Live Conscious Organic Protein Review – Active Metabolism and Muscle Support

Live Conscious Organic Protein is one of the best-selling Live Conscious products, developed to help improve people’s overall body health and wellness.
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What is Live Conscious Organic Protein?

Live Conscious Organic Protein is a dietary supplement that helps users live an active life, boost energy processing, bolster performance, and support muscle recovery after a vigorous day of exercising.

The supplement has been manufactured using natural ingredients that contain potent nutrients to ensure that every user of this supplement reaches the peak of his or her health and wellness.


About the Company Behind Live Conscious Organic Protein

The company behind this prime product is known as Live Conscious. The firm has been at the forefront of developing health supplements using the most current development in nutrition to help people across the globe experience peak body health and wellness.

Also, given that the company sources its ingredients from natural plants, it is involved in a tree-planting mission in partnership with Eden Reforestation Project.

The firm believes that by restoring global forests, it dedicates itself to the health of outer and inner nature.

Live Conscious Organic Protein

Live Conscious Organic Protein – Image/Wellness Digest


What are the Benefits of Live Conscious Organic Protein?


  • It helps elevate metabolism
  • Supports muscle development and recovery after workout
  • Boosts body function and performance
  • It purely natural with no artificial ingredients
  • It is vegan-friendly


Live Conscious Organic Protein Review – Key Facts

? Benefits Helps elevate metabolism, Supports muscle development, Boosts body function and performance
? Ingredients Sacha Inchi Seed,Organic Cacao Bean,Pumpkin Seed,Brown Rice,Yellow Pea
? Pricing $36.99/bottle
? Company Live Conscious


The Details of Live Conscious Organic Protein Ingredients

Live Conscious Organic Protein’s key ingredients include:

Sacha Inchi Seed – Sacha inchi is one of the active ingredients found in Live Conscious Organic Protein and contains amino acid and omega 3s that claims to have plenty of health benefits in the human body.

A research report in the Journal of Toxicology Mechanism and Methods has shown that just as soy, sacha inchi seeds also increase glycemia. The study has also found out that fat from sacha inchi speeds up gastric emptying.

Organic Cacao Bean – Organic cacao bean serves as a functional food and has been found to contain potent substances that can benefit the body in many ways.

One study in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health shows that the consumption of organic cacao beans has many physiological health effects on the body like blood pressure regulation, oxidation processes, lipid metabolism, and prebiotic function.

Pumpkin Seed – Various parts of the pumpkin including seeds have been found to contain potent nutrients that can support the body’s health in many ways.

A publication shared in the in the Heliyon Journal, pumpkin seeds contain a number of potent nutrients like fatty acids, minerals, proteins, and vitamin C that have nutritional value to the human body.

Brown Rice – Brown rice has been found to contain methionine; an important substance known to support body detoxification.

It is said to detoxify various harmful substances including heavy metals in your body. A study in the Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology has revealed that there is a considerable good amount of protein and dietary fiber in brown rice as well as some bioactive compounds known to counter type II diabetes.

Yellow Pea – This ingredient has been found to contain plenty of protein that is said to support a good number of bioactivities in the body.

As per one research article shared in the British Journal of Nutrition, the yellow pea is rich in proteins and when these proteins are hydrolyzed, they produce peptides that contain various bioactivities including antioxidant, a crucial activity in the body that help support health and wellness.


People Also Ask

Q: Where Can You Buy Live Conscious Organic Protein? How Much Does it Cost?
A: You can get this supplement from the brand’s official website and also from other authorized online retail shops. The cost is as follows:

  • 1 bag – $36.99
  • 2 bags – $33.99
  • 4 bags – $30.99

Q: How Do You Use Live Conscious Organic Protein?
A: Live Conscious Organic Protein is an easy-to-use supplement. To take it, scoop 24.2 g of this product, add it to 16 fl oz of your favorite drink. Shake it until it is well mixed and drink it.

Q: What is the Refund Policy for Live Conscious Organic Protein?
A: This product comes with 365 days money-back guarantee.

Q: What Do the Reviewers Think of Live Conscious Organic Protein?
A: This supplement has received positive reviews from previous users. Customers have praised the product saying that it has helped them in muscle recovery, improved their body’s performance, and also boosted their body’s metabolism rate. Others said that the taste of the supplement is great and it helped suppress their appetite.

Q: Does Live Conscious Organic Protein Have Any Side Effects?
A: According to reviews available on the brand’s official website, there are no reported cases of side effects. It is a clear indication that this product does not cause reactions.

Also, according to the manufacturer of Live Conscious Organic Protein, they take people’s health seriously, and for this reason, they have been committed to delivering high-quality supplements to help empower every person to achieve the greatest health potential without harming their health in any way.

Q: How Does Live Conscious Organic Protein Compare to Other Similar Products?
A: When you compare this product with other alternatives in the market, you’ll find that this supplement has potent active ingredients that are also clinically tested. It also comes with a unique formula to ensure that users achieve desired body health and wellness faster. Pricewise, this supplement has been averagely priced for the market.

Q: How Long Will It Take to See Results With Live Conscious Organic Protein?
A: Live Conscious Organic Protein is manufactured using powerful natural ingredients that contain potent nutrients so that every person that uses this supplement can achieve quick optimal health and wellness. However, since people’s bodies and lifestyles are different, the results may vary.

Q: Is Live Conscious Organic Protein Worth It?
A: Yes, Live Conscious Organic Protein is worth every single penny because according to reviews, it is one of the few promising supplements that have helped people achieve all-around health.

The supplement has also been developed using clinically tested and high-quality natural ingredients to ensure quality and efficiency.

Q: Is Live Conscious Organic Protein Safe?
A: Yes, Live Conscious Organic Protein is safe for consumption. The company that produces this supplement prides in paying close attention to the supplements people consume to ensure that no one ingests harmful substance into the body.

It also ensures that its products are manufactured under strict Good Manufacturing Practices and undergo vigorous testing in a third-party facility before they are released to the market for your consumption.

Q: Does Live Conscious Organic Protein Work?
A: Yes, Live Conscious Organic Protein works. According to the review from previous users, they have been able to achieve overall health after they started using it.

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Also, according to the manufacturer, the company remains focused on developing products with the greatest potential and uses clinically proven and traditionally sourced ingredients so that they can offer you a balance of body, mind, and spirit. It also focuses on creating natural products that can revolutionize your overall well-being.


Final Thought

Live Organic Conscious Protein is one of the few health supplements with a unique formula that has proven to help those looking to achieve optimal health and wellness reach their dream.

Also, unlike other health supplements, Live Conscious Organic Protein is not just a health supplement that helps you achieve optimal body health and wellness, it is also a beverage.

That is, it has also been developed with two unique flavors; vanilla dream and cosmic cacao to ensure that you enjoy a shake of this prime product on your journey to healthy living.

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