Best Natural Testosterone Boosters

We have evaluated top testosterone enhancers based on their ingredients, user review, dosage, and price to help you choose the best ones.
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What are Natural Testosterone Boosters?

Testosterone is a primary male sex hormone responsible for emotional and physical male traits. Unfortunately, testosterone levels decline as men age resulting in unwanted symptoms such as weight gain, fatigue, decreased libido, and irritability.

The good news is that natural testosterone boosters can help increase and maintain healthy testosterone levels. They can also help increase muscle mass and strength while boosting your energy levels.

However, picking the best natural testosterone booster can be an overwhelming task. That is why we have evaluated top testosterone enhancers based on their ingredients, user review, dosage, and price to help you choose the best ones.

Best Natural Testosterone Boosters

Best Natural Testosterone Boosters – Image/Wellness Digest

Best Choice


  • Free of anabolic steroids
  • Natural ingredients
  • Builds muscles fast
  • No side effects


  • Natural ingredients
  • Raises testosterone levels
  • Rapid muscle gains
  • Manufactured in an FDA-approved facility


  • A legal alternative to Sustanon
  • Rapid results
  • Free shipping
  • Increases testosterone levels

Best Natural Testosterone Boosters 2022

  • TestoPrime – Best Overall
  • TestoGen – Best Runner Up
  • Testosterone-Max – Best for Bulking
  • Barbarian XL – Best for Erectile Dysfunction
  • Prime Male – Best for Older Men
  • Elm &Rye Testosterone Support – Best Allergen-free
  • Nature Made Vitamin D3 – Best Vitamin D Supplement
  • NOW Foods Fenugreek – Best Fenugreek Testosterone Booster
  • Life Extension DHEA – Best DHEA

1. TestoPrime

Review Summary

TestoPrime is a non-prescription supplement that naturally raises testosterone levels without serious side effects. It also reverses all the negative symptoms of low testosterone, such as low libido and anxiety, therefore improving sexual confidence and performance.


  • It increases testosterone levels
  • It boosts energy levels
  • It improves self-confidence
  • It increases focus
  • It provides rapid muscle gains


  • It causes minor drug interaction when used with other drugs


  • Full of essential nutrients and vitamins
  • Natural ingredient
  • Great alternative for anabolic steroids
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Non-GMO and Vegan-friendly

About the Brand

Wolfson Berg Limited manufactures TestoPrime with scientifically researched ingredients free from additives and allergens. The Company has invested heavily in clinical research and third-party testing to ensure they manufacture quality supplements and maintain high manufacturing standards.

Key Facts

Ingredients D-Aspartic Acid, Ginseng root, Fenugreek Extract, Ashwagandha Extract, Green Tea Extract, Pomegranate Extract, Zinc, Vitamin B6
Discounts Save $16.00, Free shipping
Company Wolfson Berg Limited


D-Aspartic Acid

D-Aspartic acid is a naturally occurring amino acid that improves testosterone levels by enhancing the production of luteinizing hormone. This hormone is vital in stimulating the testes to produce testosterone. It also improves erectile dysfunction by increasing blood flow to the penis, as we noted this element in our article Best Testosterone Booster Supplements for Men Over 50 Reviews.

Ginseng Root

Ginseng increases blood flow to the penis, which improves erectile dysfunction. [4] It also boosts the immune system and helps the body fight off inflammation through its anti-inflammatory properties. It also lowers blood sugar and enhances insulin sensitivity.

Ashwagandha Extract

According to recent studies, ashwagandha increases DHEA and testosterone levels by 15%. [5] It also enhances muscle size and strength. It also enhances your fat-burning capacity, allowing you to lose weight effortlessly.

How TestoPrime Works

TestoPrime is a natural supplement that increases your testosterone levels to optimum levels. Testosterone is responsible for increased muscle mass and improved muscle recovery. It also boosts your energy, improves focus, and optimizes your metabolism to burn calories faster and promote weight loss.

How to Order TestoPrime

You can get the supplement from TestoPrime’s official website. Each order comes with free shipping, a free eBook, and a lifetime money-back guarantee. The first purchase comes with a 10% discount code that you can use to save money.

2. TestoGen

Review Summary

TestoGen is a high-quality testosterone supplement designed for men who want to raise their testosterone hormone for fitness or health reasons. It is 100% natural and does not contain anabolic steroids known for their serious side effects.


