VigRX Nitric Oxide Support Reviews: Does It Really Work?

VigRX Nitric Oxide Support is a supplement with clinically proven ingredients to enhance and improve sexual performance.

What is VigRX Nitric Oxide Support?

Nitric oxide (N.O.) is a molecule that occurs naturally in your body. It helps keep your blood flowing smoothly, and it also helps protect your cells from damage. Nitric oxide is produced in the lining of your blood vessels. Amino acids (the building blocks of proteins) are what make up nitric oxide, and it’s released during digestion.

Nitric oxide is a chemical that helps in the transmission of signals between cells in the body. It is also responsible for widening blood vessels and increasing blood flow, which makes it essential for sexual health. That’s the kind of benefits you can get with VigRX Nitric Oxide Support.[1]

As we age, our nitric oxide levels drop. Nitric oxide plays an important role in the cardiovascular system. It helps to relax blood vessels and increase blood flow. It also stimulates the release of growth hormones and helps with muscle building.

VigRX Nitric Oxide Support

VigRX Nitric Oxide Support – Image/Wellness Digest

As nitric oxide levels decrease, you’ll notice that your skin becomes less elastic, and more wrinkles develop. Your bones will thin out and become brittle and fragile, making them more susceptible to fractures. Your arteries will become harder and narrower, which increases your risk for heart disease and stroke. On the other hand taking Nitric Oxide improves blood circulation, which is great for your heart and arteries.

VigRX Nitric Oxide will help you feel high on energy levels with an increase drive in the bedroom than ever before.

In addition, decreased levels of nitric oxide may lead to erectile dysfunction in men by preventing the smooth flow of blood into the penis during sexual arousal.

Highlights, Pros & Cons of Nitric Oxide Support

VigRX Nitric Oxide Support

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  • Leading Edge Health is renowned for its innovative approach to health and wellness.
  • 67 days money back guarantee for even the empty bottle.
  • They offers a wide range of products designed to improve quality of life.
  • Leading Edge Health prides itself on developing supplements and products that are backed by scientific research and clinical studies.

All the process mentioned on their websites are subject to change.

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  • It may help boost nitric oxide levels, improving blood circulation and supporting erectile function.
  • May enhance sexual stamina, endurance, and performance by increasing blood flow to the genital area.
  • Improves energy and vitality, which can contribute to better overall physical performance.
  • By improving blood circulation, it may also support cardiovascular health and overall well-being.
  • The effectiveness of the supplement can vary from person to person.
  • It can be relatively expensive compared to other supplements.

VigRX Nitric Oxide Support – Key Facts

Benefits Increases Energy Levels, Boosts Stamina, Surging Sexual Desire, and Improves Erection Strength.
Ingredients L-Arginine, L-Citrulline
Age Group Adults
Form Capsules
Gender Male
  • 1 Bottle – $59.95
  • 3 Bottles – $159.95
  • 6 Bottles – $299.95
  • Company Leading Edge Health

    Who is the Manufacturer of VigRX Nitric Oxide Support

    VigRX Nitric Oxide Support is one of the Leading Edge Health products. Leading Edge Health is a company located in Victoria, BC they sell many supplements through They manufacture all of their products in GMP certified facilities in the USA and use high-quality ethically sourced ingredients.

    How Does VigRX Nitric Oxide Support Work?

    VigRX Nitric Oxide Support is a supplement that helps increase blood flow to the penis, which can lead to more intense and longer-lasting erections.

    The active ingredient in VigRX Nitric Oxide Support is arginine, which is an amino acid that the body uses to make nitric oxide. Nitric oxide acts on the blood vessels, causing them to relax and widen. This makes it easier for blood to flow into the penis and even allows it to fill with more blood than usual.

    When you have a harder erection, you have more control over it. You can maintain your erection for longer periods of time, and you won’t lose your erection as quickly during sexual activity.

    What are the Ingredients in VigRX Nitric Oxide Support?


