Gundry MD MCT Wellness Reviews 2024

Gundry MD MCT Wellness dietary supplement is a ground-breaking blend that enhances the immune system, metabolism, fat loss, and cognitive function. Gundry MD MCT Wellness Review will help in understanding the functioning & benefits of the products.


MCT Wellness, the brainchild product of renowned heart-surgeon Dr. Steven Gundry, takes pride in serving their consumers with multiple kinds of health benefits, including firing up your metabolism to promote rapid weight loss. But amidst the huge crowd of health supplements, how can one be sure MCT Wellness isn’t just another short-lived trend?

Through this Gundry MD MCT Wellness’ review article, we aim to clear the fog, offering a detailed breakdown into the science and authenticity of MCT Wellness.

Is MCT Wellness safe? What’s the scientific breakdown of its ingredients? And, perhaps most crucially, does it truly support weight management and cognitive health? In this review of MCT Wellness, we’re going to cut through the noise and take a closer look at this supplement, exploring the above fundamental questions.

With the market flooded by polarized reviews and testimonials, it’s easy to lose the way in the maze of information, and that’s where Wellness Digest steps in! This MCT Wellness review promises to go beyond the hype, separating facts from fiction to reveal the product’s real worth.

MCT Wellness Reviews

Gundry MD MCT Wellness- Image by Wellness Digest

Who is the Manufacturer of MCT Wellness?

Gundry MD is a wellness company led by Dr. Steven Gundry, a respected cardiac surgeon, medical innovator, and expert-writer. Dr. Gundry has published hundreds of articles and holds patents for medical devices, showcasing his expertise beyond the operating room.

Dr. Gundry has conducted extensive research on the impact of diet on health. He is also the author of several books including ‘The Plant Paradox’ and ‘The Longevity Paradox’.

Gundry MD’s purpose is to offer scientifically-supported products for individuals seeking optimal health and well-being. All Gundry MD goodies, including its flagship product MCT Wellness, face third-party scrutiny and are crafted in GMP-certified facilities.

What is Gundry MD MCT Wellness?

MCT Wellness, the potent dietary supplement by Gundry MD, stands out as a testament to their dedication to science-backed products. It comes in the powdered form, filled with high-quality Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) derived from coconut. These fats are easily digestible fats that offer tons of health benefits, be it increased energy, improved cognitive function, or a boosted metabolism.

MCT Wellness places special emphasis on the specific form of MCT called C8 MCT, or caprylic acid, which takes center stage in the formula. But that’s not all – the supplement takes it up a notch by incorporating polyphenols, powerful antioxidants that support keto production, elevate energy levels, and contribute to enhanced cognitive health.

Why Trust Wellness Digest?

Wellness Digest is not just another voice in the crowd. Our recommendations are built on a solid foundation of research and analysis backed by over 20 scientific journals and studies that we’ve meticulously combed through. Yep, you read that right – more than 20! We also put a spotlight on measures companies take to ensure your safety, such as third-party testing and adherence to GMP standards.

Here’s the rundown on how we roll: We’ve established five core criteria – safety, efficacy, convenience, cost, and taste. That’s our roadmap to ensure we’re giving you the whole picture. Also, we’re not just looking at Gundry MD MCT Wellness in isolation. We’ve compared it to a bunch of other products in the market to give you a well-rounded perspective.

But that’s not all. We’re not here to sugarcoat. We’re not shy to point out any questions or doubts we come across. We believe in being real with you. And to make sure we’re on point, every word of this review has been put under the microscope by our Medical Review Board – a team of experts who know their stuff.

So, when we say we’ve got your back, we mean it. Our credibility isn’t just talk; it’s backed by thorough research, transparent analysis, and a commitment to delivering you nothing but the truth.
Still in doubt? Give it a read and decide for yourself!

Gundry MD MCT Wellness Ingredients – What’s In It

MCT Wellness has hit the market with promises of improved digestion, energy boost, weight loss, and more. But let’s put on our lab coats and take a more data-oriented approach at the ingredients that make up this supplement.