  • It naturally increases testosterone levels
  • It boosts energy
  • It increases libido
  • It reduces erectile dysfunction
  • It powers up your workouts
  • It increases fat-burning


  • It takes time to see results


  • Natural ingredients
  • Steroid-free
  • Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Caffeine-free
  • Easy to use
  • Manufactured in an FDA- approved facility
  • Money-back guarantee

About the Brand

Health Nutrition Limited is a reputable health and fitness company that produces TestoGen. The Company is based in the UK, where it manufactures supplements in FDA-approved facilities. It works with a team of experienced health consultants, nutritionists, and fitness specialists that provide you with expert advice on diet, exercise, and nutrition.

Key Facts

Ingredients Fenugreek extract, Nettle leaf extract, Red Ginseng extract, Bioperine, Boron, Zinc, Magnesium, and Vitamins
Discounts Save $10.00, Buy two bottles and get one free, Free shipping
Company Health Nutrition Limited


Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds contain furostanolic saponins that boost testosterone levels and improve symptoms related to low testosterone, e.g., low libido. This is seen in a study where men who took 600mg of fenugreek seed extract experienced improved testosterone levels and increased libido compared to those who didn’t. [1]

Nettle Leaf Extract

Nettle leaf is rich in nutrients and antioxidants that protect your cells from damage by free radicals. It also contains compounds that inhibit the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, thus reducing the size of the prostate gland. [1] This feature is helpful in older men who may have an enlarged prostate gland.

D Aspartic Acid

D-Aspartic acid is one of the critical ingredients in TestoGen. It increases the synthesis of luteinizing hormone by 43%. [3] Luteinizing hormone then signals the Leydig cells in the testes to produce and release testosterone. It also keeps the Leydig cells healthy, so they function at optimum levels to produce testosterone, as we noted this element in our article Natural Health Source Review.

How TestoGen Works

TestoGen provides your body with the nutrients it needs to produce testosterone. It also increases the production of luteinizing hormone, which stimulates the testes to synthesize and release testosterone.

TestoGen also contains natural compounds that increase free testosterone levels by inhibiting the sex hormone-binding globulin. This reduces the amount of testosterone bound to the hormone and increases free testosterone for the body to utilize.

How to Order TestoGen

You can order the supplement on TestoGen’s official website. The website offers secure checkout, so your address and credit card info is safe. They also provide free worldwide shipping and a 100-day money-back guarantee applicable to your first purchase.

3. Testosterone-Max

Review Summary

Testosterone-Max increases your testosterone levels and gives you all the benefits that come with it. It provides your body with the essential components needed to produce and maintain healthy testosterone levels without side effects.


  • It enhances testosterone production
  • It increases muscle size and strength
  • It boosts energy levels
  • It boosts sex drive and performance


  • It contains ingredients that can interact with medication


  • A safe and legal alternative to anabolic steroids
  • Natural ingredients
  • Free Shipping
  • Trusted brand

About the Brand

CrazyBulk is a reputable brand that develops fitness supplements and legal testosterone boosters using quality ingredients. The Company promotes Testosterone-Max as an excellent testosterone booster and bulking supplement.

Key Facts

Ingredients Vitamin D3, Zinc, Nettle Leaf Powder, Boron, Ginseng Root Powder, Bioperine, D-Aspartic acid
Discounts Free shipping, Save $15.00
Company CrazyBulk


Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is a fat-soluble vitamin that functions as a testosterone booster in males. [6] Clinical studies suggest that men with low vitamin D3 levels have decreased testosterone than those with normal Vitamin D3 levels.


Zinc plays a crucial role in testosterone production that even a mild deficiency interferes with testosterone levels. It works as an antioxidant that reduces oxidative damage to Leydig cells. [7] These cells are responsible for producing testosterone and are vulnerable to oxidative damage.


Boron increases the conversion of testosterone to Dihydroxyesosterone, an active form of testosterone. It also reduces SHBG levels, thus, increasing free testosterone in the blood. [8]

How Testosterone-Max Works

Testosterone-Max contains clinically proven ingredients that enable your body to produce testosterone. It helps your body burn fat and build muscles. It also boosts energy levels and powers your workout and postworkout recovery.

How to Order

You can purchase this supplement from CrazyBulk’s official website at an affordable price. A bottle goes for $64.00 and comes with free shipping. You can pay for the order through MasterCard, Visa, or American Express.

4. Barbarian XL

Review Summary

Barbarian XL is a powerful natural testosterone booster designed to help men regain their sexual prowess by increasing libido. It is rich in nutrients and vitamins that provide additional energy and improve overall health.


