Cycling Diet Review: Lose Weight Fast With This Amazing New Digital Health App

Cycling Diet is a mobile wellness app which aims to promote weight loss and improve fitness levels using cycling as the primary exercise.
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What is Cycling Diet?

The Cycling Diet is a weight loss and fitness app which focuses on bicycling as the main physical activity. Designed by RDNs and fitness experts, the app provides you with personalized e-mail and exercise plans based on the information you provide on their website quiz.

The program also includes extensive progress tracking and provides the user with health analytics. The goals of the app are to promote fat burning, weight loss, muscle tone and strength, and improved fitness levels. 

Based on my research, this is one of the top weight loss apps on the market and is especially great for people who love to cycle.


About the Brand

The manufacturer of Cycling App is a company by the name of UAB Kilo Grupé, which has their offices in Vilnius, Lithuania. They produce a range of 15 different digital wellness programs which promote weight loss and improved fitness. They sell their products to 232 countries around the world.

Cycling Diet

Cycling Diet Review – Image/Wellness Digest


Cycling Diet


4.8/5Support Research




  • RDNs and fitness trainers develop the personalized programs.
  • You have the option of skipping the diet plan and only doing the cycling.
  • There are over 1000 positive reviews for the app.
  • The meal and exercise plans support different diets and needs.

Active Ingredients

  • Personalized meal and exercise plans
  • Extensive tracking
  • Health analytics
  • Calendar


  • The Cycling Diet program can speed up your metabolism for fat burning and weight loss.
  • Cycling Diet can improve your fitness level.
  • The plan can help tone and strengthen your muscles.
  • It can teach you long-term health habits to maintain weight loss.
  • Cycling Diet can boost mood.


  • It’s most suitable for those who love cycling or want to do it regularly.
  • They don’t provide any on-on-one advice or support.
  • Cycling Diet requires a lot of self-motivation.
Overall Rating:4.8/ 5


Why Cycling Diet?

  • Great features like personalized menu plans and exercise, tracking, analytics
  • One of the top manufacturers of digital wellness apps worldwide
  • Meal and exercise plans formulated by RDNs and fitness experts based on your personal information and dietary restrictions


How Does Cycling Diet Work?

The two main aspects of this program are the meal plans and the cycling. The diets are healthy and planned by nutritional experts and RDNs. They will involve some kind of calorie deficit, which should promote weight loss. The tracking allows you to keep track of your progress and things like calorie count. 

An article by the Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health stated that diets that decrease calorie intake lead to weight loss regardless of the amount of carbs, protein, and fats you consume (1)

The diet will include plenty of nutrients, helping to resolve any deficiencies in the body. You’ll also take in a lot of antioxidants, which help to promote healing and repair in the body and strengthen the immune system. 

Cycling is an aerobic activity which stimulates the cardiovascular system and speeds up the metabolism. This causes your body to enter the fat-burning state of thermogenesis, stimulating calorie-burning and weight loss. You can also read about the Weight Watchers Reviews app, which has similar benefits to cycling.

It also helps build muscle tone and strength and will boost physical fitness levels. An article in Transport Reviews looked at the health benefits of cycling (2).


What Are the Ingredients in Cycling Diet?

The meal plans consider each users needs, preferences, allergies, and other dietary restrictions. Generally speaking, the diet will include primarily whole foods like whole grains, fish, lean meats, fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some dairy products, and healthy fats. 

An article in Healthcare discussed optimal dietary approaches to safe, sustainable weight loss in obese and overweight adults.

They will ask you to mostly exclude foods that are high in fat and calories and low in nutritional value, like refined sugars, processed foods, unhealthy fats, and alcohol. The foods you eat will be rich in nutrients and antioxidants and good for your general health and immunity.

A study in Nutrition Journal concluded that consuming ultra-processed foods had negative health outcomes (4)


What Do The Cycling Diet Reviews Say?

There were dozens of Cycling Diet reviews online, and I read through most of them personally. Naturally opinions varied, but there were more than 1000 users who got great weight loss and fitness benefits and were extremely happy with their experience. I picked out some of the top reviews for you to get an idea of the feedback.

  • Enjoy It! ~ I have enjoyed having this app to check in on daily. It is helpful with my day to day activities, and making sure I’m sticking to my schedule/diet! Happy I found this app! – Harley P.
  • Great! ~ Quite a user friendly app and is very helpful to someone who is a cyclist. The meal plans are also very helpful. – Joshy L.
  • I Love This App ~ This app is exactly what I needed. It has helped me so much! I love the meal plans, and they are customizable to suit your needs. There is a whole choice of workouts, plus progress tracking. Finally, I want to say that the app looks fantastic, and is very user-friendly. Thank you! – Joel


Q: How Do I Use the Cycling Diet?

A: Complete the 10-minute quiz on the official website, which will assess your preferences, needs, and requirements and come up with personalized meal and cycling plans for you. If you want to do the cycling and skip the meal plan, there is an option to do that.

The company will send you a link to your personalized program, and you can download the app from most of the popular app stores.

Q: What is the Cycling Diet Return Policy?

A: You can cancel the app anytime, and it will end at the end of the period you paid for. If you want a refund on used time, email the company at [email protected] within 14 days with your receipt and the reason for the refund and they will get back to you quickly with a response.

Q: Is Cycling Diet Worth It?

A: In my opinion based on extensive research of a number of digital weight loss programs, this is an excellent weight loss program and should work quickly to get you in better shape and slim you down. In addition, the programs are priced fairly reasonably – especially if you get the 6-month package.

Of course, if you don’t like cycling, it may not be worth it for you, but for a great app that brings true weight loss benefits, you may consider giving it a try.

Q: Where Can You Buy Cycling Diet?

A: You purchase the program of your choosing on the official website, once you have completed the quiz. They will send you a link to your Cycling Diet plan. You can download the app from any of the major online stores.

Q: Is Cycling Diet Safe?

A: Top RDNs and fitness experts design the plans, so they are certainly safe and healthy as long as you provide your information correctly and follow the program as specified. 
If you have particular medical issues or a very special diet, I suggest that you check with a physician and/or RDN personally before signing up for The Cycling Diet.

Q: What Sets Cycling Diet Apart From the Competition?

A: What’s unique about the program is, of course, the focus on cycling as the primary exercise in your weight loss journey. Some users already love cycling, and others grow to love it by using the app. The program provides a tremendous amount of cardiovascular activity.


The Cycling Diet is a digital weight loss program via a mobile app, and it provides you with personalized menu and workout plans prepared by RDNs and fitness experts, tracking, and health analytics. The focus is on cycling as a form of exercise, which promotes calorie burning, weight loss, energy, and improved mood. 

The Cycling Diet reviews varied, but there were over 1000 glowing comments from users who got a lot out of using the app and were able to meet weight loss and fitness goals. Many said they had learned a new, healthy lifestyle that they planned to pursue. There were even people who said they never liked cycling until they tried this app.

In my opinion, this is an excellent app for anyone who wants to lose weight and get in great shape quickly, and also benefit from improved endurance, muscle tone, energy, and mood. I’d recommend this to anyone trying to slim down and build a healthier future.

There are many similar weight loss apps in the market, like fitMom app, Beyond Body app, Noom app. These are the digital apps for weight loss that aims to guide you in changing your eating habits and assists in supporting weight loss and health goals.

At Wellness Digest, our sourcing guidelines are strict and we only use primary references for our articles including peer-reviewed studies, academic research institutions, and medical associations. You can learn more about how we ensure our content is accurate and current by reading our editorial policy.

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Customer Reviews for Cycling Diet

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