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We’ve reviewed the most popular weight loss pills to see which products live up to the hype and which ones are a waste of money. We evaluated each supplement based on its ingredients, benefits, customer reviews, price, and guarantee.
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Do weight loss pills work?

According to Trust for American Health, more than 42% of adults are obese in the United States. This is an alarming statistic considering obesity is comorbidity associated with heart disease and the occurrence of strokes. People often attempt to lose weight by trying numerous fad weight-loss diets or using weight loss pills. These diets and pills claim excellent results but fail to deliver.

There are two types of weight loss pills available on the market. The first type is over the counter. You can purchase these weight-loss pills at many different stores including convenience stores and pharmacies. The second type is available by prescription only.

Both over-the-counter and prescription weight loss pills have the same goal.

  • Control your appetite
  • Increase your energy and energy utilization
  • Help make you feel full longer.
  • Burn off fat more quickly

How are Weight Loss Pills Regulated?

Most people believe that weight loss pills are unregulated because what they have read online or in magazines. In 1994 the dietary Supplement Health and Education Act was established. The FDA began regulating ingredients in dietary supplements to ensure that the products were uncontaminated, and all guidelines were followed during the manufacturing process (e.g. quality, dosing, and the product is what is stated on the label).

In January 2011, the FDA shifted its focus to responding to foodborne illnesses in hopes of decreasing the prevalence of these public health occurrences. The Food Safety Modernization Act was soon put into effect. It required complete evaluations of each ingredient used while manufacturing weight loss pills from start to finish, including where the component was sourced or synthesized.

While dietary supplement ingredients are regulated, it does not mean the FDA has certified the weight loss claims on the label as true and backed by scientific evidence. This makes it important to purchase supplements from trusted companies. This is why you, as the consumer, must do your own research. A good rule of thumb is if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Best Weight Loss Pills and Supplements

Best Weight Loss Pills and Supplements – Image/Wellness Digest

Our Top Picks

  • Best Weight Loss Pill – Keto Trim
  • Best Weight Loss Pill for Women – Zotrim
  • Best Weight Loss Pill for Men – PhenQ
  • Best Thermogenic – Bio X4
  • Best Medicinl Ingredints – Garcinia Extra
  • Best All-Natural – Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Best All-Around Supplement – Turmeric & Ginger
  • Best for Increasing Energy – Active-PK
  • Best at Suppressing hunger – Phen24
  • Best for Women over 30 – Apple Cider Vinegar

Best Weight Loss Pills and Diet Supplements



With no significant side effects, Phen Q is one of the most sought-after weight loss pills. Part of the reason Phen Q works so well is its combination of six ingredients to aid you in safe and healthy weight loss. This weight loss supplement does not just claim to help with weight loss. Its ingredients have scientific studies to back up these claims. While most weight-loss supplements stay on the market for a short time, Phen Q has been used by many for years. With eight years of weight-loss success behind it, the track record speaks for itself. PhenQ is also an excellent choice for men starting a weight loss plan.

Phen Q targets five main areas that help you to lose weight.
  • Controls your appetite: One of the biggest roadblocks with weight loss is reducing the calories consumed. We are surrounded by food all day, every day, which makes it challenging to overcome cravings. The ingredients in Phen Q help get you through the cravings by helping to control hunger signalling to your brain. According to Advance Medical Group, appetite suppressants need to be included in weight-loss plans.
  • Burns stored fat: To lose weight and keep it off, you want to burn off fat. Muscles utilize fat for fuel and increase your metabolism to burn more calories. This means you want to gain muscle and lose fat. The way most are instructed to burn fat is by doing high-intensity aerobics combined with lifting weights. Not everyone is physically capable of doing this, especially if you are currently injured, have had injuries, or have bad knees. Phen Q speeds up your body’s thermogenic rate causing your body to burn more fat. You can do low-impact aerobics if you choose to, but you will still lose weight without incorporating exercise.
  • Boosts energy: Calories provide fuel for our body, so it makes sense that you would also have less energy when you cut calories. With Phen Q’s all-natural ingredients, it helps to stabilize your energy levels. It also causes your body to burn fat instead of carbohydrates, increasing energy without the energy crash.
  • Keeps your mood stable: It’s a scientific fact that ingredients cause a release of chemicals in your brain that makes you feel happy. Our brains get used to these chemicals, and when they stop receiving them, they crave them. This is one of the main reasons people become so irritable when starting to lose weight. To keep your mood stable and avoid irritability, Phen Q stimulates your brain to release serotonin and dopamine, the same chemicals that chocolate releases.

