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Miaroo Organic Low-Calorie Matcha Latte – Vanilla Review – The Superfood Antioxidant Powerhouse?

Organic Low-Calorie Matcha Latte – Vanilla is a beverage that claims to energize the body and enhance focus the healthy way.
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What Is Organic Low-Calorie Matcha Latte – Vanilla?

This organic matcha latte recipe is a product by Miaroo, a Japanese company that formulates organic beverages. It comes in form of matcha latte powder that can be dissolved in either hot or cold water. It is crafted using 3 key ingredients that are all organic and naturally sourced. Due to this, the latte is packed with lots of nutrients including antioxidants, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins.

Compared to famous latte recipes like the iced matcha latte starbucks, this formula is healthier as it contains low calories. Although it is healthy, it does not compromise on taste. It features deep umami flavors as per the manufacturer claims.


What Are the Benefits of Organic Low-Calorie Matcha Latte – Vanilla?

  • Rich in prebiotics that help regulate gut bacteria
  • Since it contains matcha latte caffeine, it helps kick start thermogenesis
  • Help reduce food cravings and hunger pangs
  • Has properties that provide immune system support
  • Promotes mental clarity and energy boost throughout the day


Organic Low-Calorie Matcha Latte – Vanilla Review – Facts

😊 Benefits Energy boost, fat burning, immune support, calm focus
💊 Ingredients Matcha, cane sugar, vanilla, vitamins
💰 Pricing $35.00
🏢 Company Miaroo
Miaroo Organic Low-Calorie Matcha Latte - Vanilla

Miaroo Organic Low-Calorie Matcha Latte – Vanilla. Image/Wellness Digest


What Does Organic Low-Calorie Matcha Latte – Vanilla Do?

This iced matcha latte formula contains organic ingredients that not only enhances energy levels in the body, but also improves whole body health. Matcha contains lots of antioxidants that have multiple benefits in the body. For one, they neutralize free radicals which are known to cause chronic health issues such as cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases. Other than that, matcha contains L-theanine, an essential amino acid that is associated with calming effects. These components join forces to provide users with energy and mental focus for longer periods compared to other iced matcha latte recipes.


What Are the Organic Low-Calorie Matcha Latte – Vanilla Ingredients?

Organic matcha green powder used in this formula is claimed to be 100% Japanese. It is vegan and supposedly non-addictive.

According to the Molecules journal, matcha contains four main catechins; epicatechin (EC), epicatechin-3-gallate (ECG), epigallocatechin (ECG), and epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG). These catechins give green tea its high antioxidant content.

Natural vanilla flavor extract has been used to flavor this powdered beverage. Apart from flavoring, natural vanilla is known to have lots of benefits.

Studies in the Nutrition Today journal found that vanillin and vanillic acid found in vanilla beans had the ability to inhibit the sensation of pain. They also have potential antidepressant action.

Cane Sugar
Unprocessed cane sugar is a natural sweetener used in this product. Compared to regular sugar, it is claimed to have more nutritional value.

Compared to refined sugar and brown sugar, cane sugar has low glycemic index and contains nutrients such as potassium, manganese, and selenium as per the Food Science & Nutrition journal.

Vitamin A
Vitamin A represents a group of fat-soluble vitamins that are essential for good vision, immune support, reproduction, and body growth.

According to The Journal of Infectious Diseases, vitamin A plays an essential role in the production of rhodopsin, light-sensitive chemical in the retina. Deficiency of rhodopsin causes night blindness.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E is available in various forms. However, alpha-tocopherol is the only type used in the human body. Vitamin E is important for skin, hair, eye, immune, and reproductive health.

Research studies in the Sultan Qaboos University Medical Journal declared vitamin E as an essential component in disease prevention due to its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and immune-enhancing properties.


How Do I Use Organic Low-Calorie Matcha Latte – Vanilla?

Dissolve 1 serving of the matcha latte powder into hot water (1700F), cold water, or milk depending on your preference. You can use a whisk or a frother to get the job done. Add sweetener if you like. Take this organic matcha as an alternative to the dunkin donuts matcha latte or the starbucks matcha latte recipe.


Does Organic Low-Calorie Matcha Latte – Vanilla Cause Weight Gain?

No. Instead, it may help reduce weight as it contains lower calories than the starbucks matcha latte calories. In addition, its matcha latte caffeine content may jump start the fat burning process thereby, reducing weight.


How Much is Organic Low-Calorie Matcha Latte – Vanilla and Where Can I Buy It?

This product costs $35.00 and can be bought only on the company’s official website.


What is the Return Policy for Organic Low-Calorie Matcha Latte – Vanilla?

Miaroo offers a 30-day return policy for this product. Therefore, users who are not satisfied with their purchase can return it within the stipulated time.


People Also Ask

Q: How Do I Matcha
A: When it comes to preparing matcha, there are two ways to go about it:

  • Traditional whisk method- In a mug, add 1 serving of matcha and pour hot water (1700F) to it. Whisk/stir until the matcha powder dissolves completely. Once done, you can add sweetener according to your taste.
  • Modern way to matcha- In a frother, pour water or milk and add 1 serving of matcha. Add sweetener (optional) and press twice to froth. For heated froth, press once.If you are wondering on how to make iced matcha latte, the modern way is your go to method.

Q: Is Matcha Latte Good For You?
A: Yes, going by the ingredients present in this formula, this match latte formula can be an effective energy boost and a healthy drink as well.

Q: How Are the Reviews for Organic Low-Calorie Matcha Latte – Vanilla?
A: Users are in love with this beverage as 94% of them gave it a 5 star rating. Most of these reviewers loved the taste, energy surge they experienced, and the fact that it was low on matcha latte calories.

Q: Were There Any Organic Low-Calorie Matcha Latte – Vanilla Complaints?
A: There were no complaints as such but users mentioned that the product cost was quite high. Had it been cheaper, they would be able to purchase it more frequently.

Q: Is Organic Low-Calorie Matcha Latte – Vanilla Safe to Use?
A: Yes, this product may be safe to use as it does not contain harmful ingredients. However, it should be understood that matcha contains caffeine and if taken in large quantities, it may cause adverse effects such as insomnia, jitteriness, and headaches.

Q: Is Organic Low-Calorie Matcha Latte – Vanilla Effective?
A: Considering the ingredients present in this formula, this beverage could be effective in terms of providing sustained energy, calmness, and mental clarity.

Q: Who Should Use Organic Low-Calorie Matcha Latte – Vanilla?
A: Any health enthusiast with a sweet tooth can use this product. If you love the dunkin matcha latte but want a healthier version, then this drink is crafted just for you. While there are no restrictions for this drink, it is safer to consult your doctor before placing your order if you have a chronic health condition.

Q: Who Makes Organic Low-Calorie Matcha Latte – Vanilla?
A: The company that formulates this drink is Miaroo, a Japanese company that creates healthy beverages using organic ingredients. Other products by this brand include Organic Low-Calorie Matcha Latte (Chai Tea), Organic Collagen-Infused Matcha, Organic Premium Matcha (Lemon Raspberry), Organic Premium Matcha (Original).


Final Thought

Getting a morning a boost that is both healthy and effective is a goal for every individual who is keen on enhancing their productivity. Organic Low-Calorie Matcha Latte is a beverage that promises just that. And for anyone wondering what is a matcha latte by this brand, it is simply a starbucks matcha latte but healthier.

Thanks to its versatility, you can also prepare a strawberry matcha latte with this recipe and still reap all the benefits it contains. There are other flavors you can opt for on the company’s official website only as matcha latte near me locations do not stock on this product.

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