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Victoria Friscioni, RD, MScFN

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Victoria Friscioni, RD, MScFN is a Registered Dietitian located in Bolton ON. She currently practices at Kyle Byron Nutrition in Toronto ON and Complete Integrative Care in Bolton ON.


Victoria Friscioni is a Registered Dietitian that has worked in a variety of settings including in clinical care (surgery, diabetes, hemodialysis) as well as in the Private Practice sector of Dietetics since 2018. Victoria believes in a holistic approach to nutrition and uses her understanding of natural health, supplements, the human body and ancestral foodways to inform her care.


  • Master's of Science in Foods & Nutrition (MScFN) and Dietetic Internship training (RD) at Brescia University College in April 2022
  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Applied Human Nutrition from the University of Guelph in 2020


  • Instagram: @Intutrition
  • Nutritional Outcomes in Autologous Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Patients: Enteral vs. Parenteral (pending publication)

About Victoria

I am a Registered Dietitian having graduated from Brescia University College. Throughout my academic career and internship, I have had a wide variety of experiences that have shaped the way that I view nutrition, the body and the relationship between the two. I spent a lot of time in my internship in the clinical sphere (cancer & surgery), which has provided great insight on the healthcare side of things, however it was very much focused on treatment versus prevention. I felt there was limited opportunity to make a lasting difference in my patients and found myself wanting to do more. Once I began my Master’s program is when things finally started to change for the better.  At this time, I was working at a natural health foods and supplements store along with a private practice Dietitian and began taking a more holistic and functional look at what was going on with my body. Through learning how to do research I started to dig deeper into the body’s built-in systems, human biology, nutrient-disease interactions and finally started to get a handle on my health and nutrition and yes- digestion. Integrating my science background with a holistic mindset allowed me to dig deeper and get to where I am today. I was not only able to heal my gut health, support my thyroid and rid my adult acne, I was able to address the root cause concerns and transform my health through food. I believe in a holistic approach to health through combining current research and traditional, cultural foodways that have served us for 1000’s of years. Combining the two is what I love to do! My philosophy is rooted in understanding and educating people on innate, built-in systems that impact human health (digestion, gut health, blood sugar, hormones, etc.) and the critical role of nutrition. My goal is to provide you with practical, everyday tools that you can use to navigate the modern food environment, understand your body and reconnect with your health! Nutrition is highly individual as it depends on your individual circumstances and needs. I would love to learn more about what your goals are and how we can work together to achieve them. I hope to assist and uplift individuals through proper nourishment and leave them with lasting, practical everyday skills so they can thrive.

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