Dr. Sarah Brewer, MSc, MA, RN


  • MSc (Nutr Med)
  • MA (Cantab)
  • MB, BChir, RNutr, MBANT, CNHC, FRSM qualified from Cambridge University
  • Degrees in Natural Sciences, Medicine and Surgery from Cambridge University.
  • Masters Degree in Nutritional Medicine from University of Surrey.


  • Sarah is currently working as a Medical Director at Healthspan.
  • She was a CEO and founding director of two companies - Medilance (UK & Guernsey).
  • She is currently studying for the IoD Diploma in Company Direction.
  • Sarah has extensive experience as an external board advisor and media spokesperson with training in crisis management.
  • She was a Chief Medical Editor at Patient Connect Service Limited.
  • She was a Advisory Board Member CuraLife.

Professional Accomplishments

  • Sarah has worked as a licensed Hospital Doctor and GP
  • She is an award-winning health writer and author of over 60 self-help books, of which the latest, CBD: The Essential Guide to Health And Wellness
  • She has been a columnist for the Daily Mirror, Daily Telegraph, The Lady, and Prima magazine.


Dr. Sarah Brewer is qualified from Cambridge University with degrees in Natural Sciences, Medicine, and Surgery. After working as a hospital doctor and GP, she moved into health communications. As being the CEO and founding director of Medilance, she used to provide media and medical consultancy services to publishers, PR agencies, and companies in the health and pharmaceutical sector. In 2004, she moved to Guernsey to take up the role of Medical Director at Healthspan which she still holds.

One of her books, CBD: The Essential Guide to Health And Wellness explores the researched health benefits of CBD and medical cannabis. After realizing that many illnesses have a dietary basis, she moved into health communications. She writes widely on all aspects of health and nutrition, including complementary medicine, herbal remedies, and vitamin supplements.

Dr. Sarah Brewer has her own website where she writes health-related articles providing valuable information for her regular readers and patients. She writes about the health benefits of several foods, their benefits, herbal medicines, supplements, vitamins, minerals, health foods, diet for health problems, or simply an informational article.