An ingredient that Phen Q contains that many weight loss supplements do not, is A-Lacys reset. A-Lacys reset is a combination of ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) and Cysteine. Both of these compounds aid in weight loss by helping to increase muscle mass, and improve your mood. A research article published by Oregon State University asserts that ALA can help individuals lose weight with few side effects.

Bio X4

Bio X4

Nucific, located in California, manufactures bio X4. Nucific is known for its all-natural health and nutrition products. Each of their products undergoes extensive testing to ensure they have the highest quality ingredients proven to work.

Bio X4 is full of probiotics that help to promote the growth of healthy bacteria in your gut. When your digestive system is not working correctly, your body can store waste that turns into fat. Probiotics help to correct this so you can eliminate the waste and decrease stored fat. According to The National Library of medicine, the probiotic Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium general are the two proven to promote weight loss. Both of these ingredients are included in Bio X4.

Keto Trim

Keto Trim

Keto Trim is a weight loss supplement that is manufactured in the USA and uses all-natural ingredients. According to the manufacturer, Keto Trim works with keto-diet to quickly bring your body to the ketosis stage. Keto is a weight loss program where individuals eat a low-carb diet, so the body burns fat instead of carbs for energy.

Many overweight people have issues with ketosis disorders, which makes losing weight extremely difficult. Keto Trim is designed to aid a Keto-diet so you can reach ketosis and burn fat. Along with a low-carb diet, Keto Trim can help you lose weight and increase your energy levels.

Keto Trim is designed to work with low-carb diets such as Keto. A low-carb diet is meant to put your body into ketosis so you can burn fat. Keto Trim helps your body get there faster without having to wait for an extended time. This weight loss supplement also helps you feel full longer and lower your food cravings. If you have ever tried a low-carb diet, you know, especially initially, the cravings are challenging to get through. Keto Trim assists you to get through the cravings quicker and with a higher success rate.

The main ingredient listed in Keto Trim is a Go BHB proprietary blend. Go BHB consists of three components magnesium beta-hydroxybutyrate, calcium beta-hydroxybutyrate, and sodium beta-hydroxybutyrate. Biostrap BHB is a ketone that is fuel for our brains, and it gives us energy while our body is going through ketosis. The compound Go BHB improves your brain health and helps with brain fog.



Zotrim is an all-natural weight loss supplement that helps to control your appetite, allows you to stop snacking between meals, and eliminates those late-night cravings. Zotrim can help you succeed where other weight loss supplements have failed. British Food Journal cited Case studies and research showing that Zotrim helps people lose weight and feel full faster.

It does not reduce weight itself but helps make losing weight simple. The weight loss supplement helps you suppress hunger, so you do not consume as many calories.

Zotrim does not claim that you only have to take the pill to lose weight but instead says the supplement helps you have more energy to feel like exercising.



This all-natural supplement is manufactured by one of the leading weight loss supplement companies. Wolfson Brands teamed up with top nutritionists to create a unique weight loss pill. Instead of focusing solely on appetite suppressants, it instead focused on increasing metabolism.

Since your metabolism changes from morning to night, Phen24 has created two pills. Take one capsule in the morning, and you take the second pill before bed. The morning weight loss supplement works to give you energy and boost your metabolism. With more energy, you are not as tired during the day and are more likely to get up and move. At night your body naturally slows down and starts relaxing and getting ready to go into sleep mode. The night dosage increases your metabolism without increasing your energy. So you will still get a restful night’s sleep.

