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Elta MD is a luxurious, natural skin care line without the high prices. They offer a rich line of Elta MD cleanser, toner, moisturiser, serum, gel, and in particular sun care products.
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What is Elta MD?

Elta MD is a skin care line which offers a large selection of products like moisturizers, toners, cleansers, anti-aging, and post-procedure care. In addition, they have a wide range of sun care -items to protect the complexion from UV damage.

The company uses high level, clinically-tested ingredients which enrich and purify the skin as well as reducing the signs of age. For the high quality., these are very affordable products.


Who Owns Elta MD?

The manufacturer of this product line is Elta MD Inc, which is a skin care company in Carrolton, Texas. The brand began decades ago in rural Switzerland, where farmers made and used a highly effective homemade skin cream.

Using this formula, the founders established the company in the U.S in 1988, which initially included products for wound healing. In 2007, they introduced the line of Elta MD sunscreen items.


What Are the Benefits of Elta MD?

  • Some products offer anti-aging benefits for the skin.
  • There’s a wide collection of sun care products.
  • American dermatologists recommend this line.
  • Elta MD Skincare is suitable for every skin type.
  • They offer products to use post-skin procedure.


Is Elta MD Sunscreen Good?

Elta MD offers a wide range of sunscreens at different SPF levels to meet all of your needs. There are also sun care kits. The company sells high quality sun care products and it’s one of their specialties. According to the Elta MD reviews, they are very effective.

Elta MD

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What Are the Ingredients in Elta MD?

Here are some of the primary active Elta MD ingredients:

Sodium Hyaluronate – This is the sodium salt of hyaluronic acid, which is one of the most hydrating substances in skin care. It also exists naturally in the skin and connective tissue.

It’s an ideal moisturizer and can also go under the skin to give it volume, smoothing lines and wrinkles (1). An article in Dermato-Endocrinology discussed the benefits and properties of this key molecule.

Petrolatum – This is petroleum jelly, which is often included in skin care products for its deep hydrating properties. It also forms a barrier to lock in moisture. In addition, Elta MD SPF are ideal sun care products as they decrease the absorption of UV rays.

Petroleum jelly also has potent anti-microbial benefits (2). An article in the Journal of Dermatological Treatment stated that petroleum reduces UVB-induced damage (3).

Zinc Oxide – This is a compound which is ideal as a sun block. It forms a barrier on the skin which scatters the damaging rays, so they don’t affect the skin, protecting from damage (4). In addition, according to an article in StatPearls, they can reduce the damage caused by sunburn (5).


What is the Science of Elta MD?

There are a wealth of products in this line, each with their own way of working with the skin. There are some common elements, which as deeply hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid which provide the skin with moisture, get rid of dryness, and offer anti-aging benefits by plumping the skin and smoothing wrinkles and lines.

The sun care products include ingredients like zinc oxide which scatter UVA and UVB rays, so they don’t damage the skin. Antioxidants in many of the items destroy free radicals and lower oxidative stress, providing further protection from the sun and other environmental hazards like dust.

An article in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology explored sunscreens and their clinical benefits (6). Some of the items are high in anti-inflammatory properties, which can decrease swelling and redness on the skin and help treat wounds and skin conditions.

Some of the products, especially those for anti-aging, contain ingredients like Vitamin E which boost collagen production and make the skin tighter and more elastic. This smooths signs of age like wrinkles and lines. A study in ACS Productions concluded that Vitamin E can increase collagen turnover (7).


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Where To Buy Elta MD?
A: You can buy Elta MD online on the manufacturer’s official website, as well as from many other online retailers like Amazon and BeautySense. The cost is very reasonably for high-quality skin care. Here are the prices of some of the top products:

  • Elta MD Foaming Facial Cleanser – $11.50
  • Elta MD Dermal Wound Cleanser – $24
  • Elta MD AM Therapy Facial Moisturizer– $36
  • Elta MD Facial Sunscreen UV Glow Tinted Broad-Spectrum SPF 36 – $38.50
  • Elta MD Barrier Renewal Complex – $53
  • Elta MD PM Therapy Facial Moisturizer – $36
  • Elta MD AM Therapy Facial Moisturizer – $36
  • Elta MD Laser Enzyme Gel – $17.50
  • Elta MD Silver Gel – $24
  • Elta MD Eye Gel – $57

Q: How Do I Use Elta MD?
A: There are numerous different brands in the Elta MD products line, and they each have their own set of instructions on the label. Read the directions carefully before you use the item.

Q: What is the Elta MD Return Policy or Guarantee?
A: The company has a 60-day return policy, for products bought on the manufacturer’s website. If you’re not happy with the item or items you purchased, contact the company for instructions and then send the products back within 60 days of the purchase date. You should get a full refund, minus all shipping costs.

Q: Is Elta MD Skincare Cruelty Free?
A: Elta MD is PETA-certified as being cruelty-free. They do not test on animals, nor do any of the suppliers or third-party companies they deal with. They also do not sell in regions of the globe where testing on animals is the law.

Q: Is Elta MD Safe For Pregnancy?
A: Nor every product in the Elta MD skin care line is pregnancy-safe, but many of them are including the Moisture Rich Body Crème, Laser Enzyme Gel, and the Skin Recovery Toner. Contact customer service to find out if a product is suitable for you.

Q: Is Elta MD Vegan?
A: Elta MD doesn’t promise that all of its ingredients are vegan, so there’s a possibility there may be some with animal by-products. If you are vegan, research the substances included in any product you want to buy or call the company to make sure it’s suitable for you.

Q: Is Elta MD Medical Grade?
A: Yes, according to the manufacturer, the products all use medical grade ingredients and top dermatologists both recommend and use them personally.

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Q: Is Elta MD Sold in Stores?
A: Elta MD is a brand which is available for purchase quite widely, including in a number of offline stores such as Walmart as well as from many online retailers.

Q: Can Elta MD Cause Really Dry Skin?
A: It is extremely unlikely that any of the Elta MD products would cause you to develop dry skin. These are very hydrating items which provide the skin with a lot of moisture. They are also gentle and don’t contain ingredients that lead to a skin irritation or redness. None of the Elta MD reviews mentioned having problems with dry skin.


The Final Word

Elta MD is a brand of organic skin care products including Elta MD moisturizer, cleansers, toners, anti-aging, and others including a large collection of sun care products. They offer numerous enriching benefits for the skin. This is a high-quality line which uses completely organic ingredients, and the prices are more than reasonable for the quality and cost.

Reading through the Elta MD reviews for different products, it’s clear that the response to this brand is very positive. Many users said they had incorporated these brands into their skin routine, with outstanding results. Users especially loved the Elta MD facial sunscreen, and some women said the products blended perfectly with their makeup.

Elta MD is a high-level brand which has been around for decades. The products are all made from naturally-sourced ingredients and have immense skin benefits. They are good for all skin types, and do not lead to a skin reaction. We would highly recommend this line to anyone looking for healthier skin.

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