Weight Watchers | A Closer Look At (WW) Weight Loss Program

WW is the most proven weight-loss program ever with over 100 published studies, including 25+ gold standard randomized trials that demonstrate the effectiveness of WW for both weight loss and wellness outcomes.
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The Weight Watchers App

If easy and intuitive are your choice for an App, this one wins on both those fronts! Features in-clude: The SmartPoint Counter, Pricing, Healthy Living System, Fit Points, and they claim over 9000+ recipes to entice your healthy appetite.

Adding it to your smart phone is simple. It works with your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone. Once you play with the program a few times, it’ll become intuitive.

The Weight Watchers Login is easy. The home screen is well defined. Here plenty of assistance is easily accessible. Tap, track, set goals or read a topic of interest.

Are you interested in meal planning? The What’s in your fridge option makes it easy. You add ingredients that you have on hand. I have to admit, it’s a cool feature!

Here you can search Weight Watchers online recipes, build, plan, and do your weekly check-in. Editing a Weight Watchers recipe or swapping out an ingredient for something unique is a quick push of a button.

Weight Watchers 2020 has created its very own member community. Sharing is encouraged. Here you can chat, add photos, share recipes, and find plenty of encouragement from other members. Celebrate your victories or find encouragement after a food fail.

For extra motivation, the app has a live coach available 24/7. Just tap to chat.

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Do’s and Don’t


  • Step 1: Do eliminate all processed food from your diet.
  • Step 2: Do consume a real, organic, whole food, nutrient-dense diet.
  • Step 3: Do hydrate with clean filtered water.
  • Step 4: Do remove sugar and sugar-laden food.
  • Step 5: Do eat healthy fats.
  • Step 6: Do eat wild-caught fish.


  • Step 1. Don’t eat packaged food. Anything in a box or bag.
  • Step 2. Don’t eat food that primarily burns as glucose, like bread, oats, and pasta.
  • Step 2. Don’t drink beverages with artificial colors, sugar, and flavors.
  • Step 3. Don’t eat food that has been conventionally grown.
  • Step 4. Don’t consume farmed fish or non-organic meat.
  • Step 5. Don’t drink too much alcohol.
  • Step 6. Don’t consume seed oils like canola and corn oil.

How Does Weight Watchers Work?

Weight Watchers plans and main objective focus on weight loss. They claim to have a complete holistic weight loss approach, including a personal assessment tool that you fill out right out of the gate.

This in-depth questionnaire gleans information about your habits, lifestyle, and goals. You’ll be assessed and then given a personalized timeline.

Emphasized is the Weight Watchers Point system. Weight Watchers points calculator keep track of your diet. The program has three colors balancing what they call, SmartPoint and ZeroPoint foods. You choose from Blue, Green, and Purple weight loss plans.

Blue has a moderate SmartPoint Budget including lean protein, fruits, and veggies. Green has a considerable SmartPoint Budget encompassing fruit and non-starchy veggies. Purple is called modest, allowing you to eat fruits, veggies, lean proteins, and whole grains.

How Much Does Weight Watchers Cost – Payments And Pricing

To initially entice you to sign up, they dangle an alluring plan. This features a join-now pay-later method. The proposal features gifting you with your first 3 months of Weight Watchers free! A bonus with your signup includes a free, Mediterranean Tabletop Cookbook.

There are 3 payment plans. The first is called Digital and costs $3.38/week. The second is called New Digital 360, at $4.61/week. And the third called Unlimited Workshops and Digital. It’ll cost you $6.92/week.

A pop-up page appears if you spend time searching the Weight Watchers website. It boasts that if you join today, you get 50% off with the purchase of a program. From time-to-time, seasonal discounts are offered.

You can cancel Weight Watchers membership by visiting there site. You can easily get a weight watchers phone number to assist your request.

Potential Problems with Weight Watchers

All of the Weight Watchers programs are essentially about counting points, which essentially is about counting calories. That’s old-school programming.

Calories are a measurement of energy, not necessarily a nutrient-dense food. Calorie counting keeps you on the so-called hamster wheel of weight loss. You’ll eventually wonder why you con-tinue to yo-yo diet. Focusing on nutrient density will be your key to success and ultimate weight loss success.

Let me explain. You can eat two thousand calories a day of nutrient-dense food, or two thou-sand calories a day of nutrient deficient food. One will keep you well-fed and satisfied, the other will leave you hungry and malnourished.

For example, compare the same amount of calories in two breakfast options. A large bowl of ce-real, with a side of jellied toast, versus an organic scrambled egg, including a half an avocado. The first option will leave you hungry, the other will leave you full for hours.

All cereal and bread are highly refined, processed in an industrial setting. It burns up quickly in your body turning into glucose, lacking any deep nutrient value. On the other hand, eggs and av-ocado burn long and strong using ketones for fuel. It’s real food, packed with god-given nutrient density.

Calorie counting gives you the illusion of control over your weight. You know what? You really shouldn’t have to micromanage your calorie intake.

My Biggest Complaint

How Does Weight Watchers work? Let’s dig deeper.

This program cares little about nutrient density, focusing on calorie counting. When you are so preoccupied with the number of consumed calories, rather than the quality of the calories, you entirely miss the mark.

They even state directly on their website, No food is off-limits. What? No, no, no!

All Weight Watchers food products are highly processed. This food is created using an extrusion method. The procedure uses high heat and pressure damaging every single nutrient.

What do you think about eating potentially toxic proteins? When you eat any processed food, no matter who the manufacturer is, toxic proteins are what you consume. These add to your overall body burden of toxicity.

Why is this point important? Dr. Lyn Patrick states, “Through a variety of different mechanisms, all toxicants up-regulate inflammation; they induce and exacerbate inflammation”. All chronic inflammation leads to disease.

Never should there be a cause to have to add synthetic (man-made) vitamins back into your so-called food. Studies show that your body treats isolated and synthetic nutrients like foreign sub-stances. These foreign substances can cause chronic inflammation.

To get a better handle on the subject of nutrient-dense food, I suggest that you become acquaint-ed with your Weston A. Price chapter meetings hosted in your area. You will hear from profes-sionals in the holistic, organic, and functional nutrition arena’s.

These professionals instruct you on how to incorporate nutrient-dense food into your diet. A ho-listic, functional professional like a Functional MD or a certified NTP will also be a valuable re-source who can assist you.

Wrapping Things Up

Once you grasp the fact that it is not how many calories you eat, but rather, the quality of calories you eat, you will start losing weight and keeping it off you can see that in the weight watchers scale. The best part is, that you won’t have to work at the process. It’ll more or less just naturally happen. The calorie counting mantra needs to stop. You can also try noom weight loss and fitMom that offers advice, information, and support for weight loss.

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