One of the main ingredients in the daytime supplement is manganese. Manganese increases energy while regulating brain activity. In addition, it also helps to lower your cholesterol because it helps you make better food choices. According to an article from the National Library of Medicine, Manganese helps with digestion, increases energy, increases your immunity, and helps regulate the brain. Your body produces small amounts of this nutrient, and with this ingredient, you know that you will be receiving just the right amount.

Hops are known for their soothing effects. This is the main reason that it is an ingredient in the weight loss supplement. It promotes healthy sleep, and which is one of the main factors in weight loss. The National Library of Medicine writes that Hops is a plant that contains GABA. GABA creates a soothing effect in the body, making you slow down and get ready to sleep.

Garcinia Extra

Garcinia Extra

Garcinia Extra is an incredible weight loss supplement with all-natural ingredients manufactured by Wolfsbrands unlimited. The manufactures claim that Garcinia Extra will give you tighter abs, a firmer butt, and thinner legs.

It helps you to lose weight by suppressing certain enzymes in the body that causes cravings and slows down your metabolism. Garcinia Cambogia combined with raspberry ketones secretes adiponectin. This hormone helps to regulate metabolism and burn fat.

One of the pros of using Garcinia Cambogia is that it works the same on men and women. There are not many supplements that do that. According to Current Therapeutic Research, Clinical and Experimental Hydroxcitirc Acid helps to lower the amount of fat your body makes.



All-natural Active-PK was created by Dr. Rand Mcclain, a well-known regenerative sports medicine doctor. The dietary supplement works by increasing the level of AMPK. This weight loss supplement increases the thermogenic temperature of the body. It also helps with stress and anxiety. Stress is one of the leading causes of weight gain. By decreasing the body’s stressors, you will have more energy and burn more calories.

Wiley Journal of Neuroendocrinology states the AMP-activated protein kinase is one of the critical enzymes in regulating energy metabolism. When your metabolism increases, it causes the body to lose more weight.

The leaf extract Gynostemma pentphyllum helps increase metabolism and suppress your appetite. The Obesity Society published a paper stating this leaf extract does increase your metabolism, allowing for faster weight loss.

Apple Cider Vinegar Pure

Apple Cider Vinegar Pure

Apple cider vinegar has many health benefits, one of the most well-known being its help with weight loss. ScienceDirect conducted a study in 2018 showing that ACV along with a healthy diet decreased body weight. In addition to the weight loss, ACV lowers unhealthy cholesterol caused by excess fat and increased healthy cholesterol levels.

This supplement is manufactured by Vitabalance located in Virginia, who are well known for their all-natural ingredients and long history of quality health supplements. The benefit of taking ACV in capsule form is it does not have the harsh taste of drinking it. If you have ever tried drinking apple cider vinegar, you know how awful it tastes. ACV has been shown to prevent fat deposits, increase metabolism and increase energy.

Turmeric & Ginger

Turmeric & Ginger

Ginger and turmeric are both well known for their medicinal benefits. Turmeric has excellent anti-inflammation properties, while ginger strengthens antibodies, helping to fight off infections. According to the National Library of Medicine, ginger also benefits weight loss because it increases thermogenesis, which assists with burning fat.

Both turmeric and ginger have been used for hundreds of years. Ginger helps decrease nausea and is a natural way to soothe your stomach. One thing to be aware of when taking ginger is that it may interfere with blood thinners. As with any supplements, make sure you talk to your physician before taking them.

What Ingredients to Look for in a Supplement

Caffeine – The Natural Library of Medicine states that caffeine increases energy and assists the body in losing weight and fat. It also increases your metabolism, helping to burn calories.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract – A study conducted by BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies showed the garcinia Cambogia extract increased metabolism, reduced fat, and lowered blood sugar. In addition to helping you lose weight, it is a natural anti-depressant that helps to improve your mood and decrease anxiety.