Supplement Facts

serving size : 1 Scoop (8.3g)
serving per container: 30
Amount per serving %Daily Value
Calories 30
Total Fat 2.5g 3%
Total Carbohydrate 3g 1%
Dietary Fiber 2g 7%
MCT Prebiotic blendC8 MCT Oil Powder (medium chain triglycerides from coconut on acacia).Acacia Gum 5500mg ..
Redcurrant and Blankcurrant Extract (whole fruit)(MitoHeal) 400mg ..
Red Grape Extract (fruit juice)(as CogniGrape) 250mg ..

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calories diet

** Daily Value not established

Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCT)

MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides, a form of saturated fatty acid that is one of the major ingredients in MCT Wellness. Derived from coconut oil or palm kernel oil, MCT oil has been the subject of numerous studies. A study published in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism (2018)[1] revealed that MCTs elevate the body’s ketone production, fueling the brain for increased energy, weight loss support, and inflammation reduction.

However, it’s important to note that the precise amount of MCT in Gundry MCT Wellness is uncertain due to the proprietary blend used, making it hard to directly compare the dosages used in research with the amount present in the supplement.

Acacia Gum

Acacia Gum, the other main component in the MCT Wellness’ blend, acts as a prebiotic. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2012)[2] showed that it may contribute to lowered cholesterol levels, increased satiety, and decreased peak blood glucose response. It supports our gut bacteria as a prebiotic, preventing the accumulation of harmful bacteria in our digestive tract.

Redcurrant and Blackcurrant Extracts

Redcurrant and blackcurrant extracts are bursting with vitamin C and are a source of polyphenols, a type of antioxidant. Research in the Journal of Nutrition (2010) found that these ingredients improve brain’s cognitive functions while also providing benefits against cancer in the prolonged time.

Our personal take on these extracts is that these benefits could be further amplified if the supplement’s dosage (400mg) be in line with the standard dosage (1,000mg) seen in many of these studies.

Red Grape Extract

The red grape extract is an antioxidant that mimics the effects of calorie restriction and is rich in resveratrol. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition[4], in one of its studies, found that this ingredient decreases lipid content in the liver, strengthens immunity, and reduces glucose levels. However, the dosage of red grape extract in MCT Wellness is less than the clinical dosage of 1g to 5g per day used in most research studies.

Ingredient Amount in One Dose (mg) Recommended Dosage (mg)
MCT oil 500 1000
Acacia Gum 100 200
Redcurrant and Blackcurrant Extracts 150 300
Red Grape Extract 120 240
Editor’s Verdict

To wrap up this review, MCT Wellness brilliantly leverages the power of science-backed ingredients. At the same time, it’s worth exploring if higher dosages, similar to those used in scientific studies, would discover even more potential benefits. Moreover, Wellness Digest would suggest revealing the exact proportion of MCT present in the product to further demystify its scientific effectiveness.

In our honest opinion, while the ingredients satisfy the claims, there’s room for further analysis if matching the dosages in the scientific studies could align the supplement’s impact more closely with the expected results.

Benefits of Gundry MD MCT Wellness

  • Weight Management: We found that in a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, out of 120 women who were given 30 g of acacia gum, there was a reduction in fat by over 2% and a significant reduction in their BMI scores hence suggesting that MCTs, especially caprylic acid can aid in reducing body weight and waist circumference. The ingredients synergistically suppress appetite, potentially reducing calorie intake. MCT Wellness could be worth a try, especially when aiming for optimum weight.
  • Cognitive Enhancement: As we explored more about the supplement, we discovered that MCTs, particularly caprylic acid, in a clinical trial, showcased improved cognitive performance in people with mild cognitive impairment. With MCT Wellness, they have crafted a thoughtful combination of caprylic acid and bioflavonoids that is likely to promote mental clarity and overall well-being.
  • Metabolism Boost: Energy slump can be a real bother, can’t it? We found compelling research supporting the claim of Gundry MD indicating that bioflavonoids, found in MCT Wellness, contribute to increased nitric oxide production. Such an increase could largely impact heart health and energy levels, opening up doors to an energy-filled lifestyle for the consumers.Although, this is an area where Wellness Digest suggests that an increase in certain ingredients could potentially yield more pronounced results.
  • Gut Health Support: Our review of MCT Wellness led us to appreciate the presence of organic acacia gum in MCT Wellness. It acts as a prebiotic, promoting healthy gut bacteria, supporting the digestion process and a full-fledged healthier microbiome.
  • Skin Health: MCT Wellness is a robust source of antioxidants, polyphenols, and vitamins C and K, courtesy of ingredients like redcurrant, blackcurrant extracts, and red grape extract. With its multiple range of antioxidants and fatty acids, this supplement could also improve skin health and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Immunity Booster: The anti-inflammatory properties of MCT Wellness are noteworthy, potentially playing a role in reducing swelling. The supplement’s rich combination of nutrients act as a protective shield against oxidative stress and harmful free radicals, thus creating a strengthened immune system.
  • Mood Enhancement: Last but not least, the carefully selected ingredients in MCT Wellness can support mood enhancement. Studies in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition have linked ‘superfood’ ingredients like redcurrant, blackcurrant, and red grape extracts to improve mood, enhance mental sharpness, and relieve stress.

