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Pre-workout supplements are designed to provide you with numerous bodies building related benefits. They cause rapid muscle mass gain, strength gain, rapid muscle recovery, fat burning, weight loss support, healthy metabolism, and immune function.

This line of supplements are often used by athletes as well as anybody who want to build up their muscle mass and strength, so that they can improve their overall performance during workouts at the gym.

Best Choice
Max Gains

Max Gains

  • Enhance gym performance
  • Helps improve muscles size and mass
  • Help you build endurance
  • Fast results
Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer

Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer

  • Boost energy
  • Help build endurance
  • Helps you build muscles progressively
  • Improves overall immunity
CrazyBulk Trenorol

CrazyBulk Trenorol

  • Improves speed of muscle gain
  • Purely natural
  • Reduces inflammation and body pains
  • Helps muscle recovery


About Pre-Workout Supplements

Some lifestyles can prevent the body from building up the required muscle mass, and this might affect the quality of your workouts. To be able to effectively endure long and intensive workouts, you need to have well built-up muscles. Therefore, muscle mass and strength are two of the key things that will determine your performance at the gym. (source)

It is unfortunate that most people’s lifestyles do not support muscle mass growth and strength. That’s why using the best pre-workout supplements for muscle gain is highly recommended in order to boost the quality of workouts and also improve recovery time after working out at the gym.

There are many cutting supplements that intent to promote pre-workout activities. Now with the best pre-workout pump supplement, they help users boost their body’s self-rejuvenating function and improve muscle strength. This in other words helps nurse your endurance during workouts, beside promoting quick body tissue recovery for a much build body.

The good thing about pre-workout supplements is that they are formulated to support your body’s overall performance without causing serious side-effects. However, just like any other supplements, it is good to consult your doctor before adding a pre-workout supplement to your regimen. (source)

If you are here because you are looking for a pre-workout supplement to help you increase energy, build muscle strength and mass in order to improve your workouts, then you are in the right place. Here, we have selected for you some of the best pre-workout supplements of 2022, and we will take you through each one of them, stating the ingredient composition, pros and cons of each supplement.


Best Pre-Workout Supplements 2022

    • Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer – Best For Muscle Gain
    • BlackWolf Pre-Workout – Best Pre-Workout Supplement For Beginners
    • Juiced Upp Thermo Tone – Best Appetite Suppressant
    • CrazyBulk Trenorol – Best For Supporting Muscle Strength
    • D.Bal.Max – Best For Improved Energy Levels and Protein Synthesis
    • Max Gains – Best Improving Physique in Both Male and Female Users

1. Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer

Review Summary

Crazy Nutrition’s Mass Gainer actively promotes gym performance and muscle development. The supplement is rich in healthy carbs and protein that do not cause spikes in sugar levels. This allows you to quickly gain muscle mass safely. Notably, also, it is completely free from fillers, meaning, it safe for long-term use.

Besides, it is rich in DigeZyme, a component that supports healthy digestion. As of now, this mass gainer is among the best supplement. It is powered by special proteins and researched ingredients, plus it clears the worry of gas accumulation and bloating. In addition, it features AstraGin, which improves the absorption of key nutrients that support muscle gain.


  • Boosts performance
  • It is packed with healthy low carbs
  • Supports muscle gain
  • Uses purely natural ingredients


  • Can only be ordered online through the official website


  • High-quality ingredients
  • Fast results
  • Natural appetite-suppressant
  • No allergens

About the Brand

Crazy Nutrition is supplied and manufactured by WOLFSON BRANDS (UK) LIMITED, a trusted name that takes pride in leading the supplements industry for over a decade.


Key Facts

Ingredients gluten-free oat flour, pea starch, sweet potato flour, and flaxseed powder
Discounts 60-day, 100% Money Back Guarantee
Company Crazy Nutrition


Astragalus Root Extract

This is a native Chinese herb and for many years it has been praised because of its medicinal benefits. It particularly helps lower sugar levels in the blood as well as boost sugar metabolism, leading to continuous weight loss.

Some studies agree that Astragalus membranous extract actively enhances biological activities that support the anti-oxidation function. It promotes autophagy functions like anti-inflammation and pain management functions. Besides, it helps elevate and preserve energy.