Glucomannan – Glucomannan is a type of fiber from the konjac root, a plant growing in the East. A clinical trial conducted by the National Library of Medicine showed that people who took glucomannan lost signific more weight than those who took the placebo.

Chromium Picolinate – Chromium Picolinate is a mineral that is said to enhance insulin. Insulin is essential for turning food into energy, specifically utilizing carbohydrates for fuel. The International Journal of Obesity conducted a trial that showed that those taking the natural weight loss supplement lost more weight than those who took the placebo.

Capsaicin – Capsaicin is found in hot peppers and is said to increase metabolism. It is said to decrease fat production by thermogenic heat, which aids in weight loss. A study conducted by the National Library of Medicine compared results between people who took capsaicin compared to those who took the placebo. The ones that took capsaicin lost more weight than those who did not.

A-lacy Reset – A-lacy Reset has a ton of benefits, including weight loss. This is a synthetic ingredient that combines alpha-lipoic acid and crystalline. Both alpha-lipoic and crystalline are beneficial on their own, but when combined, it makes them work harder. According to a study performed by the National Library of Medicine, A-lacys Reset caused a significant amount of weight loss for those who used it.

7-Keto-DHEA – DHEA is a chemical your body naturally makes that has been shown to assist with weight loss. While our bodies do naturally make it, it starts to decile as we age, making supplements a good idea. DHEA boosts your metabolism, which causes you to burn more calories throughout the day. According to a study conducted by ScienceDirect, people who took 7-Keto-DHEA along with consuming a healthy diet and exercise, lost substantially more weight than those who did not.

There are some side effects to look out for, such as fatigue, insomnia, changes in cholesterol levels, upset stomach, and congestion. Before starting this supplement, check with your physician. There are currently no known drug interactions currently.

How Does Exercise Effect Weight Loss

To lose a significant amount of weight, you should add exercise to your daily activities. While weight loss supplements help increase your energy and assist you in eating less without doing 30 minutes of exercise three days a week, it will take longer to lose weight. That being said, if you are unable to exercise because of excess weight, you can simply walk or move more often until you can increase your activity. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, most weight loss comes from reducing how many calories you eat. When you combine calorie reduction with physical activity, it burns more calories, therefore, speeding up your weight loss.

How safe are weight loss pills?

This answer varies on the ingredients and if they are manufactured in an FDA-approved facility. This is where doing your research is essential. Look at the ingredients on the back of the diet supplements, make sure the manufacturer has a good reputation, and make their products in FDA-approved facilities. The National Institutes of Health put together a fact sheet that shows how safe the most popular ingredients are.

Are there any side effects of weight loss pills

Like anything, there are side effects. The weight loss pills listed above have one side effect in common. The side effect is that those with caffeine sensitivity may become shaky.


Q: How do I ask my doctor for weight loss pills?

A: Start with finding out if you do need to lose weight and if it harms your health. Find out if you have any health conditions that make dieting, diet plans, or exercise unhealthy or not recommended for you. If you have tried to lose weight through natural means, ask your doctor to read the weight loss supplements labels for safety. If you have some supplements you are interested in, bring a list of them or ask if your physician has recommendations.

Q: How effective are weight loss pills?

A: Depending on the nutritional supplement you choose determines how effective it is. You want to choose a supplement with proven ingredients such as the ones listed above. If you make sure, the supplement contains at least of the ingredients above that are scientifically backed.

Q: What foods should I avoid when trying to lose weight?

A: You need to avoid foods that are full of chemicals like most boxed foods. Avoid fries, potato chips, and drinks full of sugar. These foods are full of carbs which turn into sugar. Most of the food on this list is common sense, such as candy, cookies, cakes, pastries, ice cream, and pizza.

Q: Do weight loss supplements affect birth control?

A: Typically the answer to this question is no. But you do need to ask your gynecologist to make sure.


Weight loss pills are a great way to help you with weight loss and sustain your weight loss. To achieve the best results, you need to add diet and exercise to your program; if you want to feel better and have more energy, try out a natural supplement to help you out.

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