Dr. Ryan Shelton Zenith Labs BP Zone Supplement

BP Zone by Zenith Labs is an amazing product for all those who wish to improve their lifestyle and are concerned about their cardiovascular health.
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Overview of BP Zone

BP Zone is a natural supplement which can decrease blood pressure levels and lessen arterial swelling. This supplement can greatly enhance heart health and improve blood flow all over the body, as well as improving lung functioning. In addition, it can decrease feelings of fatigue and give you the energy to live a quality life.

Who Manufactures BP Zone?

The manufacturer of BP Zone is Zenith Labs, and they have their headquarters in Los Angeles, California. They started in 2012 as a company of health professionals designing and producing pharmaceutical supplements to improve the wellness of customers. This is a well regarded, successful organization.

BP Zone

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What are the Advantages & Disadvantages of BP Zone?


  • BP Zone can decrease swelling in the arteries.
  • The product can lower blood pressure levels.
  • BP Zone Zenith Labs supports heart health.
  • It can improve your energy levels.
  • This product can enhance blood circulation.


  • It may interact with certain prescription medications.
  • Some users don’t like taking capsules.
  • Results vary depending on the individual.

Dr. Ryan Shelton Zenith Labs BP Zone Supplement – Key Facts

Benefits Decrease swelling in the arteries , lower blood pressure levels,supports heart health,improve your energy levels & blood circulation
Ingredients Saffron,Hawthorn,Arjuna,Ginger,Garlic
Price $59.00/bottle
Company Zenith Labs Inc
Form Capsule

What are the Key Ingredients in BP Zone?

BP Zone Supplement Facts
BP Zone Supplement Facts

Here are some of the top active BP Zone ingredients:


This is a rich spice that comes from the Crocus Sativus plant. There’s evidence to indicate that it can lower blood pressure levels, as well as help prevent the development of cardiovascular disease. The spice is high in healing antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents which reduce swelling.

According to research, saffron can modify cardiovascular risk factors such as oxidative stress, atherosclerosis, and inflammation (1).

A study published in the British Journal of Pharmacotherapy concluded that saffron combined with resistance training can lower blood pressure in elderly men with hypertension.


This plant contains leaves, berries, and flowers with potent medicinal properties. According to the research, it can lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, improve circulation, and enhance blood flow in the coronary arteries.

Physicians have used it to treat heart disease for centuries. It contains quercetin and is high in antioxidants, which destroy damaging free radicals in your system that can contribute to heart disease (2).

An article in Pharmacognosy Reviews discussed the role of hawthorn in the treatment of cardiovascular disease.


Terminalia Arjuna is a tree whose bark has potent medicinal properties. It’s been used for centuries to treat angina pain, hypertension, congestive heart failure, and dyslipidemia.

Current research confirms that it’s a cardioprotective agent and may help with angina pectoris, mild hypertension, and dyslipidemia (3). This ingredient is high in antioxidants which destroy harmful free radicals in the heart and protect it from damage. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic benefits.

An article in the Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine explored the medicinal benefits of arjuna.


Ginger has some immense health benefits, including easing gastrointestinal distress, arthritis, and nausea. In addition, it can decrease blood sugar levels and lower the risk of developing heart disease and diabetes. It contains bioactive substances, the most potent being gingerol which is responsible for most of the medicinal benefits (4,5).

In addition, it’s a potent antioxidant which can destroy damaging free radicals in body, including the heart. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce arterial swelling.

An article in the International Journal of Cardiology discussed the evidence that ginger is a remedy for cardiovascular disease.


Garlic is an incredibly potent ingredient which has numerous medicinal properties and health benefits. It contains sulphur compounds, the most powerful of which is allicin. The research shows that high doses of garlic can lower blood pressure, decreasing the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, as stated in our 1MD CholestMD Reviews article on another health supplement containing this substance.

A study in the Pakistani Journal of Medical Sciences found that garlic was more effective than a prescription blood pressure medication at decreasing hypertension. Garlic is also a potent antioxidant which helps healing in the body and strengthens immunity.

How Does BP Zone Work Scientifically?

The ingredients in this product contain bioactive compounds which can increase the production of nitric oxide in the body. This relaxes the blood vessels so they widen, and this improves blood flow. In addition, it can lower blood pressure (6). An article in Circulation discussed nitric oxide and hypertension.

The product is high in anti-inflammatory agents which can reduce swelling in the body, including the arteries and heart. In addition, BP Zone is high in antioxidants, which kill harmful free radicals in the heart and help repair damage. This reduces the risk of developing heart disease.

A study published in the World Journal of Cardiology examined the connection between antioxidants, inflammation, and cardiovascular disease.

Fast Facts About BP Zone

  • Physicians developed the formula.
  • The capsules are easy to swallow.
  • It contains 14 different herbs and minerals.
  • You get discounts for bulk purchases.
  • There’s free shipping if you buy a 6-month supply.

How Do I Take BP Zone?

The manufacturer recommends that you take 2 of these capsules per day with a meal. Do not exceed the suggested dosage for any reason, especially without the consent of a physician.

Is BP Zone a Trustworthy Brand?

Yes, BP Zone by Zenith Labs is a very trustworthy brand made by a highly regarded and reputable manufacturer. The product is formulated by physicians and contains only safe organic ingredients which do not lead to any harmful side effects. The Zenith Labs BP Zone reviews indicate that users really have faith in this brand.

Where Can I Buy BP Zone? How Much Does It Cost?

You can buy this product from the manufacturer’s website and at least one secondary site, but it’s now marketed under the name BP Zone. The prices are as follows:

  1. 30 Day Supply – $59 + $19.95 shipping
  2. 90-Day Supply – $45 + $19.95 shipping
  3. 6-Month Supply – $39 + free shipping

What is the Return Policy or Guarantee?

The manufacturer is offering as 6-month 100% money back guarantee, which is valid even if you return empty bottles. Just contact the company and let them know you want a refund and send back the remainder of the product within 180 days of your purchase. They’ll give you all of your money back, guaranteed.

The Final Word

BP Zone is an all-natural supplement designed to lower blood pressure levels, decrease arterial inflammation, and improve heart health and bodily circulation. In addition, it can decrease sluggishness and elevate energy levels. This is a quality product which is reasonably priced for the market. It’s currently marketed under the name BP Zone.

Most of the BP Zone customer reviews online were extremely happy with this product, and it showed real results in the doctor’s office with lower blood pressure results. Users said they felt more energetic and less sluggish. There were very few complaints or negative comments about this supplement.

This is a very safe, quality product which should not lead to any harmful BP Zone side effects. However, if you do experience any unpleasant symptoms, you should discontinue taking the supplement immediately. Before you begin using this product, go to your doctor and decide together if this is a suitable product for you.

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