Folexin Reviews | Natural Vitamins Herbs and Minerals that Support Hair Growth

Folexin is a dietary supplement that supports hair health in men and women of all hair types. Folexin specifically targets users who want a supplement that nourishes and provides support for the health and growth of their hair.
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What is Folexin?

Vita Balance Folexin is a natural dietary supplement that targets to help solve damaged, thinning, and slow-growing hair.

This product’s formula contains natural botanicals, vitamins, and minerals that can support overall hair health. Additionally, the ingredients used are of high quality.The hair experts and dermatologists on our team recommend this supplement highly for healthy hair growth.

In most Vita Balance Folexin before and after trials, consumers of this product have experienced thicker and fuller hair regrowth. Based on my research of numerous similar brands, I feel that this is among the very best and healthiest hair growth supplements on the market.


Folexin | Hair Growth Support Formula – Image/Wellness Digest

Overall Rating

Folexin Dietary Supplement



4.9/5Return Policy



  • The manufacturing takes place in the USA in an FDA-registered facility, following GMP guidelines.
  • The ingredients are 100% naturally-sourced.
  • The product is vegetarian-friendly.
  • Folexin is gluten-free.

Active Ingredients

  • Folic Acid
  • Biotin
  • Fo-Ti Extract
  • Iron
  • Saw Palmetto
  • PABA
  • Nettle Root
  • Plant Sterols
  • Alfalfa
  • Peony
  • Zinc Oxide
  • Bamboo Extract
  • Horsetail Extract
  • L-Tyrosine
  • Spirulina


  • It can enhance overall hair health.
  • Folexin can improve hair growth.
  • It helps nourish the hair follicles with vitamins and minerals.
  • Folexin makes the hair thicker and lusher.
  • It reduces hair thinning and hair loss.


  • You can only purchase Folexin online.
  • You have to wait at least 60-90 days to see results.
  • The benefits will vary for different individuals,
Overall Rating:4.9/ 5

About the Brand

The manufacturer of Folexin is an American company known as Vita Balance Inc, founded in 2018 by health advocate Maggie Q under the advisement of Dr Frank Lipman. This company is a popular supplement brand that formulates dietary products that target lungs, heart, immune, joint, and mental health, among other issues.

They have their headquarters in Santa Monica, California. They manufacture in facilities that adhere to good manufacturing practices (GMP) to ensure both quality and safety. In addition to that, the supplements undergo laboratory testing to ensure they are safe for consumption.

Folexin Dietary Supplement- Key Facts

Benefits Enhance overall hair health,hair growth quality and supports the hair’s growth process, nourish the hair follicles,reduces hair thinning and hair loss
Ingredients Ascorbic Acid,Folic Acid,Biotin,Fo-Ti,Iron
Price $24.95/bottle
Company Vita Balance Inc

The Details of Folexin Ingredients

Folexin Supplement Facts

Top on the list of folexin ingredients we have:

Ascorbic Acid

This ingredient is commonly referred to as vitamin C, and it comes primarily from citrus fruits such as oranges. Vitamin C has many benefits for the skin and overall health in general, and ascorbic acid also plays a major role in hair health.

It’s a powerful antioxidant which can kill free radicals and decrease oxidative stress, repairing damage to the hair and skin for better overall health. It offers anti-aging benefits, and it can lighten the skin and remove dark spots and areas of hyperpigmentation.

A research study by The British Journal of Dermatology. Data from the study confirmed that I-Ascorbic 2-phosphate promotes the proliferation of follicular keratinocytes and stimulates hair follicle growth.

Folic Acid

This is a man-made version of vitamin B9 known as folate. Folic acid helps the body generate and maintain new cells, in particular red blood cells. It plays a key role in the metabolism of protein, and it helps to build our DNA and RNA.

There’s evidence to indicate that it’s helpful in the treatment of anemia. In addition, folic acid offers hair health benefits. It exists in a number of foods, such as liver, eggs, beans, peanuts, seafood, fresh fruit, and whole grains.

