VitaPost Stress Support with Ashwagandha & Chamomile. Dietary Supplement

Vitapost Stress Support is a natural supplement which eases feelings of anxiety, promotes a more relaxed mood, and elevates positive emotions.
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What is Stress Support?

VitaPost Stress Support is a supplement which has powerful organic ingredients that have the ability to influence emotions. By raising levels of key brain chemicals, this product can decrease the stress response and promote an elevated mood. It gives the user a feeling of calmness and relaxation, and it can also help you sleep. Stress Support supports a healthy immune system.

Who Manufactures Stress Support?

The manufacturer of Stress Support is Vita Balance Ltd, which started in 2016 in Newark, California. It’s a natural health company which produces dietary supplements for a number of health issues. They develop their brand based on the most current research and technology. They produce their products in an FDA approved facility and follow Good Manufacturing Practices.

VitaPost Stress Support

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How Does It Rate?

VitaPost Stress Support


4.7/5Support Research




  • Manufactured by a trusted brand called Vita Balance.
  • Produced in USA.
  • Ingredients are domestic and imported.
  • Has high quality herbal extract.

Active Ingredients

  • Chamomile
  • L-theanine Green Tea
  • Gaba
  • Griffonia Seed Ext 5-HTP
  • Hops
  • Passionflower
  • Valerian
  • Lemon Balm


  • Decrease stress and anxiety.
  • Promotes calmness and relaxation.
  • Increases positive mood.
  • Supports a strong immune system.
  • Can help treat insomnia.


  • There’s a shipping fee for each purchase.
  • The potency may be different for different users.
  • Some users don’t like taking capsules.
Overall Rating:4.7/ 5

VitaPost Stress Support with Ashwagandha & Chamomile – Key Facts

Benefits Decrease stress and anxiety, promotes calmness, relaxation and strong immune system, treat insomnia
Ingredients GABA,Chamomile,Hops and more
Price $29.95/bottle
Discounts Up to 10% Off
Company Vita Balance Ltd
Form Capsule

What are the Ingredients in Stress Support?

Vitapost Stress Support Supplement Facts
Vitapost Stress Support Supplement Facts

Here are some of the primary active ingredients in Stress Support:


This is an amino acid which exists naturally in your brain, and it acts as a neurotransmitter. It can reduce anxiety by blocking nerve impulses to the brain and decreasing activity in the central nervous system.In addition, it has a calming effect.

An article in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry discussed the impact GABA has on anxiety disorders.


This plant has mood enhancing benefits, as it can raise levels of key brain chemicals related to anxiety and depression. Chamomile also has a very calming, relaxing effect on the body.

A study in Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine showed that chamomile has antidepressant properties in addition to its anti-anxiety benefits.


These are the flowers of the Humulus Lupulus plant, and they are often used to make beer. Hops can decrease levels of stress and anxiety by increasing the amount of GABA in the central nervous system.It also treats insomnia and disturbed sleep.

A study in Acta Physiologica Hungarica demonstrated the sedative effect of Hops, and its ability to decrease nighttime activity.

How Does Stress Support Work?

Stress Support is a very high-quality product that uses the top organic mood-elevating and stress-busting ingredients available. It should work extremely well to decrease anxiety, induce calm, and elevate mood. According to the customer reviews of Stress Support, this is a highly effective product that does exactly what it says it will do.

Stress Support Benefits

Below we have listed some of the benefits of Stress Support:

Raises level of neurotransmitters
Stress Support contains botanicals that interact with and raise levels of key brain neurotransmitters related to mood. GABA in particular deals with anxiety, as it blocks nerve impulses and relaxes the central nervous system. In addition, amino acids like L-theanine lower cortisol levels in the body, which decreases stress.

Ingredients support mind relaxation
There are several ingredients in Stress Support that promote feelings of relaxation and calmness, like chamomile and hops. Hops contain volatile oil, which causes stress reduction and promotes a relaxed feeling. There’s also a connection to certain brain chemicals.

