Ultimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Thrive For Cats Reviews – Does It Work?

Nutra Thrive for Cats uses high potent ingredients to promote your pet’s general health and allow your cat to live a happy and longer life.
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What is Nutra Thrive for Cats?

Nutra Thrive is a nutritional supplement best designed to support the overall health of pets, particularly cats.

The product contains a blend of nutrients, probiotics, vitamins, digestive enzymes, and antioxidants that help balance bacteria, and enhance digestion, making your pet live a more active, comfortable, and longer life.

Antioxidants in the product help repair body damages and improve the Cats immunity. Probiotics, on the other hand, help proper digestion and ensure good bacteria in the intestinal walls.

Nutra Thrive for Cats Review

Nutra Thrive for Cats Review – Image/Wellness Digest

How We Rated

Nutra Thrive for Cats



4.8/5Return Policy



  • An approved veterinarian brand.
  • Uses premium and researched ingredients.
  • Made in the United States.
  • 90-day no-obligation refund policy
  • Advanced 3-in-1 formula blend
  • The brand is grain free.

Active Ingredients

  • Fish oil powder
  • Chicken collagen
  • Protease
  • Magnesium lysine glycinate chelate
  • Taurine
  • Papain
  • Beef liver
  • Natural chicken flavor
  • Lipase
  • Chlorella
  • Riboflavin


  • Supports a healthy digestive system
  • Promotes balance of bacteria
  • Strengthen cat’s immunity
  • Improves a cat’s energy levels


  • Only one flavor provided
  • The results in each cat might differ.
Overall Rating:4.9/ 5

Key Facts

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How Does Nutra Thrive for Cats Work?

The way this cat supplement works is that it blends highly potent probiotics, digestive enzymes, antioxidants, and easily absorbed vitamins that support your cat’s digestive and gut health.

In precise, the version of probiotics that Nutra Thrive deploys is strong enough to promote a healthy balance between good and bad bacteria.

Now to make it palatable, the supplement producers have added a chicken flavor to make your cat enjoy the meals.

This means your cat will always want more of the meal and thereby allowing its muscles, bones, and teeth to grow healthy and stronger.

The ingredients in Nutra Thrive also help boost energy levels, so your cat is able to live a dynamic and stress-free life.

Nutra Thrive for Cats Ingredients – Are they Safe & Effective?

Chicken Collagen

Collagen is mostly found in the tendons, muscles, blood vessels, and hair. As pets like cats age, the production of collagen decreases. Collagen supports joint health, digestion, and the immune system.

The amino acid in collagen creates a protective lining in the gut, enabling easier absorption of nutrients. Also helps boost the pet’s immunity.

Collagen improves skin elasticity and also repairs the skin. According to the National Library of Medicine research, collagen is mostly used as a dietary supplement, particularly for skin aging, immune regulation, and antioxidant functions.

Fish Oil Powder

Fish oil powder contains omega-3 that supports a cat’s good health. Fish consumption is mostly known to tackle various ailments such as arthritis and cardiovascular diseases.

Omega-3 contains essential compounds such as EPA and DHA. EPA has anti-inflammatory properties, particularly for older cats suffering from chronic ailments. DHA enhances brain development and good brain health.

Cat owners must supplement cats with omega-3 nutrients since cats don’t make their own. Due to allergies, cats may experience dry, flaky skin. Fish oil has anti-inflammatory qualities that help soothe the skin.


Chlorella is rich in protein, magnesium, amino acids, omega 3, vitamins, zinc, and iron. Biological materials in chlorella help cats rapidly generate cells, enhancing growth.

Chlorella contains high nutrient levels that enhance the cat’s immunity. It increases the antibodies required for a cat’s immunity. A cat can be exposed to chemicals that might cause heavy metals in the body. Chlorella contains antitoxins that inhibit the absorption of metals. It also helps in the elimination of heavy metals.

Prebiotics in chlorella improves the cat’s digestive health. Prebiotics creates a balanced bacteria environment in the cat’s gut.

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Riboflavin is a general term referring to water-soluble vitamin B2. Vitamin B2 is essential in cats since it helps synthesize carbohydrates.

Riboflavin is found naturally in plant and animal sources such as eggs, muscle, pork, and liver. It helps move oxygen, food absorption, and fat breakdown.

Vitamins enhance in cat’s fur and quality. Lack of vitamin B2 causes symptoms such as weight loss, alopecia, and death in severe scenarios.


Q: How To Use Nutra Thrive for Cats?

A: The manufacturer recommends a cat weighing 0-30 pounds to take 1 scoop of the product. Nutra Thrive is included in the cat’s meal mixed properly by adding some water. For best results, use Nutra Thrive in the cat’s everyday meal.

Q: How Much Does Nutra Thrive for Cats Cost?

A: Buyers should take advantage of buying products in bulk to save on shipping costs. Ultimate Pet Nutrition offers customers a free shipment for goods over $50. The prices range as below:

  • 1 Jar – $69.95
  • 3 Jars -$188.86 (Save 10%)
  • 6 Jars -$356.74 (Save 15%)

Q: What is Nutra Thrive for Cats Return Policy?

A: If a customer is not pleased with Nutra thrive or does not find improvements in the cat’s general health, the manufacturer promises a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Q: Does Nutra Thrive for Cats Offer a Free Trial?

A: Nutra Thrive does not offer a free trial, but the manufacturer might consider the option in the foreseeable future. The majority of the customers are satisfied with purchasing the product with any free trials.

What Do the Reviewers Think of Product?

Looking at customers’ reviews and product satisfaction, 4 out of 5 customers are pleased with the use of Nutra Thrive. Users have given positive feedback on noticing key changes in cats’ digestion and fur quality;

  • Healthy Nutrition
    One of my cats is 8 years while the other is 2 years. After using Nutra Thrive on both cats, their health has improved. Their coats appear healthier, and the playtime has increased. Nutra Thrive is a wonderful product that I would recommend to a friend or anyone with a cat.
    – Alicia
  • Best Supplement
    My cat devours Nutra Thrive in her food. It has improved his digestion.
    – Daniella
  • I Love His Shiny Coat
    My cat’s fur was flaky, and she looked so bad. After adding Nutra Thrive to her food, her coat has smoothened and appears brighter. Her moods have increased, and she has become more playful. Nutra Thrive is an all-around supplement for pets.
    – Thomas
  • It works
    I initially purchased Nutra Thrive for experiment purposes. I bought the product for my 5year old Lily. Lily has shown a lot of improvements. She is very playful, and the coat is glossy and happier.
    – Harrison


Nutra Thrive is a highly beneficial nutritional supplement in various notable ways. The contents of the product enhance the cat’s immune system.
The product’s benefits range from strengthening bones and muscles and easier digestion to a smooth and glossy cat coat.

It elevates a cat’s energy levels and supports healthy teeth and bones. The product contains no artificial ingredients which is another detail that makes it feel safe for your pet.

Worth the mention also, that there are no serious customer complaints about the product. Some users agree that Nutra Thrive is one of the best nutritional supplements for cats in the markets today because of its 3-in-1 formula blend. The product is packed in a powder containing chicken flavor, designed to be incorporated into your Cats diet.

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