair skin damage, protect the skin from harm, reduce inflammation, and moisturize deeply. There are many affordable brands on the market which use high-quality ingredients and are very effective.


The Final Word

Cellulite is a common problem among women as they age, and less so among men. It occurs when fat cells develop under the skin and the fibrous bands begin to stretch, leading to pocket marks and dimples on the buttocks, thighs, arms, legs, and other body parts. One of the most helpful treatments that many dermatologists recommend for eliminating cellulite is a rich cream.

Cellulite creams that work will break down the fat under the skin, moisturize and plump, improve circulation, and kill damaging free radicals. This leads to smoother, healthier skin and the elimination of cellulite for a more sculpted form. There are other lifestyle methods you can use along with a cream, like reducing body weight, exercising, and massaging the areas of concern.

Naturally you should do your research carefully when you choose a brand, opting for a respected manufacturer and a product with safe, quality ingredients. Check the safety practices of the company and read through the satisfaction guarantee to make sure it’s fair.

If you use a cellulite cream on a daily basis, you should see powerful results within a few weeks’ time. It’s really worth it when you see your cellulite disappearing and your skin becoming soft, smooth, and free of abrasions. As I see it, these creams can turn back the hands of time, leaving your skin looking youthful and perfect.

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