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Over the past two decades, Wellness Digest has helped tens of millions of readers make more informed decisions involving staying healthy and living healthier lifestyles.

We extensively test each health product or service we review. We try our best to give you, our readers, unbiased exploration of at-home health options, free of marketing jargon or gimmicks. We evaluate products and services based on their adherence to quality, the latest medical evidence and health standards, and a simple question: would we buy the product or service ourselves if it weren’t part of our job, and would we recommend it to family and friends?

Additionally, like all health-related content on this website, all the review was thoroughly vetted by one or more members of our Medical Review Board for accuracy.

We do our reviews with the sole goal of letting our readers stay informed on the following:

    1. The existing and newly released products and health programs presented to maintain good health, weight management, and healthy nutrition.

    2. Products that are related or work the same way as the product in question.

    3. Different highlights of a given item or program. Here we focus on the product ingredients, product quality (which includes confirming whether the product has been tested and approved for human consumption and that it’s effective for the intended purpose).

    4. The scientific structure of all the ingredients building up the product.

    5. If there is a specific way to use or go about for the product or program to help with weight loss.

    6. If there are any scams or fraudulent activity linked to the product or program.

    7. The opinion of Wellness Digest visitors as well as other users of the same product from around the globe. (For instance, people who have posted reviews on the product on online stores like Amazon).

    8. We as well do detailed video reviews on various popular nutrition support supplements, diet fitness products, diets, and health programs.

There are many approaches to authoring, editing, and publishing reviews. However, our team of experienced writers chooses to remain outstanding by abiding by the following criteria. Note that the following is just a rundown of guidelines. Reviewers may choose to adhere to it on different levels depending on various factors. These factors include the type of product or programming the reviewer is doing as well as their research techniques.

Product Details

This entails everything about the product including its ingredients, detailed information about the product manufacturer as well as the manufacturing process. We also do offer extensive support for all possible claims linked with the product in review.

Research on The Ingredients

The purity and effectiveness of any supplement are entirely dependent on the ingredients used. We believe that revealing the details of these ingredients is essential in clearing any doubts about the product. We do extensive research to make sure that all the claims made by the company on the product are valid.

To make sure that our research is fruitful, we rely on certified and approved sources like the National Library of Medicine As well as prominent health institutes like Searches of MEDLINE, Health and clinical research studies conducted in various National Institutes of Health, and many other reliable sources from all over the world.

Popular sites like Food and Drug Administration, Google scholar, and Nutrition.gov have always been of great help to our research team in their search for reliable information on the products.

All scientific research focused on weight trimming products is entitled to adhere to a certain chain of command following the proof and quality they give. Subsequently, in our research on the ingredients, we lookout for the “Gold Standard “of studies, which is the RDBPC (Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study on human race which at length supports the claims made by the company on the product under review.

Expected Side Effects

Mark you, we don’t just review the specific supplement. Our ultimate goal is to do thorough research on the product ingredients, noting down the respective amounts of each ingredient to figure out the possible side effects linked to the usage of the supplement.

Company Analysis

Our readers need to gain full trust over the product. Mark you, people do not buy products, they look out for reputable and well-rated products and companies to buy from. This is the sole reason why the company analysis is essential in every health supplement review.

To get a clear understanding of the company behind a specific supplement, we trace back its history as well as that of the product. We watch out for any of its ratings by agencies like the Business Bureau. In case the company or the product has been rated, we analyze the reviews identifying the number of positive, neutral, and negative reviews. In addition, we look out for customer complaints about the product.

The above information can be accessed on the company’s social media profiles, the company’s website, client forums, and many other reliable sources on the internet.

A Comprehensive Approach

For effective results of the supplements, a comprehensive approach is essential. Considering this, In light of this, we examine whether the organization asserts explicitly that diet and exercise are essential components of any effective health-improvement strategy. Then we look to determine if the program or item incorporates crucial components of weight trimming and keeping it off, such as support practices and a healthy eating plan. Therefore, we prefer reviewing health products and programs when they highlight features like:

  • Accessible meal planning that is healthy and customized. Should be able to provide grocery shopping lists and easy-to-follow recipe directions for each meal.
  • Good and On-demand exercise videos created by certified trainers. It will be better if the videos are customizable.
  • Should include a library of strategies and techniques (in textual or graphical format) that are tailored to promote long-term results.