Creatine Monohydrate

There is a reason why effective sports supplements feature Creatine Monohydrate among their key ingredients. For one, it is well studied for supporting muscle health, and second, studies say it is ideal for an active lifestyle as mentioned in our Crazy Nutrition Maas Gainer.

In the Journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition Creatine Monohydrate was seen to promote muscle morphology, improve strength and lengthen endurance time during training. It is also safe because it is fat-free.

How Mass Gainer Works

Mass Gainer is a fast-acting meal replacement formula that satisfies the sweet tooth and curbs the obnoxious cravings.

2. Juiced Upp Thermo Tone

Review Summary

Thermo Tone is a weight loss supplement in the category of pre-workout supplements designed to help you manage weight loss effectively. It works by cutting body fat as it preserves lean muscle mass.

The supplement has also been found to be a good appetite suppressant, enabling you to control your calorie intake. It can also help to fuel your workouts. The other benefit is the support for immune system function.


  • Good appetite suppressant
  • Enabling you to control your calorie intake
  • It can also help to fuel your workouts
  • It support for immune system function


  • It is only available on their official website


  • Affordable
  • No additives
  • No sour taste

About the Brand

Juiced Upp was born when their founders spent a lot of time working alongside each other to find the best, most natural steroid alternatives.


Key Facts

Ingredients Chromium, Green Tea
Discounts Buy 2 Get 3rd Item Free on All Products | Free US Shipping on All Orders Over $100
Company Juiced Upp



Chromium is a chemical element known to have an impact on lipid metabolism and can also help balance glucose and blood sugar levels. It has also been found to reduce fat and boost lean body mass.

According to the Cochrane Databases System Review, Chromium has shown the ability to effectively reduce body weight in obese patients.

Green Tea

Green tea is said to speed up the metabolism rate, which in turn speeds up body fat burn and weight loss. It has also been found to increase energy levels and contains polyphenol substances known for their ability to boost the immune system.

According to the International Journal of Obesity, green tea has shown an impact on body fat burn and weight loss management.

3. Max Gains

Review Summary

Max Gains is a natural steroid developed to help both male and female athletes build strong muscles and improve their physique. The supplement has been reported to help users gain muscle mass and increase body strength and performance. The Max Gains supplement is manufactured using natural ingredients in a GMP-approved facility.


  • Max Gains may help boost workout quality
  • The product gives fast and effective results
  • The supplement is manufactured using all-natural ingredients


  • You have to take the supplement each time you want to workout


  • Supports energy and focus
  • Supports natural thermogenesis
  • Supports performance
  • Supports high-powered workouts

About the Brand

Max Gains was founded in the pursuit of creating safe, effective, legal performance enhancing products that can be enjoyed by anyone who is serious about improving their physique, strength, training, and results.


Key Facts

Ingredients Anadroxin, Venabol
Discounts Buy 2 Get the 3rd Free, Free shipping in USA on orders over $100
Company Max Gains

Max Gains Ingredients

1. Anadroxin

Anadroxin is a substance extracted from Tribulus terrestris extract that has exhibited the ability to increase muscle mass and strength naturally.

According to the Journal of Human Kinetics, Anadroxin is a potent ingredient that can be used to support an athlete’s performance. Study on the effects of chlorogenic acid on weight loss.

2. Venabol

Venabol is said to help with recovery after exercising. According to the Journal of the International Society of Sports and Science, Venabol contains substances like L-arginine known to increase the flow of blood in the muscle tissue. It can also improve the soreness of muscles and reduce fatigue. It also contains niacin, a substance best known for promoting muscle strength.

4. CrazyBulk Winsol

Review Summary

CrazyBulk Winsol is a line of products that produces a number of bodybuilding supplements free of illegal steroids and uses natural ingredients. It is said to stimulate and upsurge muscle mass. It is said to contain steroids for building muscle strength and bulking.


  • The supplement builds muscle faster; three times above the normal rate of bodybuilding products
  • Comes with a free training nutrition guide
  • It is a safe compared to other alternative anabolic steroids


  • Contains ingredients likely to interact with some medication


  • Promotes unbelievable fat loss results.
  • Helps recover torn muscles within short spans.
  • Increases the production of HGH.

