Dr. Marty’s Feline Prime Reviews: Does It Improve Your Cats Gut Health?

Dr. Marty Feline Prime is an easy-to-use powdered formula containing unique ingredients that boost your cat's digestive health.
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Pets are adorable and add a pinch of joy and a sense of responsibility to our lives. Therefore, their health and well-being are important to us as well.

Whatever your pet eats reflects their activity levels, playfulness, moods, and appearance.

I want to save you the trouble of going through the process of researching and testing various unhealthy products on your cats in the hope of finding one that’ll suit them. Allow me to introduce you to Dr. Marty’s Feline Prime.

What is Feline Prime Supplement?

Dr. Marty’s Feline Prime is a powdered formula for cats’ gut health.

It’s a unique formula with a mix of prebiotics and probiotics. It’s also a rich blend of bovine bone broth, acacia gum fiber, champignon mushroom extract, and seaweed powder, which are high sources of collagen, antioxidants, fiber, minerals, and vitamins.

The supplement solves feline gut issues that cause:

  • Stinky breath.
  • Skin irritation.
  • Smelly unhealthy poop.
  • Skittishness and itchiness.

On the other hand, the supplement promotes:

  • A healthy immune system and a balanced microbiome.
  • Your cat’s joints and bones improve your cat’s skin and coat.
  • Proper digestion enhances the absorption of nutrients in your cat’s system.

Therefore, Dr. Marty’s Feline Prime is a good company for your feline’s health.

Feline Prime Supplement

Feline Prime Supplement – Image/Wellness Digest

About The Brand

Feline Prime is a product of Dr. Marty Pets., a brand that has established itself on the solid ground of offering naturally sourced pet formulas from authentic meals and fruits.

Dr. Martin Goldstein, also known as Dr. Marty, is a guru in the veterinary world with over 40 years of experience in animal science and nutrition. His mission is to help you support your pet’s health and well-being without using toxic, inorganic medicine.

Infact, he’s against using artificial preservatives, additives, heavy grains, and low-quality proteins present in most commercial pet foods, which speed up aging in your pets.

His methods have proven to work effectively and can restore your pet’s playfulness, digestion, their smooth and shiny coat by tackling the problem inside out.

Some of his bestselling products include; premium freeze-dried raw food, treats, and premium supplements that better the lives of pets and pet owners.

How Does It Rate?

Feline Prime Supplement






  • Manufactured in the USA
  • The product is free of artificial additives or toxic substances.
  • Vet-tested product


  • Probiotics,
  • Prebiotics,
  • Bovine bone broth, Champignon mushroom extract,Seaweed.
  • Seaweed.


  • It improves digestion.
  • It eliminates the stinky odor of poop.
  • It improves the feline coat and skin.


  • Results vary from one pet to another.
Overall Rating:4.85/ 5

Key Facts

Benefits It improves gut health, the cat’s coat, bones, and joints.
  • Probiotics,
  • Prebiotics,
  • Bovine bone broth, Champignon mushroom extract,
  • Seaweed.
  • One jar goes for $69.95
  • Three jars go for $188.85
  • Six jars go for $356.70
Company Dr. Marty Pets

What Is The Science Of Dr. Marty’s Feline Prime

Dr. Martys Feline Prime is one of your cat’s most efficient and reliable digestive supplements. It combines critical ingredients to achieve a proper digestive system and overall gut health.

The presence of probiotics and prebiotics ensure that your cat maintains a balanced microbiome which then translates to a healthy cat.

Additionally, giving your cat Dr. Marty’s Feline Prime will improve your cat’s appetite, immunity, and playfulness because of the benefits aligned with all the ingredients that have to work.

The manufacturer has also indicated all the necessary information, including quantity and promotions unique to your cat, to ensure maximum safety and prevent any health hazards.

What Are The Key Ingredients in Dr. Marty’s Feline Supplement?

Dr. Marty Feline Prime contains a potent supply of probiotics, prebiotics, bovine bone broth, champignon mushroom extract, and seaweed powder; all are vital ingredients in boosting your cat’s gut health.


They are good live bacteria that are great in creating a balance in the digestive tract. Probiotics are also composed of good yeast, which is essential for a healthy digestive system and overall body health.