  • It naturally increases testosterone levels
  • It contains antioxidant compounds
  • It increases energy levels
  • It improves sexual performance and confidence


  • It contains milk, which some users cannot consume


  • FDA-Approved facility
  • Gluten-free
  • Non-GMO
  • Easy to consume pills

About the Brand

Zenith Labs manufactures Barbarian XL, a natural testosterone enhancer. The Company is based in the US and has FDA and GMP approval. It manufactures supplements using potent ingredients such as Indian Frankincense and Ginseng root powder, which effectively raise testosterone levels.

Key Facts

Ingredients Indian Frankincense resin, Red Ginseng, Ashwagandha, Shilajit extract, Vitamin D, Zinc, Magnesium
Discounts 10% off when you subscribe to the website
Company Zenith Labs


Indian Frankincense Extract

Indian Frankincense, also known as Boswellia, contains powerful antioxidants that remove free radicals and enhances the immune system. It reduces inflammation and oxidative damage to Leydig cells, thus, improving testosterone levels and sperm production. [9] It also enhances exercise performance and endurance.

Shilajit Extract

Shilajit is a natural resin that can boost testosterone levels, enhance libido, and builds your muscles. It is also an excellent treatment for erectile dysfunction since it improves blood flow to the penis. It also contains potent antioxidants that eliminate free radicals and prevent aging. [10]

Red Ginseng

Red ginseng is a natural remedy for erectile dysfunction since it improves blood circulation to the penis. It also strengthens the immune system, improves heart health, and decreases stress levels.

How Barbarian XL Works

Barbarian XL contains organic ingredients that are clinically tested and approved. It increases testosterone, builds muscles, and improves sexual performance. It also enhances your libido and provides additional energy.

How to Order Barbarian XL

Barbarian XL is only available on the manufacturer’s official webpage. A bottle goes for $49.00 and comes with a 180-day money-back guarantee. The supplement is also available in different packages that you can choose from depending on your budget and the quantity you want.

5. Prime Male

Prime Male is a high-quality testosterone booster designed for men over 30yrs. It compensates for the decline in Testosterone levels that occur after the age of 30. It works by targeting multiple steps in the testosterone synthesis pathway to raise testosterone levels. It also boosts energy, improves libido, and optimizes overall health.

6. Elm & Rye Testosterone Support

This supplement raises testosterone levels and increases libido. It also improves moods and enhances physical performance and bone density. It contains scientifically backed ingredients that are soy-free, GMO-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free, making the supplement suitable for people with allergies.

7. Nature Made Vitamin D3

This supplement contains two main ingredients, 25mcg Vitamin D3 and Calcium. Vitamin D3 is a fat-soluble vitamin that supports healthy bones, muscles, and a robust immune system. It also raises testosterone levels and helps improve male fertility. It also helps in calcium absorption that strengthens bones and teeth.

8. NOW Foods Fenugreek

NOW Foods makes natural supplements that are free from common allergens like wheat, soy, eggs, and nuts. Their fenugreek supplement contains organic fenugreek extract that significantly increases testosterone levels and improves sexual function. It also improves moods and energy levels to power your daily activities.

9. Life Extension DHEA

Life Extension is known for producing high-quality supplements supported by a money-back guarantee. Its DHEA supplement helps balance out testosterone and other hormones in the body. It also promotes sexual function and increases muscle mass and strength. It also elevates your moods and boosts your overall health.

What to Consider When Buying the Best Natural Testosterone Boosters

  1. Ingredients

You can’t make quality products if the ingredients aren’t high-quality. That is why it’s crucial to check whether the ingredients in testosterone boosters are 100% natural and scientifically proven.

Choose a supplement with vitamin D3, fenugreek seeds, Zinc, Ginseng root, or Boron since these ingredients significantly boost testosterone levels. Also, avoid products with allergens and synthetic ingredients that may cause serious side effects.

  1. Customer Reviews

Reading what other customers have to say about the product is a great way to get a complete picture of how it works and how other people respond to the supplement. In addition, looking for both positive and negative reviews can indicate whether or not the brand is trustworthy.

It also speaks to the Company’s honesty when they display both positive and negative reviews. Naturally, not all items are suitable for everyone, so negative feedback is unavoidable. However, when the Company shows all reviews, it appears more honest than when they cherry-pick the best ratings only.