It may stimulate hair growth, enhance volume and shine, and prevent premature graying, as we mentioned in our Zenith Labs Hair Revital X Review article on another hair product containing this element. In a study in the International Journal of Trichology, the folic acid deficiency was linked to premature canities (graying).


This is a vitamin B complex (vitamin B7) that is also known as vitamin H. It is found in foods such as eggs and salmon. It works to support the body to convert food into energy.

Biotin has gained popularity in the media for its hair and nail growth and health benefits. It stimulates the production of keratin, which is the key protein that makes up the hair and nails. It also helps build the keratin infrastructure, which is important in strengthening the hair and nails, as we mentioned in our Hair La Vie Reviews article.

It also helps to decrease inflammation in the scalp, reducing any redness and swelling. However, despite the hype behind this ingredient, there are only broad clinical trials that back these claims as per the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology.


This is Chinese climbing knotweed also known as “he shou wu.” Scientifically, this ingredient is identified as Polygomun multiflorum. There’s evidence that it can support healthy hair growth, as well as improve thickness.

This plant also has potent anti-aging properties and may restore the color of grey hair. It also supports the health of the skin and nails, and it’s an effective treatment for getting rid of acne.

A research study in the BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies concluded that Fo-Ti increased the viability and mitochondrial activity in dermal papilla cells thereby elongating the anagen phase while delaying catagen induction of hair follicles. Ultimately, this may promote hair growth.


This is an essential mineral which plays an important role in the production of blood in the body, as we discussed in our Valotin Reviews article on another hair care product containing this element. Iron-rich foods include red meat, poultry, seafood, beans, spinach, raisins, and peas. Evidence indicates that a deficiency in iron can lead to hair loss.

This occurs because your body will borrow the needed iron from the hair follicles when it’s levels are low. Previous studies have shared varied opinions on the correlation between iron deficiency and hair loss. However, a study in the Journal of Korean Medical Science found that iron deposition (iron depletion and iron deficiency) could be of great help to hair loss patients.

How Does Folexin Natural Hair Growth Formula Work?

There are three stages in the natural hair follicle life cycle: the anagen, catagen, and telogen stage. The anagen phase, also known as the active growth phase, typically lasts for 2 to 6 years.

On the other hand, the catagen phase also referred to as the transition phase lasts for 1 to 2 weeks. During this phase, the original hair provided room for the growth of a new hair follicle.

And lastly, the telogen phase is the stationary stage. At this stage, hair falls out and the other follicles stay put for about three months until the cycle begins again. Folexin supplement contains ingredients that support every stage of the hair growth cycle.

People Also Ask

Q: Where Can You Buy Folexin? How Much Does it Cost?

A: You can purchase Folexin hair growth supplement from the company’s official website, or on Amazon. ON the official site, you can save money by buying in bulk. In addition, if you use the promo code FIRST10 at checkout, you get a 10% discount. The prices on the official site are as follows:

  • 1 bottle – $24.95
  • 2 bottles – $44.96
  • 4 bottles (1 free) – $89.92
Q: How Do You Use Folexin?

A: Take 2 tablets with food daily or as instructed by your healthcare provider. If on medications, do not take Folexin within an hour of having taken other medication. Avoid exceeding the daily recommended dose.

Q: What is the Refund Policy for Folexin?

A: Vita Balance Inc. offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for unopened products only.

Q: Does Folexin Have Any Side Effects?

A: According to the manufacturer, no serious side effects have been linked to this product. Nevertheless, people who are super allergic to foods such as soy should get direction from a health practitioner. In all of the reviews, there were no customers who mentioned having any unpleasant Folexin side effects.

Q: How Does Folexin Compare to Other Similar Products?

A: Similar to other hair supplements such as Profollica Hair Recovery System, the Folexin hair growth supplement contains beneficial ingredients that do support hair growth. The good about it is that it falls under the inexpensive category with a bottle going for $24.95.