Increases Positive Mood
The increase in a good mood is directly related to ingredients that increase the levels of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. These are some of the “happy” brain chemicals which may help alleviate feelings of depression.
A chapter in the Handbook of Behavioral Science examined the connection between serotonin, mood, and emotion.

It is rich in antioxidants
Stress Support contains a wealth of antioxidants that work hard to destroy free radicals and lower oxidative stress. This supports overall health and wellness and a strong immune system.
An article in Biochemist discussed the evidence of boosting the immune system with antioxidants.

It can help treat insomnia.
Stress Support has several ingredients which have sedative-like properties, like hops and valerian. They help induce sleep and may also improve the quality of your sleep.

Is Stress Support Safe?

Yes, Vita Balance Stress Support is actually safe. It includes ingredients that have evidence that suggest that they are safe and effective.

However, one must check the ingredients list first to avoid any adverse effects. If anyone is allergic to any of the ingredients then they should avoid the supplement.

People Also Ask

Q: How Long Does Stress Support Take to Work?

A: Stress Support should begin working very quickly according to the manufacturer, but the results will vary from individual to individual so it could take longer for some.

Q: Does Stress Support Have Side Effects?

A: Stress Support Supplement is an organic product made up of safe, gentle ingredients. There are no chemical or synthetic ingredients included, and there should be no side effects. However, you should still check with your doctor before using any new supplement.

Q: How Do I Take Stress Support?

A: The recommended dosage is 2 capsules per day, with a glass of water. Do not take more than this amount under any circumstances.

Q: How Much is Stress Support? Where Do I Buy It?

A: You can buy Stress Support from the manufacturer’s official website, Amazon, Walmart, and from other online and offline retailers. The prices on the official site are as follows:

  • 1 Bottle – $29.95
  • 2 Bottles – $56.96
  • 3 Bottles + 1 Free – $85.44
Q: What is the Return Policy or Guarantee?

A: The manufacturer of Stress Support Supplement has a 30-day return policy. If you’re not happy with the product, use the contact page on the official site to process the return, and send the item(s) back to the company within 30 days of the purchase. You should get a full refund.

Q: Is There a Free Trial For Stress Support?

A: No, there is no free trial offer associated with Stress Support, nor is there a subscription program. When you purchase on the manufacturer’s website, it’s a one-time buy.

Q: Who Should Use Stress Support?

A: Stress Support is suitable for anyone who suffers from mild to moderate anxiety or depression and is looking for a natural solution. Note that people with severe symptoms should seek out a physician, and anyone who wants to take this supplement should get doctors approval first.

Q: What Do Users Think of Stress Support?

A: The reviews for Stress Support were mostly very impressive, with customers raving about the great mood-boosting and stress-reduction benefits.
Most users said it really enhanced their quality of life and helped them deal with issues with calm and relaxation. There weren’t many poor reviews or complaints about Stress Support.

Contact Info

You can get in touch with the manufacturer through many ways, if you have any query.
These are the following ways through which you can contact them:

Address – Vita Balance Inc, 7400 Beaufont Springs Drive, Suite 300, Richmond, Virginia 23225, United States
E-Mail[email protected]

The Final Word

Stress Support is a dietary supplement which supports positive mood, anxiety reduction, relaxation and calmness, and sleep. It contains the most potent mood-enhancing botanicals available and should do a lot to help you deal with day-to-day agitation and stressors. This is a very healthy product that supports the immune system.

Reading through the customer reviews, it’s easy to see that most of the users loved this product. People who suffered from anxiety or low mood said this supplement really changed their lives and improved their outlook. In many cases it made daily life much easier. There were no real negative reviews or complaints about Stress Support.

Stress Support is a safe product which should not lead to any harmful side effects. However, if for some reason you do have unpleasant symptoms, stop taking it immediately. Prior to using this supplement, visit a doctor and make sure it’s medically suitable for you.

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