1MD PrebioMD Reviews: Does This Advanced Restorative Prebiotic Work?

PrebioMD is a prebiotic supplement designed by doctors with a formula created to boost digestive system function and render a healthy immune and digestive response.
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What is PrebioMD?

PrebioMd is a prebiotic supplement designed by doctors with a specific formula created to boost digestive system function and render a healthy immune and digestive response. This doctor-formulated remedy contains potent prebiotics, put together based on scientific breakthroughs and findings.

What makes a supplement like Prebiomd™ necessary is the importance of gut health and its effectiveness on body wellness overall. This dietary supplement provides nourishment that guarantees gut health by rebalancing the digestive microbiome. With a healthy and functional gut comes strong nutrient absorption, which can completely change the course of your life:

PrebioMD 1MD advanced prebiotic supplement offers:
  • A wide range of gut nourishment
  • Balance digestive microflora
  • Better digestion, nutrient absorption & immunity
PrebioMD 1MD Review

PrebioMD 1MD Review – Image/Wellness Digest

About The Brand

Prebiomd™ is a product of the 1MD Nutrition brand, a company in the US that proudly works on non-GMO productions. Their manufacturing is in a GMP-certified facility. On their official website, they introduced several board-certified doctors in the field of medicine, including cardiology, rheumatology, allergy & immunology, urology, and gastroenterology.

Each 1MD Nutrition is related to one of its researchers; for example, Dr. David Kahana is a physician and a gastroenterologist (digestive health specialist) with years of experience formulating PrebionMD. Their other famous products include BiomeMD, EnzymeMD, LiverMD, CurcuminDM, BalanceMD, Complete Probiotics Platinum, etc.

How Does It Rate?




4.9/5Customer Reviews


Brand Highlights

  • A Dr-Formulate Supplement for Gut Health
  • Packed With Prebiotics That Balance Digestive Microflora
  • Supports Healthy Digestion, Absorption & Immunity
  • Non-GMO & Made in A GMP Facility in the US
  • It Has a (90-Day) Money-Back Guarantee

Key Features

  • PreforPro prebiotic (LHO1-Myoviridae
  • LL5-Siphoviridae
  • T4D-Myoviridae
  • LL12-Myoviridae)
  • Xylo-oligosaccharides (XOS)
  • galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS)


  • A Dr-formulate supplement that supports digestive microflora balance with potent prebiotics
  • It promises healthy digestion, nutrient absorption & immunity
  • Manufacturing is safe and non-GMO, and products are made in a US GMP facility.
  • It Has a (90-Day) Money-Back Guarantee.
  • The website is very informative, with bulk and subscribe discounts, offers & free shipments.
  • The website has customer ratings, and 98% of its customers have recommended this product (4.9/5).


  • You can only order this product online
  • Takers show mixed results depending on their body conditions.
Overall Rating:4.8/ 5

PrebioMD Supplement – Key Facts

Benefits It is packed with prebiotics and has potent gut nourishment that balances digestive microflora, renders better digestion, nutrient absorption & immunity, and can control weight.
Ingredients Silica, Vegetable oil powder, Vegetable cellulose capsule
Discounts Based on website information, if you subscribe to the official website, you can save up to 65%, plus take advantage of free US shipping on all orders, plus other membership benefits. Also, for non-members, different packages with different discounts (0%-18%-35%) are available.
Company 1MD Nutrition
Age Group Adults
Form Capsules
Gender Unisex

What are the Ingredients in PrebioMD?

Here are the key ingredients inside PrebioMD 1MD:


PreforPro is a prebiotic made from a groundbreaking bacteriophage blend that creates an environment that ensures healthy probiotic bacteria survive and thrive in your digestive system.

These prebiotics can balance your gut bacteria, and consumers and practitioners use them increasingly to decrease gastrointestinal (GI) distress and boost gut function. Studies showed their combination can rectify gut ecology and improve GI benefits.

Another supplement study by Grubb and her colleagues confirmed a more considerable increase in short-chain fatty acid-producing microbial of participants taking PreforPro compared to the placebo group.


Xylo-oligosaccharides (XOS) is a type of plant-derived fiber considered to have great prebiotic potential. These non-digestible components can regulate intestinal microorganisms, improve health overall, and even have a positive on bone structure.

Shyh-Hsiang Lin’s study concluded how the XOS supports digestive health and Xylo-oligosaccharides incorporated into food improved intestinal microbiota balance.


Galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) is another vital prebiotic in this formula resembling oligosaccharides in human milk. Several clinical studies demonstrated the use of GOS against adults and elderly constipation. There have been various research trying to determine the GOS mechanism.

As the National Library of Medicine has published, GOS might improve lipid metabolism, and impact GOS may improve lipid metabolism if used long-term. These results further proved the importance of GOS prebiotic supplementation against diseases.

How Does PrebioMD Work?

A healthy gut needs the correct amount of beneficial microbes to work smoothly. Therefore, to create that balance, proper nourishment helps a lot. Your digestive system works well when it is microflora is balanced, and the Prebiomd™ supplement made of a sufficient amount of prebiotics acts as food for your gut’s beneficial bacteria.

In this process, potent bacteria strains find a ground to thrive, while destructive and harmful bacteria are left deprived of food and get eliminated. This is the healthy environment you want for your digestive system, which further benefits food absorption, energizes your body, and helps with weight control as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I take PrebioMD™ with other supplements?