Q: How Long Will It Take to See Results With Folexin?

A: Folexin hair supplement does not claim to be a quick fix since results should be expected after 60 to 90 days. Therefore, the results will be gradual and depending on other factors (such as health and diet of the user) will either come earlier or later. For instance, one user on Amazon claimed that she observed results after 4 weeks while another did not experience any changes 2 months in.

Q: Is Folexin Worth It?

A: Considering the ingredients and the reviews by consumers, Folexin as a supplement is worth the attention, a try and your money.

Q: Is Folexin Safe?

A: Yes, this product is safe and lab approved for human consumption. Users with food allergies should check out the ingredients first before using this product.

Q: Does Folexin Work?

A: Yes, this product may work since most of the ingredients have scientific backing.

Q: Is Folexin Hair Supplement Legit?

A: A well-known brand called Vita Balance manufactures Folexin. They produce supplements that are legal, trustworthy, and safe. There are no unfavorable comments about this brand.

Q: Is Folexin FDA Approved?

A: Vita Balance Folexin is manufactured in the USA with FDA-registered facilities that follow GMP guidelines. It is a dietary supplement and hence does not require FDA approval.

What Do the Reviewers Think of Folexin?

This supplement has high ratings on both the official website (4.8 stars) and Amazon (4.1 stars). These ratings show that most customers are satisfied with the results.

In the Folexin reviews, users claimed that they experienced fast hair growth, improved hair thickness and strength, and reduced hair loss. Here are some of the best Folexin hair supplement reviews so you can get an idea of the customer experience.

  • Three Month Experience
    I’ve been using Folexin as part of a 3-month treatment for hair loss. I’ve been implementing different strategies as well as taking Folexin, but I clearly see an improvement both in the hair loss in the shower and while brushing. – Maria
  • It Makes My Hair Thicker
    I have fine, flyaway hair and Folexin makes it noticeably thicker. People have commented on how much thicker my hair is. – Maureen J.
  • Love It
    Hair feels fuller and healthier already. Looking forward to continuing to use Folexin going forward. – Ben B.
  • Delighted With Results, 5 Star
    I can now honestly say I look forward to my apple cider vinegar in the morning. – Karl

Folexin vs Nutrafol

Product Folexin Nutrafol
Price $24.95 $88.00
  • Support Natural hair growth
  • Stronger and thicker hair
  • Relatively cheaper option
  • Reputed manufacturer
  • Some users reported mild side effects
  • Quite pricey
  • Natural ingredients
  • Prevent hair loss
Third-party Testing Yes No
Refund Policy 30-day hassle-free money-back guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee

Folexin Before and After

Consumers are very delighted with Folexin Hair Supplement. Folexin’s combination of ingredients promotes healthy hair growth. Numerous satisfied customers have posted several Folexin before and after pictures.

Folexin Before After

Bottom Line

Folexin is a dietary supplement that enhances hair quality and quantity. Although it contains high-quality ingredients, it does not promise overnight success or cure for hair loss. Instead, supports the natural hair growth process and enhances growth, thickness, and hair health, an approach that is safer.

It comes highly recommended by hair growth experts and dermatologists for its rich benefits and nutrients. Based on the Folexin reviews from consumers, this product seems to work extremely well. Most customers experienced growth, thickness, and enhanced hair health and shine.

This is a safe, healthy hair growth product that uses all-natural ingredients and should not lead to any Folexin side effects. Folexin consumers are quite confident that this is among the best and can help in hair growth, decreases shedding, and boost overall health. It is highly recommended by most users.

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Customer Reviews for Folexin

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    It actually works
    I’ve been using Folexin as part of a three-month hair loss treatment. I’ve been using different strategies as well as Folexin, and I can clearly see a difference in both the hair loss in the shower and while brushing.
    Totally recommend.
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