Customer Experience

The customer experience should reflect what the product claims to deliver. What are users’ opinions on their experiences? We don’t just rate things as good, poor, or neutral when it comes to customer service. We look at a wide range of reviews and provide recommendations based on our findings.

Engaging Experts

It always sends a sign of trustworthiness and reliability to the customers when the company has worked with certified nutritionists, Dietitians as well as medical physicians in developing their product or program.

Customer Success Stories

Companies that provide customer success stories to illustrate the effectiveness of their product or system are favored by our evaluators. Most customers go a step ahead and make short videos of them before and after using the product.


Giving readers information on the price of the product comes in quite essential. Our reviewers try as much as possible to give the relative cost of the supplement under review and also give a cost comparison between the product and the competitors.

A Refund/Return Policy

Is there a clear return/refund policy if a consumer does not receive what they expected with a product? From the time of purchase, how long does it take for the policy effectiveness to expire? What will the consumer be responsible for if the goods are returned?

Our reviewers are always on their toes and careful not to fall off the guidelines mentioned above. However, our researchers are entirely unpredictable. They often get out of the process. Their adherence to the guidelines greatly depends on the remarkable aspects of every product.

It ought to be noticed that all perspectives communicated on this site are simply our own. For more details, get in touch with our medical disclaimer
If you are interested in contributing some information to our site, feel free to contact us. We might consider your opinion the next time we will be researching our articles and reviews.

Our Article References

It’s our culture to have at least ten references per piece. These sources are thoroughly evaluated to ensure that they are accurate and that they correspond with the context. Our reviewers make sure they include quotes from different interviewees (e.g., Nutritionists and Diet Specialists).

If you need to view the team behind our outstanding work, simply click on the About Us button. Most of our articles incorporate a couple of in-text citations. Note that these citations are hyperlinked and will direct readers to an external page upon clicking. These external sources are our sources.

Throughout our product reviews specifically, we’ve fostered a process dependent on assessing clinical exploration, client remarks, and other openly accessible data. We join this with our well-qualified assessment. It ought to be noticed that all perspectives communicated on this site are our own or those of the specialists we approach for statements, examination, and substance creation. Kindly get in touch with our clinical disclaimer for more data.

Our team of well-experienced experts makes progress toward precision, yet now and then we miss things-and we love it when our readers help us rectify these minor errors. The most straightforward approach to present a rectification is to just leave a comment, just below the article you are reading. However, if that doesn’t suit you well, you can as well Contact Us anytime.

Editors Rating

Our group of specialists fostered an outstanding rating framework to assist you with contrasting comparable products. The objective of the manager’s rating is to make consistency and reasonableness between items so you can undoubtedly compare them on significant factors.

Dietary Enhancements Rating Strategy

In the first place, it’s indispensable to know whether any of the cases made by the items are upheld by solid clinical proof, so we began with an assessment of the information.

Supplement safety is likewise of basic significance and, even though we can’t vouch for the making processes of the multitude of brands we survey, we can assess the potential for results of the ingredients used.

With every supplement purchase, you are investing in your wellbeing, so we need you to feel good when choosing if your venture is worth the resources. The incentive at the cost attempts to find some kind of harmony between supplement viability and cost.

In conclusion, brand transparency helps you assess if the brand is dependable with its claims. Here we assess return policies, outsider testing, and how simple it is for buyers to report an issue with the item.

5 -stars 4 – stars 3-stars 2-stars 1-star
Support for claims The claims are evidence supported. All ingredients are study backed, with a trial report 75% of the claims are evidence backed by the ingredient’s lab tested Half of the ingredients and the claims or less are study-backed. With relatively weak evidence No reports on human tests. Tested on animals or lab reports No shared evidence at all
Ingredient safety Low risk to have any serious side effects Low risk of unwanted effects on most healthy people Less than 2 notable side effects Have notable side effects Most healthy people experience major side effects
Brand Transparency Coincides with all criteria: shares all the ingredients, has contact info, the third party tested, good return policy Meets most rating criteria aspects but misses one Misses at least two transparency points, i.e not FDA reviewed or GMP compliant No clear contact info, no clear official website, no return policy info, no clear list of ingredients No test report shared, no return policy, no way to contact, no official website, and more…
Value for the price Good value products and notably worth the price Worth it, but seemingly high price Could be worth it, relatively priced well but not clear reason why Probably not enough value for the price, Too expensive and low value

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