Beyond Body Review: The Optimal Weight Loss Book and App

Beyond Body is a personalized weight loss and fitness book with an accompanying app for tracking and health analytics. It promotes weight loss, improved fitness, and teaches long-term health habits.
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What is Beyond Body?

Beyond Body is a unique weight loss and fitness program in the form of a completely personalized book or e-book detailing your plan. It considers your needs and preferences, as ascertained by a quiz on their site.

The program offers 28-day meal plans, exercise suggestions, and numerous recipes. There’s an accompanying app for tracking which also has detailed health analytics, and you can get personal advice from an RDN.

This product comes highly recommended by many nutritionists, and in my opinion the very personal feel makes it one of the best weight loss programs available.

Beyond Body Review

Beyond Body Review – Image/Wellness Digest

About the Brand

The manufacturer of Beyond Body is a company called UAB Kilo Grupé, located in Lithuania. They are a health and wellness brand which focuses primarily on developing and selling digital apps for weight loss and teaching long-term health habits. They distribute their products to the USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Mexico & the UK markets.

Overall Rating

Beyond Body


4.8/5Support Research



Brand Highlights

  • They offer the first fully personalized wellness book in the world.
  • It follows the specific needs and preferences of the user.
  • Workouts are not a mandatory part of the program.
  • The program is suitable for those on different diets and with dietary restrictions.

Active Ingredients

  • Personalized weight loss and fitness book or e-book in PDF format.
  • 28-day meal plans
  • Selection of healthy recipes
  • One-on-one advice from a professional RDN.
  • Accompanying app for tracking and health analytics


  • Beyond Body can promote healthy weight loss.
  • This program teaches you long-term habits to maintain lost weight.
  • Beyond Body can boost your fitness endurance.
  • You can get professional individual advice from an RDN.
  • This program can help to develop muscle mass and strength.


  • They do not include grocery shopping lists.
  • Beyond Body requires a lot of self-discipline.
  • The results will vary for different individuals.
Overall Rating:4.8/ 5

Why Beyond Body?

  • Promotes weight loss and improved fitness, and teaches long term maintenance.
  • RDNs are available for advice and support.
  • Reasonable prices and one-time payments only.

How Does Beyond Body Work?

The Beyond Body program is personal and based on the needs and dietary preferences you outline in the quiz. The meal plans are healthy and also provide some kind of calorie deficit for weight loss purposes. An article in Obesity Research discussed the benefits of low-calorie diets for sustained weight loss [1].

Beyond losing weight now, the program aims to provide you with information so you can change your long-terms health habits and maintain the lost weight, as an alternative you can also refer our article of Noom Review for maintaining weight loss.

The fitness program will depend on you, but may involve exercises to build muscle tone, burn calories, and help you get into better shape. An article in NIH Research Matters stated that healthy long-term habits can prolong life.[2]

What are the Ingredients in Beyond Body?

The ingredients are the foods that make up your individual meal plans, and the ingredients you require to prepare them. They will vary based on your preferences, dietary restrictions, and needs. You can also refer article Cycling Diet Review as it offers a similar meal plan and ingredients as the Perfect Body app required for Weight loss and Fitness Digital App.

They include mostly whole foods, such as fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, whole grains, fish, lean meats, nuts, and other nutrient-rich items. An article in ACSM’s Health and Fitness Journal discussed the benefits of whole foods nutrition for healing [3].

Foods that you should limit include refined sugar, processed foods, and unhealthy fats. An article in Nutrients discussed the relationship between refined sugars and chronic disease [4].

Where Can You Buy Beyond Body?

This product is for sale exclusively on the manufacturers website, and the app is available in most popular app stores like Apple. There is no subscription offer, you make a one-time payment for each product.

They do not have a Beyond Body promo code right now, but they do offer them from time to time. Here are the prices:

  • eBook – $40
  • Hardcover + E-Book – $65
  • Mobile App – $14.99

Beyond Body FAQ

Q: How Do I Use Beyond Body?