    L-Arginine is an amino acid that is a precursor to nitric oxide, which helps improve blood flow. In addition to its role in promoting blood flow, L-arginine can help support healthy levels of testosterone production by keeping the pituitary gland’s hormone production at optimal levels.[2]


    The male reproductive system is a complex and delicate system. Male sexual health is a sensitive topic that requires special attention, as many men are hesitant to discuss sexual issues with their doctors.

    One of the most important aspects of male sexual health is the production of nitric oxide (NO). L-Citrulline can help boost NO levels in the body, which can help improve erectile function in men.[3]

    Benefits, & Safety of VigRX Nitric Oxide Support

    Benefits of Nitric Oxide Support

    • Enhanced Blood Flow: VigRX Nitric Oxide Support is designed to improve blood circulation, which can lead to better cardiovascular health and enhanced physical performance.
    • Improved Erectile Function: By increasing nitric oxide levels, this supplement may help improve erectile function, leading to stronger and longer-lasting erections.
    • Increased Energy Levels: Many users report feeling more energetic and less fatigued, which can enhance overall vitality and performance.
    • Support for Muscle Growth: Improved blood flow can help deliver more nutrients and oxygen to muscles, supporting muscle growth and recovery.
    • Boosted Libido: The supplement may also enhance sexual desire and performance by improving blood flow to the genital area.

    Safety of Nitric Oxide Support

    • Generally Safe: The product is considered safe for most individuals when taken as directed.
    • Natural Formula: The use of natural ingredients reduces the risk of severe side effects.

    Potential Side Effects of Nitric Oxide Support

    • Mild Digestive Issues: Some users may experience minor gastrointestinal discomfort, such as nausea or upset stomach.
    • Headaches: A few individuals might experience headaches due to increased blood flow and nitric oxide levels.
    • Allergic Reactions: People with allergies to any ingredients in the supplement should review the label carefully to avoid allergic reactions.
    • Blood Pressure Fluctuations: As nitric oxide can affect blood pressure, individuals with blood pressure concerns should consult with a healthcare provider before using the supplement.

    What Do the Reviews Say?

    • VigRX Nitric Oxide Support has made a noticeable difference in my stamina and energy levels. I feel more vibrant and my performance in bed has definitely improved. Highly recommend giving it a try!– Jonathan

    • I’ve been using VigRX Nitric Oxide Support for a few weeks now and I’ve seen a significant improvement in my blood flow and overall energy. The natural ingredients make me feel good about taking it daily.–Samuel

    • This product has exceeded my expectations. I’ve noticed better circulation and it’s made a positive impact on my sexual health. The only downside is that it takes a little time to see full results, but it’s worth the wait.–Calix

    VigRX Nitric Oxide Support Reviews – Conclusion

    VigRX Nitric Oxide Support claims to widen blood vessels, lower blood pressure and improve your sexual performance. The two active ingredients that VigRX N.O. contains have clinical studies to back up their claims.

    Given who the manufacturer is and the return policy, there is no reason you shouldn’t give this supplement a try. As with any supplements, please talk to your health care provider before trying them.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How long does it take to see results?
    A: You should notice an improvement within a week of taking this supplement. You should start seeing the full results in 30-60 days.
    Q: How do I take VigRX Nitric Oxide Support?
    A: You should take 3 capsules in the morning with a glass of water.
    Q: Are there any negative side effects?
    A: As of now, there are no known negative side effects. However, if you are taking any prescription medications, you should talk to your health care provider before taking VigRX Nitric Oxide Support.
    Q: What is the cost of VigRX Nitric Oxide Support?
    A: 1 Bottle $59.95
    3 Bottles $159.95
    6 Bottles $299.95
    12 Bottles $549.95
    Q: What is VigRX Nitric Oxide Support Refund Policy?
    A: This supplement comes with a 67-day money-back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, simply return unused or empty bottles for a refund.

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