A: PrebioMD 1MD has powerful prebiotics, therefore it goes well with other products made by 1MD Nutrition, according to the manufacturer, but it is imperative to consult with your doctor before taking any supplement, especially when you are planning to take more than one type.

Q: Who should take PrebioMD?

A: PrebioMD is a gut microflora nourishment with health benefits for everyone, and even if your digestive system works adequately, you can still improve it using prebiotics. People with digestive issues such as bloating, indigestion, gas, etc., can benefit from this product the most and expect impressive long-term results.

Q: How should I take these capsules?

A: The manufacturer recommended PrebioMD dosage is one capsule daily for adults, preferably with a rich fiber meal. You are also advised to seek a healthcare practitioner’s opinion before taking supplements.

Q: Is PrebioMD have any return policy?

A: 1MD Nutrition brand offers a 90-day money-back guarantee. According to their official website, clients can use this return policy and return the product if they are unsatisfied within the first 90 days of their order.

Q: Does 1MD Nutrition offer a free trial for this item?

A: There is no information on the brand’s website regarding any free trial for customers. However, the 90-day return policy is a proper alternative, and people can use it as a free test for the product.

What Do The Reviews Say?

  • I purchased PrebioMD straight from their website with such a reasonable price and took it for my always upset stomach. I say it is really fantastic and helped me a lot.
    – Kate
  • It is not the first product I tried from this brand, and it definitely won’t be the last. I’m certainly happy with it. It not only helped me get rid of bloating and gas but also made me much more robust.
    – George
  • Best prebiotics ever! And they are helping me a lot.
    – Linda
  • I just started taking these capsules, and I’m not yet ready for a verdict, but I already feel a positive change in my bowel movement.
    – Joseph
  • I wasn’t familiar with the concept of prebiotics at first and honestly didn’t believe in them until I saw my friends and how it affects their lives; now, I’m a big fan and take them daily. I even convinced my husband, and while he didn’t have any stomach issues, he feels much better now.
    – Kristine
  • I had terrible digestion experiences and even had some diets to improve my situation, but nothing worked. Until I found these pills and took them with fibers, they’re actually excellent. I recommend people with similar issues give it a try.
    – Marshal
  • I like that they credited their product through actual doctors and explained how it works so elegantly on their website. I’m hooked and ready to try it!
    – Samantha

How to Order PrebioMD

PrebioMD is one of many products available on 1MD Nutrition’s official website. This dietary supplement is also provided by other online famous retailers like Walmart and Amazon, but the safest and cheapest offers can be found on the brand’s website. On the manufacturer’s website, you can get many benefits like subscription & bulk discounts, free shipping, and refund policy options.

Each PrebioMD 1MD bottle contains 30 capsules; if you purchase in bulk (three or six bottles), you can save money too. Here are the packages offered on the 1MD Nutrition website:

One-time purchase (up to 35% Off):
  • (One Bottle) $39.99 (0% off)
  • (Three Bottles/Best Seller) $32.99/each (you save $21) (18% off)
  • (Six Bottles/Best Value) $25.99/each (you save $84) (35% off)
Subscribe and save (Up to 65% off):
  • (One Bottle) $27.99 (you save $12) (30% off)
  • (Three Bottles/Best Seller) $.19.99/each (you save $60) (50% off)
  • (Six Bottles/Best Value) $13.99/each (you save $156) (65% off)
1MD Nutrition Customer Service Contact Info:

Phone number: (888) 393-4030
Email: [email protected]
Business Hours:
Monday-Friday 5 AM to 6 PM PST
Saturday 7 AM to 4 PM PST / Sunday 7 AM to 11:30 AM PST

How Does It Compare to Other Similar Products?

Multi-GI 5 Bio Complete 3 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum
Product Highlights

  • It can give you increased energy.
  • The product supports healthy digestion.
  • reduces the symptoms of bloating and gas.
  • It helps with weight management.
  • can strengthen the immune system.


  • There is only one flavor option, which is strawberry lemonade.
  • side effects like stomach upset for a couple of days.
  • The results will vary for different customers.
Product Highlights

  • The product can help you maintain a slimmer waistline.
  • It can improve daily energy levels.
  • supports smoother digestion.
  • It can reduce cravings for junk food.
  • The supplement can reduce bloating.


  • The results will vary for different individuals.
  • You have to take 4 capsules daily.
  • They could add additional ingredients.
Product Highlights

  • The product promotes optimal digestive health.
  • Complete Probiotics Platinum can strengthen the immune system.
  • It promotes ideal microbial balance in the gut.
  • Complete Probiotics Platinum can support healthy bowel movements.
  • It can improve nutrient digestion and absorption.


  • High demand sometimes leads to low stock.
  • Different users will have different results.
  • It takes a couple of months for full results.


The best thing about PrebioMD is the positive reputation created by board-certified doctors. This Dr-formulated blend of prebiotics helps your digestive system, and many PrebioMD 1MD reviews and feedback on different websites, especially online retailers, are basically positive.

The brand is famous for being safe and hygienic, and the fact that they manufacture their product inside the US, in a GMP facility, free of GMOs, eliminates many concerns. Not to mention, prices are reasonable compared to many similar products in the market, and you get to save up to 65% by membership + buying in bulk. Overall, if you want a healthy stomach and get rid of uncomfortable digestive issues, taking PrebioMD™ is one way to go.

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