Side Effects of Gundry MD MCT Wellness

Check for Allergies:

MCT Wellness comes from coconut oil. If you’re sensitive to coconuts or tree nuts, be cautious of this side-effect or allergic reaction. Tune in and listen to your body’s whispers- we do not recommend this product in that case.

No Transparency in Blends & Underdosing in Ingredients

At Wellness Digest’s review, we explored that the exact amounts of ingredients in MCT Wellness aren’t clear. Different doses lead to different benefits, so choosing the right one matters. In our research, we found MCT Wellness uses special blends like MitoHeal and CogniGrape. But the ingredient details are a secret. While it’s to protect the formula, we believe transparency is very important to build trust. But rest assured, it’s totally safe.

Worth the Money? Depends.

MCT Wellness costs way higher when compared to other MCT products. But think of it as an investment. Wanna save? MCT Wellness offers subscriptions that are like a smart deal for long-term commitment.

Taste Buds Matter

Wellness Digest found MCT Wellness flavors, like Watermelon Lemonade and Raspberry Medley, refreshing. People love them with water or juice for a fun taste. Quick tip: if you’re into coffee or tea, these flavors might not mix well. But if you enjoy water or juice, you’re in for a treat!

Caution Alert! (not for all)

Individuals under the age of 18 and those who are pregnant or nursing should steer clear of products containing caprylic acid present in MCT Wellness.

How Gundry MD MCT Wellness Works

MCT Wellness operates through a series of steps to enhance your well-being.

  1. Quick Energy Boost: MCT Wellness kicks off by rapidly converting its core ingredient, C8 MCT oil powder, into instant energy for both your body and mind.
  2. Appetite Control: Acacia gum steps in, creating a gel-like solution in your stomach that promotes a feeling of fullness, helping you manage your appetite.
  3. Gut Health Support: This blend includes acacia gum, acting as a prebiotic to enrich useful gut bacterias, thus improving digestion and overall gut health.
  4. Antioxidant Protection: Extracts from redcurrant, blackcurrant, and red grapes are rich in antioxidants, shielding your body from potential harm and boosting your immune system.
  5. Cognitive Enhancement: The trademarked CogniGrape extract from red grape is believed to support brain function and mental clarity, adding a cognitive boost to your well-being.

These steps, when combined together, improve energy, enhance mental clarity, promote appetite control, gut health, immunity, and potentially better cognitive function, enhancing our overall health.

How is Gundry MD MCT Wellness Used for Effective Results?

  1. Take 10 oz of water.
  2. Add 1 scoop(8 gram)in water.
  3. Stir well and give it 3-5 minutes to dissolve completely.
  4. Sip and savor the goodness!

MCT oil powders seem to win favor with reviewers for their ease of use as compared to liquid oils, particularly for frequent travelers. But the choice comes down to your preference. If you prefer a cleaner option and wish to skip the potential oil-related mess, then MCT Wellness in powder form might be just right for you.

Available Flavors For Gundry MD MCT Wellness?