A: Begin on the official site by filling out the 3 minute Beyond Body quiz, which will assess your needs and preferences to come up with a personal program. The company will send you a PDF e-book of your plan in 48 hours, or a personal book within 14 days.

You can download the Beyond Body app from any of the popular app stores. You follow the program set out for you, and if you need assistance or advice you can consult one of their RDNs.

Q: Is Beyond Body Legitimate?

A: Yes, there’s no doubt that this is a legitimate product as there are numerous glowing Beyond Body reviews online which rave about its benefits. The manufacturer has a real street address in Lithuania., and they produce a number of popular diet apps.

Q: What is the Beyond Body Return Policy?

A: Beyond Body is a book personalized program, so returns are really not possible. However, if you are not happy and want a refund, contact the company within 14 days of your purchase and they will consider your reason.

Q: Is Beyond Body Any Good?

A: In my opinion, this is one of the best diet programs available, and superior to most digital weight loss apps which don’t have the same personalized feel.

It contains a wealth of tools to help you reach your goals and teach you long-term health habits. For most users, Beyond Body results in great weight loss and health benefits.

Q: Is Beyond Body Safe?

A: Yes, the program is healthy and safe, tailored to your needs and eating preferences, and you have access to a professional RDN for advice and assistance.

Nutritional experts and RDNs developed the program, and many recommend it, so it definitely promotes a healthy diet and lifestyle. For users who can’t medically or don’t want to exercise, the fitness component is not mandatory.

Q: What Sets Beyond Body Apart From the Competition?

A: Beyond Body is unique among weight loss programs due to the very personal experience that users get. There are a lot of digital apps, but few offer a personalized book with the users individual program. In addition, there are many diet books, but few if any others are tailored to each user specifically.

What Do The Beyond Body Reviews Say?

The vast majority of the Beyond Body reviews that I read had wonderful things to say about this program. In particular, users loved the personalized feel, treasured their book, and said it motivated them to work harder.

Customers appreciated that they could get professional advice to help them with their progress, and they said that Beyond Body taught them valuable health habits. I’ve chosen some of the best reviews so you get an idea of what people are saying about this program.

    Must Try

  • I actually like most of the recipes in the book when usually most diets deter me away from the crazy food. The recipes are easy and they are getting me to try new things. I’ve already lost 6 pounds! – – Rhianna
  • Great Experience

  • My experience with this company has been nothing but positive! The support team responded within 24 hours with advice and helpful suggestions. Everyone has been positive and supportive and I would recommend that anyone buy this product! – – Jennifer M.
  • I Was Skeptical At First

  • I was skeptical at first, but once I received the book I loved it. It’s easy to follow and there aren’t any expensive or hard to find ingredients for the meal plan. Also, they really took into consideration my age and level of fitness when preparing the training section. This is something I finally think I can do to make the changes I need. – – Cindy

Final Verdict

Beyond Body is a superior weight loss program which includes a book with your personalized health plan in real or PDF format, a mobile app for tracking and health analytics, and the opportunity to consult with an RDN. It offers more features than many common diet apps, is very affordable, and comes highly recommended by nutritional experts and RDNs.

There were numerous glowing Beyond Body reviews online, many raving about the great benefits they got from the program and the weight they lost. Users loved the personalized feel, and the fact that they could consult with an expert. Many said they were able to implement the information for long-term gain.

Beyond Body is developed by experts in the fields of nutrition and fitness, and in my opinion it’s one of the best programs out there for weight loss and improving health. Not only does it help you lose weight, but it also teaches you long-term health habits for maintenance.

In addition, if you are in search of a digital weight loss app, then you might want to consider exploring Weight Watchers Review, Perfect Body weight loss plan reviews. This app offers top-notch advice and assistance, and it comes with a guarantee of delivering real results and value for your money.

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    For years, I’ve struggled to lose weight. I’ve tried every diet and exercise plan possible, but I need something to work for me. I decided to try Beyond Body and I’m glad I did. I’ve lost 15 pounds in the first month and feel fantastic. The program is really assisting me in changing my lifestyle, and I’m confident that I’ll be able to maintain my weight loss.
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