About the Brand

VitaBalance is a well-known health brand that produces more than 35 nutritional supplements, including Green Coffee Plus. All their brands are made in the USA within GMP and FDA-registered facilities.


Key Facts

Ingredients Green Coffee Bean, Green Coffee Antioxidant
Discounts Buy three bottles and get one free
Company VitaBalance

Winsol Ingredients

1. Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus terrestris is a potent plant derived from a Mediterranean extract known to enhance athletic performance. A research study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research has shown that supplementation of Tribulus terrestris can significantly increase muscle mass and strength during training.

2. L-Isoleucine

L-isoleucine is an essential amino acid that the body cannot produce on its own, necessitating supplementation. The ingredient is said to support muscle building. It can also be used to reduce muscle soreness and fatigue after training.

According to the Journal of Sports Medicine, supplementation of L-isoleucine has been shown to increase strength and support a high level of performance among those participating in intensive training.

How to Order Winsol

Winsol can only be purchased directly from the official Crazy Bulk store.

5. BlackWolf Pre-Workout

Review Summary

BlackWolf Pre Workout not only improves your pre-workout experience but also makes it easy for you to extend your workout sessions. The organic energy drink ups your endurance leading to the active building of lean muscle mass.

Besides, this supplement enhances mental focus as well as offers other cognitive benefits, making you more productive in your daily tasks. Its positive effect on testosterone levels also helps increase sexual function, and in particular libido in men.


  • It supports active weight loss
  • Boosts muscle mass
  • Elevates sexual performance
  • Contains safe ingredients
  • Improves mental focus


  • A wider range of flavors would be better
  • Results may vary from one user to the other


  • Fast Acting
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Melts away stubborn fat

About the Brand

BlackWolf fires you up for your workout in all the ways you want it to, and none of the ways you don’t. No jitters, no itches and no bad come down.


Key Facts

Ingredients L-Citrulline Malate 6000mg, Beta-Alanine 3200mg, Creatine Monohydrate 3000mg
Discounts Free shipping on all orders to USA.
Company BlackWolf


Caffeine Anhydrous

This ingredient has muscle stimulating properties which makes it ideal for sports drinks. As such it elevates your pre-workout energy levels, making you last longer. In other words, Caffeine Anhydrous is stronger and more effective compared to regular coffee, besides, it helps you burn more calories.

It is ideal for weight loss according to the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. This is courtesy of the fact that caffeine actively supported performance during an experimental resistance training exercise.


This ingredient is prevalent in foods like meat and liver. It is an amino acid that is processed in the liver, and its primary function is to increase physical activity whenever the need arises. In this case, it alerts the body to avail more energy for your pre-workout exercise, thereby supporting weight loss.

It is packed with a component called beta-alanine which some studies agree that it increases muscle power, endurance during training, and strength.

How BlackWolf Pre-Workout Works

Black Wolf pre-workout will take care of your energy rush, concentration, and stimulation to deliver maximum sports performance.

6. D.Bal.Max

Review Summary

D Bal Max is a legitimate supplement manufactured by a reputable company that has been in existence for close to 40 years. The company is known for producing legal steroid supplements that don’t cause side effects on the user.


  • It helps to build muscle mass and strength
  • It works to reduce muscle soreness
  • It increases performance during intensive workouts by providing your body with extra energy


  • The product is only available for purchase online


  • Maximum Muscle
  • Maximum Performance
  • Maximum Strength
  • Rapid results

About the Brand

D.Bal.MAX is supplied and manufactured by a trusted name that takes pride in leading the supplements industry for over a decade.


Key Facts

Ingredients 20-Hydroxyecdysterone, Whey Protein Complex
Discounts Get 20% off using the code SALE20
Company D.Bal.MAX

D.Bal.MAX Ingredients

1. 20-Hydroxyecdysterone

20-Hydorxyecdysterone is a hormone that occurs naturally in the body. It is said to be a potent muscle-building agent that can help, increase energy levels, reduce fatigue, and boost protein synthesis.

According to a study in the Journal Biology of Sports, intake of this ingredient can support recovery and also prolong exercise performance.

