MassageGun Pro Reviews: Portable Massager to Ease Your Muscles

MassageGun Pro is a professional self-massage device which eases muscles pain and inflammation and decreases overall stress and tension.
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What is MassageGun Pro?

MassageGun Pro is a lightweight, professional and portable massager which helps ease muscle pain and tension and speed up recovery after a workout. It improves blood flow, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the muscles for added growth.

In addition, it promotes overall stress and tension reduction in the body. Professional physical therapists recommend this device for additional care to your muscles. I use MassageGun Pro myself after I exercise, and I love how quickly it relaxes both me and my muscles.

MassageGun Pro Review

MassageGun Pro Review – Image/Wellness Digest

How Does It Rate?

MassageGun Pro

4.8/5Overall Rating

4.7/5Battery Life

4.8/5Power and Speed



  • MassageGun Pro is safe and has no associated risks.
  • They offer reasonable prices as well as discounts.
  • You have the option of getting a 3-year warranty.
  • MassageGun Pro is professionally made and easy to use.

Active Ingredients

  • 3200 RPM Speed
  • 4 Interchangeable Massage Heads
  • 180 Minute Battery Life
  • Low 45 dB Noise Level
  • Weight of 1 Pound (450g)


  • MassageGun Pro is light and portable.
  • The device can lessen muscle pain and swelling.
  • It can decrease overall stress levels.
  • MassageGun Pro can improve muscle recovery after exercise.
  • The device can enhance circulation.


    • The results will vary for different individuals.
    • MassageGun Pro is only for sale online.
    • High demand may sometimes lead to low stock.
Overall Rating: 4.8/ 5

Key Facts

Benefits Improves Circulation, Eases Muscle Pain and Tension, Decreases Stress
  • 4 Interchangeable Massage Heads
  • Weight of 1 Pound (450g)
  • 180 Minute Battery Life
  • Low 45 dB Noise Level
  • 3200 RPM Speed
  • 1 Device –$140
  • 2 Devices –$111.50
  • 3 Devices –$93.67
  • 5 Devices – $77.80
Discounts They are offering 50% off at the moment.
Free shipping for regular (not express) delivery

About The Brand

The manufacturer of MassageGun Pro is a company called SIA KMG TRADING, which has its headquarters in Latvia. Founded in 2020, they produce a variety of devices and other products.

How Does MassageGun Pro Work?

The general benefits of massage in terms of decreasing stress and anxiety and improving mood are well-documented. For example, a study in the Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing concluded that a 15-minute daily massage decrease both physical and psychological, stress in nurses [1].

The MassageGun Pro is a portable, high speed device which massages the muscles, improving blood flow. This allows for the transport of added blood, oxygen, and nutrients to ease pain and swelling and help promote growth.

A study in Pain Medicine found that massage therapy is effective in reducing pain [2].

It also speeds up general exercise recovery and may prevent muscle spasms from occurring after a workout. A study in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports concluded that massage improves workout recovery in adults after exercise-induced muscle damage [3].

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who Should Use It?

A: Anyone can benefit from the advantages of massage. This mini device is best for people who exercise often and want a portable product which can speed up their recovery and decrease muscle pain and tension. It’s also good for a general lowering of stress.

Q: Is It Legitimate?

A: This is a legitimate product, and a reputable company. I have reached out to the manufacturer personally to ask them questions about the device, so I can attest to the fact that they are real. In addition, customer reviews show that this is a legitimate and effective product.

Q: What is the Return Policy?

A: There’s a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on this product, as long as you haven’t used it and it’s in the original packaging. If you’re not happy with the device, return it with the proof of purchase within 30 days of the purchase for a refund. You can get a 3-year warranty for $27.

Q: Where Can You Buy It?

A: This product is for sale exclusively on the official product website. There are no other retailers who offer it, and it’s not for sale in stores. At the moment, they are offering a 50% off deal on all orders. The current prices are as follows:
1 Device –$140
2 Devices –$111.50
3 Devices –$93.67
5 Devices – $77.80

Q: Is It Safe?

A: MassageGun Pro is very safe and poses no risks or side effects. However, it’s very important to follow the instructions, and not overdo it with the device. Using it for too long over time could do damage. An article in Rheumatology discussed the safety of massage therapy (4).

Q: What Sets It Apart From the Competition?

A: Although this device is not fancy, it has all of the basic features and it’s priced more reasonably than many similar products on the market. MassageGun Pro is powerful and is lighter and more portable than a number of other brands.

What Do The Reviews Say?

Based on my reading of the reviews for MassageGun Pro, I concluded that this is a well-loved device and a great deal at the current prices. Most of the customers found it to be highly effective in easing muscle tension after a workout, or for general relaxation.

I’ve picked out some of the best customer comments, to give you an idea of the general feedback for MassageGun Pro.

  • Love This Massager

    Bought this because I was experiencing a lot of muscle pain after working out and lifting weights. I carry it I my bag and use it immediately after, and it works like a charm to lower the pain and swelling. Great massager! – David G.

  • Works Well and Great Deal!

    I’m so happy with this massaging device! I use it after I go to the gym, and at other times just to relax me. I feel like my sleep is better since I started using it, as my are pain-free. The price was absolutely reasonable and a great deal! – Tom

  • Highly Recommended

    I am very happy with this massager. I run daily for long distances, and I use it afterwards for muscle recovery. Works brilliantly! I don’t go anywhere without it! – Dylan

  • Great Little Device

    I’d recommend this little massager to anyone, especially if you suffer from sore and inflamed muscles. It works really well and it’s super light and it’s easy to carry around. Thanks!! – Pia Y.

The Final Verdict

MassageGun Pro is a lightweight, portable massager which aims to ease painful, swollen muscles and speed up recovery after exercise. It performs at high speed and offers 180 hours of battery life. This is a high quality, reasonably priced massager which comes highly recommended by may physical therapists and masseurs.

The reviews for MassageGun Pro were overwhelmingly positive. Customers loved the size and portability of the device, and most found it highly effective at easing sore, inflamed muscles and speeding up recovery after a workout. May users mentioned the great price and felt that the device was more than worth the cost.

As long as you follow the instructions MassageGun Pro is perfectly safe and risk-free. Made by a highly reputable manufacturer, this is a quality, effective product which I use myself daily. In my opinion, this is one of the top mini massagers on the market at a great price.

At Wellness Digest, our sourcing guidelines are strict and we only use primary references for our articles including peer-reviewed studies, academic research institutions, and medical associations. You can learn more about how we ensure our content is accurate and current by reading our editorial policy.

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