Thryve Gut Health Review: Support a Healthy Microbiome & Personalized Probiotics

Thryve is a digestive health program which involves the company testing your microbiome, providing an analysis, recommending a diet, and producing personalized probiotics.
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What is Thryve?

Thryve is a program which aims to support digestive health and wellness, as well as promoting weight loss, lowering inflammation, reducing fatigue, boosting mood, and improving brain health. You begin by ordering your Thryve test kit and preparing your stool sample to send in to the company.

They will analyze your Thryve Microbiome Test and provide you with a personalized report, nutritional assistance and suggestions, and personalized probiotics based on the results.


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Who Owns Thryve?

The manufacturer is the Thryve company which has its headquarters in Redwood City, California. Founded in 2016, this organization produces testing kits to analyse the microbiome, and provides both nutritional advice and personalized probiotics. The goal is to promote digestive health and wellness and prevent illness.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Thryve?


  • It promotes digestive health and wellness.
  • Thryve gut health gives you additional energy.
  • The program can boost positive mood.
  • The program could improve your mood.
  • Thryve helps you to lose weight.


  • It takes 2-3 weeks to get the microbiome results.
  • You have to work hard to implement the nutrition program.
  • They company doesn’t give the price of the Thryve probiotics.

What Are the Program Components?

There are 3 main components that make up the Thryve program:

Thryve Microbiome Test and Report

You’ll receive a home testing kit which guides you in providing a stool sample. The company will analyze it and give you valuable information about things like food intolerances and inflammation. According to the Canadian Cancer Society , stool samples can allow for colon cancer testing [1].

Thryve Nutritional Plan

After they analyze your microbiome, the company will provide you with a personalized nutritional plan which will help support your digestive system and promote health and wellness.This is based on the fact that the nutrients you consume have an impact on your gut, and on your overall health. An article in the Journal of Translational Medicine examined the influence of diet on the gut microbiome and the health implications [2].

Thryve Probiotics

Thryve produces personalized probiotics based on your microbiome and analysis to support digestive health. These are good bacteria which proliferate in your gut and improve its health. They promote healthier bowel movements and may decrease symptoms like bloating and gas. An article in ISRN Nutrition discussed the health benefits of probiotics [3].

What is the Science of Thryve?

Stool sample tests are an effective way of getting information about the digestive tract, including inflammation, food intolerances, colon cancer, metabolic health, and general microbiome wellness.

Based on this information, Thryve provides you with a nutritional plan suited to your issues. An article in Karger looked at new stool screening tests for colon cancer [4].

It may be low a low inflammation diet, for example, if that’s a problem. The plan should also help with your energy levels, mood, brain health, weight, and more. The company tailors the probiotics to your microbiome, using the best strains for your specific digestive health.

This should ease issues like diarrhea and gas and promote gut wellness. An article in the Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants examined the current and future uses of probiotics [5].


What Do Customers Think of Thryve?

The vast majority of the Thryve review postings had great things to say about the program. Customers said it was very valuable to learn the details of their own microbiome. In addition, many users found the nutritional advice very helpful and they said it provided many benefits, like weight loss, digestive wellness, and a big boost of energy among others.

The Thryve probiotics reviews were also very positive, and many claimed that the product really eased digestive symptoms.


Customer Questions and Answers

Q: How Do I Use Thryve?

A: The best place to sign up for Thryve is on the manufacturer’s official website. You’ll get a Thryve Test Kit in the mail which will provide you with instructions for taking a stool sample.

When you’re done you send it in to the company and in about 2-3 weeks you’ll receive an analysis followed by a personalized nutrition report designed to help increase energy levels and mood, lessen inflammation, elevate brain health, and improve digestion. Then the company will send you the Thryve probiotics developed specifically for your microbiome.

Q: How Much Does Thryve Cost?

A: On the manufacturer’s official website, you can buy the complete product for $79.60. You can also purchase it through Amazon and GroupOn.

Q: Does Thryve Have a Refund Policy?

A: You can’t get a refund for months that have already passed. However, you can cancel your subscription at any time by sending a text to your coach. You still have to pay for the current month, but when it’s over your subscription will end.

Q: Does Thryve Work?

A: Medical experts developed the Thryve program based on science and research, so it certainly should work. Naturally it requires a commitment from the user to follow through with the nutritional advice in order to work well.

Reading through the Thryve gut health reviews, it’s clear that most of the users found the program highly beneficial to their health and said was well worth the reasonable cost.

Q: Are Thryve Probiotics Good?

A: The Thryve probiotics are very high level, designed specifically based on each individual’s microbiome and using quality strains. Medical experts make the products based on scientific knowledge and research, so you can be certain they are safe and effective.

Q: How Much Do Thryve Probiotics Cost?

A: The manufacturer does not provide the price of the Thryve probiotics on the official website. There’s a chance they could be part of the cost of the program as a whole. Contact customer service if you want this information.

Q: Who Would Benefit From the Thryve Program?

A: Thryve is an excellent choice for anyone who suffers from gut issues and wants to improve their overall digestive health, along with their energy level, mood, brain health, and weight. Someone who wants to change their eating habits and feels they need structured advice suited to their body would also benefit from this program.

Q: Does Thryve Have Any Risks?

A: There are no inherent risks involved in taking a microbiome test and following nutritional advice, especially as they suggest a very healthy diet. Each probiotic will have different strains, but these products are very safe and have no related side effects. Thryve worked with medical experts to develop this program, and it has no risks.


The Thryve Gut Health Program supports the digestive tract, and it includes a detailed analysis of your microbiome. The company gives you personalized nutritional advice to support your issues, as well as probiotics made specifically for your body. Other benefits include improved mood, weight loss, brain health, additional energy, and reduced inflammation.

Most of the Thryve reviews were from users who clearly benefitted from the program. Customers mentioned much improved digestive health, less fatigue, a better mood, and many said they were able to lose a lot of weight. There were few users who had any complaints about the Thryve program.

Thryve provides a valuable service to users which can have a big impact on health and the achievement of health goals. Top medical experts have designed Thryve to support digestive wellness and help people retrain themselves to follow a gut-healthy diet. It’s an effective program with no risks or side effects.

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