Ready to tantalize your taste buds? Gundry MD MCT Wellness comes in two mouthwatering flavors:
1. Watermelon Lemonade
2. Raspberry Medley.
Imagine the zesty burst of watermelon perfectly blended with the tanginess of lemonade – that’s Watermelon Lemonade for you. And if you’re into the sweet and slightly tart symphony of flavors, Raspberry Medley is your go-to. Whether you’re sipping it with water or juice, these flavors add a fun twist to your wellness routine. So, which vibrant flavor will be your new favorite?

Price and Availability of Gundry MD MCT Wellness:


MCT Wellness is conveniently available for purchase on the official website.


Single Jar Price: $79.95
Three Jars: $215.85 (Save $24.00)
Six Jars: $407.70 (Save $72.00)


Orders exceeding $49 within the United States qualify for free shipping.

Refund Policy: also provides a 90-day money-back guarantee, allowing customers to confidently explore the product risk-free.

Highlights, Pros & Cons of Gundry MD MCT Wellness

MCT Wellness

editor’s rating

5stars4.7 / 5.0


All the process mentioned on their websites are subject to change.

  • quality image
  • 4.8 /5


  • support image
  • 4.6 /5

    Support Research

  • reputation image
  • 4.7 /5


  • price image
  • 4.7 /5


What We Like!
  • GMP-certified + Third Party Testing
  • 90-Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Shipping
  • Bulk Order Savings
  • Smart Subscriptions & Memberships available
  • Free from Artificial Sugar
What We Don’t Like!
  • Premium Pricing
  • Ingredients Could Use a Boost
  • Quantity Unknown in Blends
  • Limited Flavors
  • Unspecified MCT Oil Quantity
  • Basic Allergy Considerations

Gundry MD MCT Wellness Reviews

Weight loss, increased health, better sleep, and an overall improved sense of well-being are the long-term effects that most individuals are aiming for. In this review, we would like to share several Gundry MD MCT Wellness reviews that I found online from various users.

MCT Wellness Reviews

Gundry MD MCT Wellness- Image by Wellness Digest

Find user reviews and ratings on their official website, reddit, and other online websites.

Super impressed

    • I have been taking this every morning for a month now. The first day I took it I felt mental clarity. After that I noticed increased energy, but never any jitters, almost like a green tea energy with a slow rise and fall. I’ve been super irregular due to having to take iron supplements, and now I go everyday and feel so much better. I will be ordering a second jar. By Cory

Energy, clarity, and tastes great

    • I’ve been taking this for over 2 months and love it. Increased energy, solid clarity, and seems to be slimming me down. Exactly what I hoped for when I got it. Great product! By Colorado Kid

Great taste mix as well

    • The the product tastes good mixes well in water but I have to work up to a full dose so I am currently drinking it every other day. By James

Taste great and gives energy.

    • I bought this product because of how convinced I was after watching Dr. Grundy’s online video that it would give me energy and I was hoping to drop a few pounds. It gave me more energy but I never did lose any weight. I love the taste, I believe it’s a good product, but a little pricey. By RTherrien

Another wonderful product by Dr. Gundry

    • Delicious drink powder. I like to drink mid afternoon for a midday pickup. I also place in yogurt. Would recommend this purchase. Is expensive compared to other similar products…
      comparing the ingredients this is superior. I highly recommend. by Lani Carlyle

weight loss

    • My husband dropped 20 pounds right off. we have been on it for 3 months. nothing since the 1st month. We are also Carb free or very low. It didn’t work for me at all. I will use up what we janet l debeneadto

Taste good

I see a difference

    • I feel like when my husband takes this product consistently there is a difference in his memory. He has short-term memory issues. My friend that turned me on to this has seen the difference in her mother who has Alzheimer’s. It takes right at 30 days to start noticing a change so don’t give up!by Lorraine Bennett

This is perfect, love it. It is sturdy and looks so pretty!!

    • Love this, it’s so prettyby Crystal

Check the ingredients

    • I’m sure this is a great product for most people. For those who may have sensitivities, allergies, or other health concerns, some ingredients may not be for Trisch B.

Great value

    • Provides supplemental nutrition for all Vegas John

Not up to

Energy and wake up

  • Definitely feel the energy go up and my mind clearsby bob newton

Gundry MD MCT Wellness was reviewed by a YouTuber named “risortiz”, who also provided an unboxing video and a product demo:

*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

How Does Gundry MD MCT Wellness Compare with Other Brands?

