Registered Dietitian

Jessie Hulsey RD, LD



Nutrition, Behavioral Nutrition, Weight Management Highlights Jessie Hulseys is a registered dietitian in Atlanta, Ga.

She currently practices at Nutritious Lifestyles in Atlanta. Jessie also provides nutrition education on a variety of other topics that she tailors for every patient.


Jessie Hulsey RD, LD is a registered dietitian who has been specializing in nutrition since 2021. Her passion is guiding patients towards a healthier lifestyle and is skilled at motivational counseling. She also enjoys teaching nutrition classes to the population that focuses on healthy, budget eating.

She is an avid believer in the importance of educating patients about nutrition and health related topics. Being a strong patient advocate and giving back to her profession and community are fundamental ideals for her.


  • Ms. Hulsey is a member of the following professional organizations: Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

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