2. Whey Protein Complex

Whey Protein Complex is present in dairy products and is a rich source of protein-building amino acids. It is said to support greater muscle mass, size, and strength. It has also been found to improve athletic performance and help with muscle recovery.

According to the Journal of Nutrients, supplementation of Whey Protein Complex can boost the body’s protein levels, which aims at boosting exercise recovery.

How CrazyBulk Anadrole works

D-Bal MAX is a bodybuilding supplement that uses plant steroids, whey protein, and BCAAs to replicate the effects of Dianabol.

How to Order Anadrole

D-Bal Max is a bodybuilding supplement that is designed and manufactured by U.K.-based Wolfson brands and sold through the

7. CrazyBulk Trenorol

Review Summary

It comprises a wide range of bodybuilding supplements manufactured using natural ingredients. This line specializes in the production of 100% natural supplements from legal and safe ingredients.

The supplements from this brand are purely legal steroids known to support muscle strength, bulking, muscle mass increase, cutting, and energy upsurge.


  • Helps with faster building of muscles
  • Has enticing package deals
  • Comes with a free expert nutrition and training guide


  • The supplements are likely to cause some side effects


  • Made of natural ingredients
  • Guaranteed results in 30 days
  • Ideal for bulking and cutting phase

About the Brand

Trenorol is one of the many best metabolism boosters produced by the CrazyBulk Company. The Company is located in the United States, where it produces quality supplements under strict GMP guidelines. It uses scientifically proven ingredients that help in muscle building and fat metabolism.


Key Facts

Ingredients Beta-Sitosterol, Samento Inner Bark, Pepsin, Nettle Leaf Extract
Discounts Save $15.00, Free shipping
Company CrazyBulk

CrazyBulk Trenerol Ingredients

1. SMS

Methylsulfonylmenthane, popularly known as SMS, is an ingredient in health supplements meant for relieving pain and swelling.

According to Nutrients, they have found out that SMS is a potent anti-inflammatory agent. It can, therefore, be used to improve inflammation, muscle and joint pain, antioxidant capacity, and oxidative stress.

2. Suma Root

Suma root, sometimes called Brazilian ginseng, is a medicinal herb used as an adaptogen. It is known to boost the immune system defenses of the body against stress or illness. It is also among the many herbs found to boost the body’s overall performance.

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Suma root is among the many medicinal herb extracts shown to improve exercise performance by boosting muscular strength, maximizing oxygen intake, and workout capacity.

How CrazyBulk Trenorol works

Trenorol increases nitrogen levels in the muscles, which is used for protein synthesis and faster muscle development. Trenorol also improves oxygen supply to the muscles, thus promoting faster recovery after working out.

How to Order Anadrole

Visit CrazyBulk’s website to order this metabolism booster. The checkout process is pretty straightforward. Start by specifying the number of bottles you want to purchase, enter your preferred delivery location and proceed to payment.


How do Pre-Workout Supplements Work?

Working out is a powerful component as far as living a healthy lifestyle is concerned. However, various factors may affect your body’s ability to endure intensive and long workouts. They may also affect the time of muscle recovery after workouts, necessitating the use of the best pre and post workout supplements to improve your workout capacity./p>

Best pre-workout supplements bodybuilding should provide you with the energy you need for exercise. So, most of them are designed to help you improve your performance at the gym.

They are manufactured using carefully sourced and researched ingredients to ensure that they work effectively to improve your performance and recovery after exercising.

Most pre-workout supplements are said to contain creatine, a crucial substance known for its ability to accelerate cell muscle production when doing intensive or strength training exercises.

The supplements work to build more muscle mass and strength, so that they become stronger and ready for long, harder, and vigorous exercises.

Other ingredients in the supplements support proper blood flow and focus, thus helping you to have quality exercise.


Pre-Workout Supplements: Summary


  • Most pre-workout are packed with healthy nutrients and antioxidants.
  • There are easily accessible online
  • Some good brands have a fair price tag on their products.
  • Best pre-workout supplements boost your gym performance
  • With natural pre-workouts you are assured of less or zero side effects

Key Ingredients

  • gredients
  • Choline
  • Chromium
  • Green Coffee
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Green Tea
  • L-Isoleucine
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • L-Arginine
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Raspberry Ketones


  • Pre-workout supplements improve exercise performance
  • They promote fat loss.
  • The supplements fasten overall weight loss in both men and women.
  • They promote gym resilience
  • Some strengthen the immune system.