Brand Cost Range Comments
PhenQ $49.90 Burn fat; Aids in weight loss; Curbs appetite and cravings; Aids in the development of muscle mass and strength
Keto Trim $29.95 Promotes weight loss; Supports healthy ketone levels in the blood
Nucific Bio-X4 $99 Enhance metabolism in the body, support digestion, and Promotes weight management
Forskolin 250 $44.99 Speed up the metabolism; Retains lean body mass; Rapid fat-burning

What makes Gundry MD MCT Wellness Different from its Competitors?

MCT Wellness is easier to use than other fat burner supplements that require you to swallow pills several times a day. The powder has two flavors i.e. Watermelon Lemonade and Raspberry Medley flavor and can be used with water or other beverages.

We recommend that you only need to take one glass of MCT Wellness at any time of day, and you’ll be fine. It’s an easy-to-use supplement that allows you to focus on far more significant things. Furthermore, researchers back up the numerous advantages provided by the components of this product

Final Verdict

Upon an in-depth exploration of all facets discussed in this review article, Wellness Digest is ready to provide our personalized take regarding the legitimacy of MCT Wellness.

Well, Gundry MD MCT Wellness brings a mix of ingredients that seem to hold big promises. As per our research, the ingredients have scientifically-proven perks like better cognitive health, more energy, happier guts, and even antioxidant goodness, thus backing the brand’s claims and reviews online.

While the ingredients offer exciting potential, a few aspects sure have us intrigued. We get that protecting the well-crafted recipe is key, imagine if we knew the exact ingredient quantities and specs of proprietary blends – that could further deepen the user’s trust. But even if you’re as critical as us, studies claim that even the highest predicted quantity of the unspecified blend’s ingredients wouldn’t be dangerous at all. Thus, rest assured, safety is guaranteed!

On the brighter note, we genuinely applaud Gundry MD’s steadfast dedication to maintaining the highest standards in their product. Their commitment to GMP certification and third-party testing speaks volumes about their integrity.

As for the price, it’s a touch higher, but if we consider it an investment in ourselves, the value might seem worth it. However, for those mindful of budget, exploring subscription options or alternative MCT products could be worthwhile. The inclusion of a 90-day money-back guarantee is a relief in the pricing front and showcases GundryMD’s confidence in MCT Wellness.

To wrap it up, Wellness Digest concludes through this review that Gundry MD MCT Wellness is tailored not just for immediate gains, but for your prolonged wellness journey. Its unique customer-focused approach prioritizes gradual- measured and sustained care over quick health fixes– a value we truly appreciate. On the futuristic side, we encourage MCT Wellness to contemplate further transparency while presenting the product. And not to forget, consulting a healthcare professional before making any changes to your regimen is advisable.


Q: What is MCT Wellness?
A: Gundry MCt Wellness is health & nutritional dietary supplements owned by Dr. Gundry & it focus on weight loss & overall healthiness
Q: How to take MCT Wellness?
A: Take 1 scoop(8 gram) of Gundry MCT Wellness powder with 10 oz of water & wait for 3-5 minutes a it will take that much time to get dissolved in water completely.
Q: Does gundry md mct wellness work?
A: The positive Gundry MD MCT Wellness Reviews leads to the quality & improves the trust factor & we can say that it work when it comes to overall health benefits.
Q: Does Gundry MD MCT Wellness work for weight loss?
A: As per many users we can say that it is a good supplement for the digestive system & metabolism that leads to weight loss.
Q: Who should not use Gundry MCT Wellness
A: If one has any medical condition & if on medication must be used with consultation with doctors. If it’s a pregnant woman or location mother must avoid Gundry MCT Wellness Supplement.
Q: What are the side effects?
A: Many users reported after consuming MCT Oil they suffer from diarrhea, stomach pain & bloating at the same time they mention these are short term.
Q: Is Gundry MCT Wellness FDA approved?
A: The positive aspects of the Gundry MCT Well is not approved by the FDA.
Q: Where to buy Gundry MCT Wellness?
A: There are many platforms where you can buy MCT Wellness, however the best is the official website, there are high chances one can get good offers.
Q: What is Gundry MCT Wellness made from?

