Andrew Ossa, RD, CDNC

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  • Andrew Ossa, RD, CDNC is a Bilingual Registered Dietitian from sunny Southern California. He currently specializes in renal nutrition and personalized nutrition coaching.


Andrew Ossa, RD, CDNC has been a Registered Dietitian since 2017 and Certified Dietitian Nutrition Coach since 2019. Andrew has worked in various healthcare settings from acute care hospitals, outpatient pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes educators, personalized medical nutrition therapy with primary care physicians, and as a renal dietitian in dialysis clinics. Also referred to as Coach Andrew, he works privately through telehealth consults as a Dietitian Coach for diabetes, weight loss, sports nutrition, and bodybuilding contest prep.

Andrew is driven to empower his patients and clients to optimize their health and turn around chronic diseases. He works with his patients with an open, empathetic, and holistic approach to health.

Andrew believes in establishing fundamental principles and evidence-based nutritional science to improve the lives of his patients. Andrew was born and raised in Orange County, CA as a first-generation child with immigrant parents from South America. Andrew is a fluent Spanish speaking provider and a huge fitness enthusiast. In his spare time, he enjoys weight lifting, mountain biking, and road cycling.


  • Certified Dietitian Nutrition Coach (CDNC) from Tony Stephan RD LLC, Jan. 2019
  • Registered Dietitian (RD) Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics training through Wellness Workdays Dietetic Internship in Boston, MA, June 2018
  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Dietetics and Food Service Administration from the California State University of Long Beach, May 2017


  • Diabetes Self-Management Presentations, revised for Chino Valley Medical Center Diabetes Education Classes (English/Spanish), February 2019
  • Breakfast Nutrition for Pre-Diabetes and TDM2, Reviewed by Dr. Milani, MD, June 2018
  • Food-ology Radio Station – Cohost broadcasting live from 22 West CSULB, May 2016-May 2017

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