  • You need to use as directed
  • Some supplements may cause mild side effects.
  • Best results come with observing your diet.
  • The results depend on the product you choose.


What to Look for in Pre-Workout Supplements?

Here are a few factors to consider before buying the best pre-workout supplements.

1. Key Ingredient List

The key ingredients: The key ingredients in most pre-workout supplements differ depending on the brand. However, the best supplements are those that contain ingredients with the ability to support muscle mass and strength, fat burning, faster weight loss, and overall body performance.

  • Chromium
  • Green Tea
  • Safflower
  • Anadroxin
  • Vernabol
  • Promolex-
  • Suma Root

2. Brand Reputation

The pre-workout supplement you choose should be from a reputable brand. To be able to know the legibility of a brand, ensure that you check out the following: If it has a doctor’s recommendation, it is third party tested, and it follows Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). You can also check out customer reviews from different independent sources like Reddit and Amazon to see what previous users think about the products. You will be able to learn more about the efficiency and safety of the product.

3. Claims

If you are on the lookout for a pre-workout supplement to help you boost your performance, ensure that you choose a product that lives up to its promise. You can also read customer reviews to learn more about the product. Reviews will help you understand whether the product works as per the promise or not.

5. Extra Benefits

All pre-workouts you will come across will always promise to help boost your overall performance. Other pre-workout supplements claim to help with building of more muscle and strength, burning fat, and supporting weight loss, supporting the immune function, among other benefits.

What to Consider Before Buying?

Third-Party Testing: A supplement tested in a third-party facility or an independent lab, improves product authenticity.

Your health status: Putting into consideration your health status before taking any of these pre-workout supplements is paramount. Some of these supplements contain ingredients likely to interact with some medications. Some may not be safe to use if you are pregnant or have a health condition.

Seller Authenticity: Seller authenticity is vital so that you avoid being scammed or getting your hands on counterfeit or fake products.

Different pre-workout supplements work to support your body differently and have varied benefits. You should, therefore, select a type of supplement that aligns with your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I take a pre-workout drink before or during a workout?

A: Best pre-workout energy supplements and best pre-workout supplements for weight loss are best taken before a workout. That is probably why they are called pre-workouts. For optimal results, take it at least 30-60 minutes before hitting the gym.

Q: Who Should Use Pre-Workouts?

A: Best pre and post workout supplements are ideal for use by anyone who wishes to increase his or her exercise or workout capacity.

Q: Is pre-workout safe for you?

A: According to most manufacturers, pre-workouts are safe. However, some contain ingredients that may harm your health or interact with some medications. It is always good to talk to your health provider before adding any pre-workout supplements to your regimen.

Q: What does a pre-workout do?

A: What workouts do is to help you improve your capacity for doing exercise. Ordinarily, the body tends to resist exercise by introducing discomfort and other unwanted reaction to make you lose your gym grip. The other way this products work is by reducing ill feelings after exercise as well as support faster body recovery after workouts.

Q: What amount of caffeine do pre-workouts contain?

A: The majority of pre-workout supplements are said to contain about 150mg-300mg of caffeine per serving.



We are living in a world where everyone is looking for ways to improve their workouts so that they can get the most out of their exercise time. Most people are, therefore, tempted to try one or two best pre-workout supplements before hitting the gym to see if they can improve their workout at the gym.

The good news is that there are genuine supplements out there on the market that can help you achieve that. But, don’t also forget that in the same market there are high chances of you getting your hand on a counterfeit or illegal and dangerous product that can have a negative effect on your health.

So, before purchasing a pre-workout supplement, ensure that you first do in-depth research about the product. This will increase your chances of adding the right supplement to your regimen that will help you to effectively achieve your goal and also keep you safe from harm.

There are also best keto pre-work out supplements and best pre-workout supplements without caffeine to cater for everyone’s needs.

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