The benefits of probiotics to your cat are:

  • Probiotics play a crucial role in supporting your cat’s gut health.
  • Probiotics enhance proper digestion and offer protection against harmful bacteria to cells around the line of your cat’s stomach.
  • Probiotics are also important in the process of vitamin creation.
  • Probiotics help break down and absorb medicine in your cat’s body.
  • Probiotics are essential in maintaining a balanced microbiome in your cat.

They are the specific, non-digestible fiber that encourages the growth of healthy bacteria.

The benefits of prebiotics are :

  • Prebiotics enhance the growth of healthy microorganisms.
  • They smoothen the process of digestion.
Bovine Bone Broth:

It’s a highly nutritious liquid richly endowed with collagen, vitamins, and minerals. The broth is essential in ensuring your cat stays healthy and active. Below are the benefits of bovine bone broth:

  • It helps in improving your cat’s appetite and digestion.
  • It also helps in purifying the cat’s liver.
  • The presence of collagen in the broth helps support your cat’s bones, joints, skin, and coal.
  • It facilitates the transportation of oxygen to all body cells.
Champignon Mushroom Extract

The white button mushrooms are a potent source of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. They’re great for your cat’s gut health; blood supply and fiber content helps manage cholesterol, boosting your cat’s cardiovascular health.

Seaweed powder

Contains a wide range of minerals and vitamins, which help create a balance in our digestive system for healthy bacteria to thrive and facilitate the intake of nutritional content in the cat’s digestive tract.


Q: Where Can You Buy Feline Prime? How Much Does it Cost?

A: You can buy Feline Prime from the official online store, where you can enjoy free shipping services within the US.

The following are the prices of Feline Prime:

  • One jar goes for $69.95
  • Three jars go for $188.85
  • Six jars go for $356.70
Q: When should you supplement with Feline Prime?

A:  You can introduce Feline Prime when you notice a change in your cat’s poop, mood, or coat.

Q: How Do You Serve Feline Prime To your pet?

A: You serve a small portion of the formula and mix it with your cat’s food. Please cross-check with the instructions given by the manufacturer in regards to the quantity per cat/serving.

Q: Does Feline Prime Have Any Side Effects?

A: There have been no reported cases of adverse side effects concerning Feline Prime.

Q: Is Feline Prime Safe?

A: Yes, it is safe. The formula has been scientifically proven and is vet-tested.

Q: Why would cats need gut health support?

A: It’s because a healthy gut translates into a healthy cat. After all, a healthy digestive system is the beginning of good health.

Q: How can Feline Prime help?

A: Feline Prime helps your cat’s overall health and digestion and improves your cat’s coat and skin. The supplement solves issues that stem from poor digestion, which is the root cause of most health issues.

Q: Why is Feline Prime a powdered formula?

A: Feline Prime is a powdered formula that’s easy for you to serve and mix in your cat’s food.

Q: What is the complete ingredient list?

A: Bovine Bone Broth, Prebiotic and Probiotic-Enzyme Blend.

Q: What if it doesn’t work for my cat? Is there a guarantee?

A: Yes, it works. The formula guarantees that you’ll see noticeable changes in your cat within a few weeks, and in case you don’t see any positive changes, we offer a 90 days-moneyback guarantee for the product.

Dr. Marty’s Feline Prime Reviews

Below are some of the feedback provided for you to have a glimpse of how the product works:

  • “I’ve seen noticeable improvements with kitty. She is more satisfied with her meals, and her poop has changed for the better.”-Mary Jane
  • “When we ran out of Feline Prime, our pet missed it dearly. We introduced it back, and he’s happy to delve into his meals. We’ve also noticed that his poop doesn’t stink anymore. We’ll ensure we don’t run out of it anymore,”- Amy
  • “I’m skeptical about animal products, but Feline Prime has significantly impacted my aging kitties. I’ve seen an improvement in their activity levels and playfulness. They’ve also been less grumpy as well.”-Jay Gater


You can never go wrong by investing in your pets’ gut health. A healthy digestive tract absorbs nutrients efficiently and is responsible for the proper functioning other body parts.

They say cats have nine lives, but you and I know better! I wish that statement were true. I have lost my cat, but never did I have my cat back after the event of their demise.

So, make your cat’s life better by prioritizing its health. You don’t have to have a sickly pet for you to make the decision. Gut health is essential to all your pets. I recommend you place your order today and give it a try.

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