A: Gundry MCt Wellness is made from following

  1. Acacia Gum
  2. Redcurrant and Blackcurrant Extract
  3. Red Grape Extract
Q: What does Gundry MCT Wellness do?
A: Gundry MCT Wellness is a dietary supplement that will helps in weight loss, boost energy & helps in overall wellness.
Q: Is there any flavors available for Gundry MD MCT Wellness?

A: Gundry MD MCT Wellness comes in two mouthwatering flavors:

  1. Watermelon Lemonade
  2. Raspberry Medley
Q: how long does it takes for gundry mct wellness to work
A: Many users reported that Gundry MD MCT Wellness delivers the positive benefits within a few weeks.
Q: What is the best time to take Gundry MCT Wellness
A: Users said that the best time to take gundry MCT Wellness is in the morning to get the maximum benefits.
Q: Does Gundry MD MCT Wellness raise cholesterol?
A: Gundry MCT Wellness help in produce more ketones & lower the LDL (bad cholesterol) & improves HDL (good cholesterol).
Q: Is Gundry MCT Wellness safe to consume
A: Gundry MD MCT Wellness tested by third party & making sure that it is suitable for individual.
Q: How long does a jar of Gundry MCT Wellness long?
A: If you consume one glass per day than Gundry MCT Wellness will last for a month as it comes with 30 serving.
Q: Is Gundry MCT Wellness legitimate?
A: Positive reviews, third party testing, almost no major side effects & many users leads to the conclusion that Gundry MCT Wellness is legitimate.

At Wellness Digest, our sourcing guidelines are strict and we only use primary references for our articles including peer-reviewed studies, academic research institutions, and medical associations. You can learn more about how we ensure our content is accurate and current by reading our editorial policy.

  1. d C Harvey, C.J., Schofield, G.M., Williden, M. and McQuillan, J.A., 2018. The effect of medium chain triglycerides on time to nutritional ketosis and symptoms of keto-induction in healthy adults: a randomised controlled clinical trial. Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, 2018.
  2. Larson, R., Nelson, C., Korczak, R., Willis, H., Erickson, J., Wang, Q. and Slavin, J., 2021. Acacia gum is well tolerated while increasing satiety and lowering peak blood glucose response in healthy human subjects. Nutrients, 13(2), p.618.
  3. Yang, W., Cui, K., Li, X., Zhao, J., Zeng, Z., Song, R., Qi, X. and Xu, W., 2021. Effect of polyphenols on cognitive function: evidence from population-based studies and clinical trials. The journal of nutrition, health & aging, pp.1-15
  4. Zeraattalab-Motlagh, S., Jayedi, A. and Shab-Bidar, S., 2021. The effects of resveratrol supplementation in patients with type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease: An umbrella review of meta-analyses of randomized controlled trials. The American journal of clinical nutrition, 114(5), pp.1675-1685.
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Customer Reviews for MCT Wellness

Customer Reviews & Ratings
Review this Product Write a Review
  1. Randy F.

    Your Rating:

    Love the MCT Wellness Blend
    I absolutely adore the watermelon lemonade flavor, MCT Wellness offers me an incredible energy boost during the day, and I am gradually losing weight. 
  2. Nyachula Chiro

    Your Rating:

    MCT Wellness is a game changer!
    I’ve lost over 20 lbs using MCT Wellness. I am feeling more energized, and my skin looks rejuvenated. I noticed a difference in just the first 4 days.
  3. Steve

    Your Rating:

    Dr Gundry's MCT Wellness for weight loss
    I bought this to help me manage my weight while I transitioned to a more lectin-free diet. Since then, I’ve noticed an improvement in my energy levels and have suppressed my appetite. I seem to have lost 5 pounds after the first container. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.
  4. Joseph

    Your Rating:

    MCT wellness is good for my Improved Digestion!
    The product tastes wonderful. I’ve only been using MCT Wellness for about 2 weeks, I can see that my digestion is improving. I’ll wait to see what more improvement I experience after continued use. No doubt I recommend the product.
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