  1. Price

As you can see from our review, some testosterone boosters are more expensive than others. So it is essential to consider the price to ensure you get a supplement that is within your budget. It would help if you also considered taking advantage of discounts, buying in bulk, or using coupon codes to stay within your budget.

  1. Safety Profile

Before purchasing a testosterone booster, ensure that it is made with natural ingredients without serious side effects. Most companies indicate potential drug interaction and side effects on the back of the bottle or their website.

Therefore, ensure you check both for listed side effects. Also, consult your doctor if you suffer side effects from taking the boosters or if you are on other medication.

  1. Dose

Choose a supplement that contains ingredients in safe and effective dosages. Using high doses may cause side effects, while low doses are ineffective.

Therefore, always check the dosage levels of key ingredients to ensure they are within the effective doses. If you are unsure about the dose, worry not since the testosterone boosters in this review come with the recommended dosage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Do Testosterone Boosters Work?

A: Most natural testosterone boosters contain one or more clinically proven ingredients to enhance your body’s ability to synthesize testosterone. These ingredients include fenugreek seeds, zinc, Tribulus Terrestris, and ginseng root.

Testosterone boosters also improve your libido and sexual performance. They also contain anti-inflammatory and antioxidants that reduce your risk of chronic diseases. They are also great pre-workout supplements since they increase your energy levels and improve endurance and muscle recovery.

Q: Are Natural Testosterone Boosters Safe?

A: The testosterone boosters in this review are generally safe for consumption. They are made with natural ingredients that cause minimal side effects. They are also manufactured by reputable companies that are clear with the safety profile of their ingredients.

However, seek medical help if you are allergic to any of the ingredients on the supplements. Also, consult your doctor if you have a preexisting medical condition or are on any medication to prevent serious drug interaction.

Q: Can Women Take Natural Testosterone Boosters?

A: Absolutely. Women also need testosterone though in low quantities. Testosterone improves sex drive and muscle growth in women. It also helps relieve menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes and vaginal dryness.

The testosterone boosters in this review contain natural ingredients that are safe for women. They will increase testosterone to healthy levels that are enough for the female body. They also do not cause unwanted side effects that come with high testosterone in females, such as balding and acne.

Q: Who Should Take Testosterone Boosters?

A: Testosterone levels decline by 1% every year after 30. Therefore, men above 30 years are eligible for testosterone boosters. Also, men with symptoms of low testosterone levels can benefit from these boosters. These symptoms include fatigue, mood swings, erectile dysfunction, low libido, low muscle mass, and bone density.

Avoid the boosters if you are younger since you already produce optimum amounts of testosterone. If you add on a testosterone booster, you may suffer from severe side effects due to high testosterone levels. You will also create a permanent reliance on testosterone boosters.

Q: How Long Will It Take to See Results with Testosterone Boosters?

A: Most natural testosterone boosters take a few weeks to be effective. They help your body produce optimal testosterone levels by week three or six. However, changes in erectile dysfunction may take up to six months, but you will experience increased energy and enhanced moods earlier.

Once you achieve your goals, you can stop taking the supplement for at least a month before starting another course. This ensures that the natural testosterone production is not affected or heavily reliant on the testosterone booster.

Q: How Can I Get the Best Results?

A: Taking a testosterone booster without making significant lifestyle changes is unlikely to result in any physical improvements. Therefore, exercise regularly to increase your muscle bulk and improve your cardio. Also, eat a protein-rich diet to help improve muscle growth.

You can also eat foods that naturally boost testosterone levels, e.g., oysters, ginger, fish, extra virgin olive oil, green vegetables, and more. Avoid food with soy, licorice root, and flaxseed since they lower testosterone. Also, get enough sleep at night and sun exposure during the day to increase your vitamin D levels.


Testosterone is a vital hormone in the male reproductive system. It is responsible for male sexual characteristics such as fertility, sex drive, facial hair, etc. However, its levels decline as men grow older, thus creating the need to invest in a good testosterone booster.

The best natural testosterone booster contains ingredients that enhance your ability to produce this hormone. It also has other ingredients that boost energy, improve mood, and enhance fat burning and weight loss.

An example of such a supplement is TestoGen. It contains a unique blend of ingredients that offer these benefits and more. A close second is TestoPrime, which contains safe ingredients and is reasonably priced. It is also manufactured by a reputable company, so you can always rely on its efficacy.

At Wellness Digest, our sourcing guidelines are strict and we only use primary references for our articles including peer-reviewed studies, academic research institutions, and medical associations. You can learn more about how we ensure our content is accurate and current by reading our editorial policy.

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